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Alpari Reviews

SCAMFraudsters and scammers.
Alpari cancelled all my profitable transactions for Friday, 07 Nov 2014 and left the ones where I lost money.
As usual, they will ignore now my queries through their support service.
Do not touch Alpari with a stick.
i've never had any probs with withdrawals - sometimes queries arent read properly and take a couple emails btu overall bene happy then reading above info and you know what - yes funny when i am closing orders how it really does freeze - often... some things aboive are ringing as regular happenings to me. :-( i might go try another and see if i get better resultsLondoner11.10.18
SCAMScam broker. They close connection when there is news and in friday noon UK time they will deduct your balance so you won't be able to make even a miback my ni lot with your $1000 balance left!!! I only experiencing this issue with this broker and whenever I told the admin they asked me to send them their email about my account statement day before...haha, kind of weird but they didn't even have the files. And always do that again and again and I felt very disappoint and no luck at all with this cheated and robbery broker!!!bady02.09.18
SCAMI think this broker big scam at all , i trade with them one month , thru this time they spank my stop lose then price come regular after losetrader24.07.18
SCAMIt is a scam broker, the metatrader freezes so so much not only during news but all the time, poor execution and delays of return of moneycrooked10.07.18
SCAMalpari BIG SCAMMERS, reopened and delete my profit until my balance/equity zero 0.
I have a classic account with them and no problems. Some time its slow connection but and some minor spread issue. All my complaint was answer by good customer service including choppy markets etc. and they fixed it. No problem with deposit or withdrawals. If you loose and get spiked you are not trading 4 real and it your own dame vault that you are a bad trader and not take full responsibility your self. :P
Hered that brokers can spike a few pips; but I never head any major problems.

Rate them if you leave a comment.
SCAMReal scammers. Deleted my profitable trades, said error in the system, and then opened trades in my account much later on, which were closed on loss and said no problem. Can you imagine, they open trades in your account.Georgeu17.02.18
i and my friend we trading together.
we used CBS broker.and i changed to ALPARI.
we bought AUDUSD together at same moment.and we close at same moment too.
my friend profit: +50$
my loss: -35$
after that we check prices.very diffrent from other companies.
theyr softwar very slow.
and they cheating like that.
I have a background in forensic data and data science, and more than 15 years experience in IT, networks and related areas in addition to holding a brokerage license.

I have performed more than 5000hrs of extensive testing, data extraction and transfers....the conclusion isn't good!

I discovered the following:

> Discrepancies hard coded into Alpari MT4 and MT5, to allow for the following:

a/ Remote access
b/ Alteration of dll parameters
c/ Manipulation of EA's
d/ Manipulation of Historical data
e/ Manipulation of market data feed

In addition to this, yes, Alpari does utulise network timeouts, disconnections, data delays and price feeds to the disadvantage of the trader.

Also Data spikes and extremes swings in spread and pricing feeds, recorded as high as 450pips. This information is then deleted from the historical data, usually coinciding with the remote closure of the MT4 Trading platform. These swings are biased in the favor of the broker, and yes, is very selective in the orders that are closed and the orders that remain open...and yes does "hunt" for stop losses and even closes profiting orders early and even at a loss, irrespective of a positive T/P.

These cyclic swings and spikes occur regularly and very consistently and are not only extremely profitable for the brokerage, but are also corrupting Expert Advisors.

In relation to Administration, and the so called regulations that impede and restrict or even prevent withdrawals, this is not in line with the Anti Money Laundering and Tax Evasion Laws, whereby, the mere act of accepting a deposit or funds from a client, and the transfer of these funds, without properly confirming the clients details and sighting the relevant documentation is actually illegal under this act!

I myself hold Multiple PAMM and trading accounts and have participated in numerous competitions, with Alpari (Russia) whereby I have experienced issues with suspension of all of these accounts and difficulty accessing them at various stages.

In relation to PAMM accounts, the figures, data and statistics for these accounts, are incredibly unreliable and can only be described as misleading. There are also substantial delays in the crediting of profits and earnings to investors.

When a company moves it services from a regulated country, or countries, i.e. New Zealand and the UK to a non regulated country, one has to ask the question.

I personally would never do business with this organisation, unfortunately, they are not the only ones guilty of the above practices, my investigations have found nearly all brokerages, especially at the retail entry level, guilty of the same.

For more information, or clarification, simply google fines, for slippage for Forex brokers...or even account problems, you might be quite surprised.

I hope this post helps prevent unnecessary financial losses to other fellow traders...and remember, although the business practices of brokerage firms are regulated, the financial process of FOREX and "hedge betting" is actually not!!!
Michael Despott13.01.18
Well , I think it's a good broker .Read this http://www.fsa.gov.uk/pubs/final/alpari.pdf and you all folks will understand why are they so strict with account opening procces . Friendly costumer service , didn't make any withdrawals yet hope it will work . Chris05.12.17
they restrict draw down to prevent you from losing all of your account money. You will make money with this good restriction.Job30.11.17
SCAMrequote is hell , price is not correct with other brokers and when u make orders what is showing on the market watch is far from what they will give you and always to thier favor , i think they are theifss. if u want to gamble u can trade with dem. the odss are never in your favor, they alway give u delay quote, it is intentional. BIG SCAMMERSsmith01.11.17
Guys there are a bunch of people they have no idea what they're saying.. just to mention the ones I started reading:
* ijak: when i open buy order ,price go against me, i believe they inject a spyware in my computer to play with my emotions,and made me loss money. (NO COMMENT)
* Their MT4 is very strange, I could only close a trade using the "instant close" button. If I place a stop or limit order and if it gets hit, the position is not closed but two opposite positions open at the same time! (NEVER HEARD OF STOPLOSS AND TAKEPROFIT?)
* The new accounts department s*cks , and keep asking for more and more until you give up and they can use your details as a payee ,that's right they won't destroy them they'll keep them into a file

c'mon guys wtf??? Alpari is not bad, I just put 4 star for the flexible spread during news.

SCAMThey are stoploss hunters. Keep away from them.Marco26.10.17
SCAMAlpari is scam brokerage.when i open buy order ,price go against me,when i open sell order,it happens again.when i compare it with another broker,alpari and other broker quotations are the same.so i believe they inject a spyware in my computer to play with my emotions,and made me loss money.Alpari SCAM,when i open an order ,i always facing minus 0.9-5 pips according of spread.
(commnet from a trader who always lost monry)
SCAMDemo trade for two months and was able to make a small profit. Sent in documents to open an account. Was repeatly asked for new documents to substantiate my address. Sent in documents three times, then did not hear from them anymore. Their MT4 is very strange, I could only close a trade using the "instant close" button. If I place a stop or limit order and if it gets hit, the position is not closed but two opposite positions open at the same time! The only way to offset a position is to baby sit it 24X5!DW21.09.17
Been trading with Alpari US now for a while. Have no problems whatsoever, great customer service, fast deposit and withdrawals. i use their MT4 platform with no problems. I highly recommend them. No rating so far will do so by the end of the year.Jeff (Florida US)15.09.17
SCAMI agree alpari russia, is the one i used is a super BIG SCAM they open their spreads to hell with or without news, no stoploss honored even if you write it, do not use this fraud brokercupcake06.09.17
I have problem as DW and Nick, they asked document more and more, told me one of my document have to be stamped and signature by the bank. etc etc. Too over acting and psycho. I think Alpari rich of requote not just at platform, but in other things, worry if I have to make withdrawal they also will ask documents and documents until we can't get back our money! Never get back to Alpari. So for new traders have to think further about it if they want to sign up to Alpari. Think how if we have to make withdrawal then. Will they did a same think such ask and ask again for documents?Daria11.07.17
Alpari failed to respond to question on how to open life account .I tried opening one but their responce has invariably been that my login and password are incorrect.They need to respond fast and also write their litereture in good English. They are no scam.Amos Abuul08.07.17
SCAMA real scam! The experience u get while trading the demo is nothing close to what u get when trading live. You'll never get instant execution of your orders when live. Stay away from them!Dr. Dre05.06.17
SCAMthis broker is not good , bad sever and stop or High spread in news time , bad support bad speaking in English in telephone , bad money back and in the all i never tel a friend this broker open account ,
worry about you
i think they are just for middle east people for cheating them because they have not other choice in example my country Iran so many broker don't lets to iraninan for open account and trade
Alpari-ru forex broker SCAM02.06.17
SCAManswer to alpari DON'T CHEATING People
In the first you can looking to my log file parameter and so view my replay daily statement email ( when i got and see & so telephone to your support that time and speaking with that Russian man about 15 min. and so chat with your help online and she tell me we are now close calling at morning !!!
and in the end i am so sorry about trust to you and your Commission on the Regulation of Behavior on Financial Markets kroufr.org]Financial Regulation Agency (KROUFR) where is here with NO connect address and email or telephone number in English site and no answer in Russian site just a show or figure ?
just you wanna show Regulation some where please is this real tell them contact me AND WRIGHT HERE THEIR CONTACT DETAIL !! (where ? Registered address: 135 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand.!!! Registration number 2193139 ) and working worldwide with head office in Moscow
and after all of this when i loss half of my deposit (2500 -1250 = 1250 USD ) i can't find nobody for this question : what can i do with this 1 lot size trade and thinking this is a server mistake and you correct this .
know i wanna you tel US here where we can compliant (kroufr.org) ????
sorry but you cheat here i thinking if you can not show US what is your Regulation ? why you are in Russia and not newZealand ?
Alpari-ru an BIG SCAM Broker26.05.17
SCAMSCAM. They are hunting SL; if you close a profitable transaction it will always wait 3-4 secs to close it at worst price for you, bad during news and the spreads...you will pay spread twice at opening and closing. DO NOT consider the demo. It is fixed so it will good, the live version however...
scam, Scam, SCAM !
H8 Alpari07.03.17
Alpari is one of the Best MarketMaking Broker which I am do my business. Order filling good and without some problems, DataFeed great, some innovations they are trying on serveres for Demo, this isnt so good, but technical uprgrades and so on NEED to do and relase. On live is datafeeed stable :) No SL hunting. Only one problem is if your run the EA, you need insuration code that the position, which you may have really you have, they have 5-decimal quotes and when EA sent the order, price can change, and you get re-quote, and EA cannot solve it himself (itself?) -you need programm it - but it is ONLY ONE problem, using it more than one year :)

I'm another, who speak to REMOVE the SCAM title with this great broker (is retail, is Marketmaking, with his advantages and disadvatanges, but as MM is GREAT

Sorry, for my poor english :)
Frank Horrigan13.01.17
SCAMDemo trading with them for the last 8 months. As far as MT4 brokers go they are OK, ame problems you will always encounter with MT4 \"dealing desk\" or \"the electronic kind\" of trade manipulation MT4 is famous for.
Very limited order type selection, so it is impossible to truly protect your self. I had a recent Stop order filled 57pips below the stop with set take profit and stop loss. Price spiked 95pips pips pushing the entry to down 57pips, the Profit Stop was eliminated and the then price shot back up to take out the stop which remained in place. This was on a 5 minute chart, within one 5 minute period. I know, as a Stop order the order becomes a market order, so is the nature of \"bucket shop\" brokers. I have to call these broers what they are.. a scam, let the \"newbies\" beware. Do Not Trade with any broker that uses the MetaTrader (MT4) software platform. Find a good ECN 9Electronic Communication Network) broker or at least one that uses that type of technology.
They arent professional company at all. I have faced lots of problems with them
There spreads widen during various market conditions. They have very slow customer support. I get response after 2 days.
I wouldnt recommend to my friends.
Alpari isnt professional28.06.16
I have no idea of others experiences but i trade with Alpari uk for more than 6 months and i hove no problems so far. I don't want to rate this broker, just leave my opinion. Maybe your review is about Alpari in USA witch i don't have any clue about.
Vio Man21.05.16

No problems so far after 3 months trading.

Same robots with other brokers I will not mention did not show profits somehow but steady profits with Alpari.

I think they are honest brokers.
Felix U (London UK)21.04.16