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Advanced Markets Reviews

i would said everything is good except tat they dun have a proper stoploss button ... i try to enter the stoploss in demo and fail many times i call them up and they said is my computer problem ... huh ... i hope they can upgrade their system in this matter then it would be perfect for me to join them ! kenny07.12.17
A bucketshop broker! Bad service, no trading tools, terrible execution.MiniJ80830.11.17
Yeah they certanly look nice, I have tested their demo to, but everyone should know their name in the NFA register is not clean, they been cheating a guy out of his money.
go look for your self, it's public.
I would not feel safe with them.
This platform uses DMA which is a level playing field.They seem to be the real deal with very good customer service.Joe24.07.17
I have traded now with Advanced Markets www.amifx.com, let me tell you, after 10 years of trading with almost every broker, this is by far the real deal, the first time i made a trade and actually get that price instantly and stays in sync with EBS, and JPM Chase. no manipulation at all, instant trades, and lately I have been getting under a pip on eur/usd, also I am able to trade during the news, while everyone else is closed. I hope this helps, for traders deserve to know that there is finally a broker out there that is not trying to rip us off. Tom Cabrero03.06.16