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About ForexRealm

Author: Natali Ya

Dear visitors,

Welcome to ForexRealm.com! Our site is online since December, 2005. We didn't know back then it would turn into a useful and interesting source. First it was just a compilation of articles on finance, namely forex market. Step by step we added new functions and instruments. So now you can keep track of the basic currency pairs' quotes in real time. One of the popular site parts is the broker section. Here one can leave comments about his working experience with one broker or another. It's convenient that you don't have to register to do it.

On our Forex Blog you will get the latest up-to-date information on forex trading analytics. On our Forex Forum you can discuss any questions, connected with forex trading.

We would like to thank all of our visitors for appreciative letters and helpful suggestions on how to make the site better. Of course, there is some constructive criticism. It is very important to us and necessary for the site improvement.

As before, you can contact us different ways:

  • general questions (for example concerning the site/forum/blog work):
  • questions on media-planning or other forms of cooperation: . For these issues also please visit our Advertise with us page.
  • to leave a comment/testimonial/criticism fill a form on our contact page.

Also you can find answers to your questions on forex market and forex trading on our Blog, FAQ's section, or searching the site (please use Search bar at the right top of the page). Please ask your questions and make discussions on our Forum.

Thanks a lot again to everybody, who stayed with us all these years. We will do our best to keep up to your expectations and make our site interesting not only for beginners on forex market, but for experienced traders, too.

Sincerely yours,
ForexRealm.com team