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Kitchen dealing center

Most can be done using a simple method of a job. It is used mainly at jobs with non-skilled clients or in regions where the speculative aspect of investment business practically is not developed. Using this method, management of the dealing center is based on the assumption that the majority of players (clients) will lose the money sooner or later. A lot of the reasons promote it. The cores are the lowest vocational training of the client, excessive aggression, and practically absolute ignorance of foreign language. Such clients are very often completely out of the basic information streams.

Besides, it is important to remember that the person who opened the position is under strong psychological pressure and is inclined to do inadequate acts that will not support his profitable job.

If "kitchen" occurs, functions of the dealing center are reduced to registration of client (virtual) transactions and their results. All basic jobs on reduction of the client bills are carried out with client inexperience and greed. For increase in profitability of this process, employees of the dealing center, by means of various shifts, compel clients to fulfill as much of the possible number of transactions. As a rule, technology of "kitchen" is used by the dealing center in which clients work in client's halls and are subject to implicit influence as employees of the dealing center, and the same clients in a greater degree, rather than clients of Internet brokers.

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