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Admiral Markets Reviews

the slippage @ the highest point at the spikes in
pro acsn in classic the trade takes 4 second to execute ...

really a non favourable conditions to trade ...

bad execution no ECN !
In a present state of many SCAM brokers, an FCA & MiFID licence, coupled with good analytical support and faster deposit/withdrawal, helped me rest assured with Admiral Markets.Ferdi Mason30.06.18
Top broker, good support, and enables easy access to funds. Nenad is a top analyst and educator, his tips and trade reviews are excellent, look forward to more tips from him.Gary23.05.18
I have my trading account with them for over a year now, I agree that initially there were few problems of re-quotes, but that seems tackled by now. Moreover, I didn't face any problems relating to withdrawal ever while their analysis and webtrader have helped me a lot.Angelino Elzinga11.05.18
I think Admiral Markets has good servers. I dont face problems during big events, smooth trading all along.Tim Courrier28.04.18
Pro account spread low like ecn and commission only 4 dollar for 1 stnd lot , support is good , moreover i like the mt4 platform its stable. withdraw is also good .Salman15.04.18
My account 152477. I trading 3 years.problem no.Support,withdraw and trading MT4 good.Gintaras14.04.18
SCAMI start to trade with Admiral Markets 1 year ago then I stopped trading with them as they are not honest
They called me that they changed trading conditions so I opened a new account with them last Friday and deposited 349 eur to find that they are changed to be the worst
Their dealing desk worked hard to steal my money as they made 32 pips slippage and my account was frozen till they completed their job and stole 309.33 eur in 9 min while I made good profit with another honest broker at the same time and without slippage
When I contacted them they told me it is our rules and conditions

STAY AWAY this broker is SCAM and wants your money so if you want to trade with a thief ... go ahead and trade with them
Admiral Markets, they guys doing market making only and in india there is lots of withdrawal problems, one of my friend from india didn't get his withdrawal of US$ 8000.
Services are pathetic.
Lue kam03.04.18

My name is John Davis, I am a representative of Admiral Markets Group and I would like to bring to your attention the comment that appeared here by Loki from UK on 2015-01-08 20:06:36

I would like to stress, that Admiral Markets UK ltd is regulated by the FCA - therefore we are all for transparency and treating customers fairly and dispute resolution in the most efficient and professional manner.

Mr. Lang Li was in fact a client of Admiral Markets UK Ltd for a short period of time. He did indeed lose his entire deposit, however the claims expressed in the post have no connection to the above. Which are very strongly worded in their nature.

I am sure you are very familiar with the procedures of handling complaints of the regulated brokers. Obviously, all the complaints are reviewed impartially by the compliance department and if the client is not satisfied with the resolution, the complaint is then reviewed by the Financial Ombudsman Service. All of those options are open to Lang Li and were provided to him in writing.

The review by Mr. Lang has zero evidence, moreover all of the arguments Mr. Lang raises are untrue in their nature. Mr. Lang is soliciting others to join him: you have lost your money to them - even by normal trading at your fault…I can help you to beat the shit out of this bad ass and get all your initial deposit back”, as a broker we have nothing against Mr. Lang proceeding with any legal actions he might see suitable, however we do not tolerate abusive behaviour towards our employees, brand or traders.

Our obligations was to provide Mr. Lang with the final written response from our Compliance Department and we would not want to continue conversing with him on the above described matter.
John Davis03.02.18
SCAMAdmiral Markets is the biggest scam broker and scammed my 7000 pounds in my first of trading!

I opened my account with Admiral Markets UK on 6th Jan 2015 and I deposited 4950 pounds. I performed good trading which made the balance more than 7000 pounds in one day!! And the same day around 9 pm UK time I placed a 8 lots EURUSD sell stop order at price 1.18810 with a take profit price at 1.18500 - and by the time my balance was more than 7000 pounds.

However when I woke up the second morning around 5 am, I just found out my balance suddenly became only 248 pounds!!! I checked the market - the lowest price of EURUSD hit 1.18421 till that time, which means my sell stop order should be executed and taken profit of 1600 pounds! However Admiral Markets just produced a huge and unreasonable slippage which directly jumped over the set price 1.18810 of my sell stop order and didn't execute it. And what's worse, they just closed my open positions of 12 lots EURUSD at around 1.18500 in order to scam away 7000 pounds!!!

Meanwhile I have checked several the other broker's platforms - including Alpari, Ironfx, XM, Exness, Synergy FX, etc... none of them had this market gap or slippage!! (you can check your own platform, the time was around 2015.01.06 23:59 MT4 platform time).

Luckily I am a UK resident and I work in legal area which makes me understand my rights and how to protect myself - but still it makes so angry to see such big scam broker exist here to target on profitable traders!! So if you make profit, you know how Admiral Markets are going to treat you!!

And what's more ridiculous, they wouldn't even allow me to withdraw the rest 248 pounds on my account - I placed request to withdraw the funds, and the amount was immediately deducted from my balance - but they just refuse to payout at all, using all kinds of funny execuses!!

And last, because I hate to see this scam continues, I am asking you to act: if you are or you know anyone is a customer of Admiral Markets UK, and you have lost your money to them - even by normal trading at your fault, please contact me by email lokiliang90@gmail.com - I can help you to beat the shit out of this bad ass and get all your initial deposit back - because I'm a lawyer and I know how after reviewing their business T&C!!! Spread the word please!!

Btw my account number is 11019569.
SCAMthey are showing sleepage of 30 pips and close positions automatically before our sl trigered and they r not accepting there problems i lost 2000$ in 15 min.admiral market is scammer06.01.18
I am trying to get into the maekrt myself and so i have been learning through the practice accounts. The one i liked most was FXCM, i found that is was simpler to use than a couple others and has helped me to understand more about the maekrt and try a few methods. But all the practice account give you a month unless you sign up.Nanda11.12.17
One thing i absolutely hate about this broker is the server speed.

I have noticed that for each trade to get executed it requires at least 2 seconds.

I also believe they are manipulating the spread. Here is why: if you place a long order, and within these few seconds it takes this blasted server to react, market happens to move higher for 1 pip your price will be executed at a higher price (meaning they just cheated you for one pip). IF on the other hand the price moves in the other direction (giving you a more favorable entry) your execution price is going to be the price you actually did enter on.

This is a good sign of spread manipulation and broker cheating you.

If your spread on EU is 1 pip and you are a scalper who is looking for 10 pip profit on a trade, you have just been cheated for 10% of your gains.

If you are Admiral client you can certainly test this (REAL account only, not demo, because demo is not good representation of how good your broker is!).