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eToro Reviews

SCAMThousands of re-quotes! I tried to be patient for a few months and now I can't take it anymore.Musafir31.03.18

I have an account with eToro for more than 4 years now, I never had really withdraw my profit from my eToro account. So this time I decided that I want to withdraw the profit that I made with eToro, for my surprise they only put back on my paypal account and my master card the amount that I deposited last time from my cards to my eToro account. I had send them emails I chat with them online but always they had a excuse. One of the excuses were they have a agreement with the credit card company to not deposit on my card more than what I deposited to my eToro account. The other excuse is that paypal didn't accept the amount. So I asked them if I'm the only client with this problem with them and if not how they had resolved this problem in the past, also I asked them if there is no other way for them to transfer the money to me. They never answer those questions. If you are not robbing people money why you have more than 5 options to deposit money on your website and you give your clients only one option for them to withdraw their money, and you don't even help or come up with another possibility that you can pay. The first time I withdraw a small amount of the money they had more than 3 option but last time all those option were not available no more. So you guys don't trust this people because you see that they give more than one option to withdraw the more because when the moment come you would be unable to withdraw the profit. After so much try but with no result, 3 days back they had sent me a e-mail telling me that they had put the money back on my account without my permission. So now is good, I made a profit and I can't withdraw it and now you sent it back to my eToro account for me to continue trading. How in the world you think that I will continue trading if I'm not able to withdraw the profit?
Guys beware of eToro, because I spent more than 4 years trading with these people and when it come that I want to withdraw the profit problem start and can you imagine not being able to withdraw your profit after 4 years with these people? Just like that I waist my time and money. I'm writing this review because I want to warn other to be aware with this people and don't feel confident when you withdraw the first time because you don't know the second time. I trusted these people that's why I stayed with them so long but beware of them!!!
SCAMI had really hard time with them. So much stress. I can not withdraw my money. I started to sent a withdrawal requests three months ago. They do not respond for e-mails.Bob07.03.18
Average broker with average trading conditions. I didn’t get a lot of problems with them, but still I had some big negative slippages and requotes, especially during volatility periods. So i changes it for ECN broker and now using all benefits of trading at real market. If you don’t know how to choose the best broker for you, add me in skype, vovkfx, i am ready to share my experience.Andy10.01.18
The platform is set up to influence the trader to sell with the % profit showing BEFORE the cost is taken off.The trader then is "satisfied" with say 6% while his nett profit is hardly any.I think new traders are still influenced by that. For me the only profit is what you put back into your bank .David01.12.17
I have to say give etoro 3-5 more years and it will be the best broker in the world and will remain there forever i mean that they are just growing and growing

1. customer support: 5 stars(just awesome!!!)

2.Deposit: the first time you will see so many ways to deposit

3.Withdrawal: For those who say they don't give you back your money then maybe you are from a rival broker or really stupid cuz the first deposit is the most irritating one but they certainly give you your money. It's irritating cuz you have to submit all the identification documents for the first withdrawal after that its just awesome withdrawals...

4.Platform: i have been trading with them for 2 years and have found that they have gone from "Ahhhh!!! etoro platform freezes all the time they suck" to "etoro has the best platform in the whole forex industry". I mean they have almost fixed the freezing problem and i trust them in future they will keep on improving the platform. One more reason why their platform freezes is because it is flash based but they have improved a LOT!!! when it comes to freezes
Now as of people who have lost their money due to freezes they can contact etoro customer service and after investigating the matter they will give you back the amount you lost due to freezes( i got mine 3 times)

5.Execution of trades: This is where etoro loses to MT4 but i think it is because they are an introducing brokers and the real execution is done by retailfx(but it is certainly better than fxcm, fxcm take 9-10 seconds for execution).

6.Over all review: no matter you are pro or a newbie it doesn't matter trading with etoro is just awesome!!!. The best part is that they have a feature called guardian angel which advices you on money management skills and on how to be overall profitable by analyzing your trades.

1.Charting system: i use dailyfx.com charts for technical analysis cuz etoro charting needs to really improve.
2.Requotes: it happens sometimes but it also happens with all the other brokers.
Devanshu Singh20.11.17
Obviously eToro is a scam any trader affiliate and or partner shall avoid. No ethical procedures beyond the boundaries of U.S. They are registered in the NFA and approved brokers.Nevertheless, for worldwide clients not citizens or residents in the U.S. Thy hide Cyprus,Alibaba's ne cave of the 40 thieves in forex deals.Fernando09.11.17
SCAMReally dissapointed with this broker, they move prices sometimes, specially when there is volatility, and its platform is too slow, sometime when I close a trade the price has changed.
On Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) when the market is closed eToro shows the randomly historical rates in demo so that the traders could practice trading. When the market opens the trading is coming back to the normal real quotes in both demo and real accounts.

This is one more advantage of eToro comparing to other brokers.
eToro demo21.10.17
Good for me, my withdrawals went smoothly and I got money to my paypal within 5 days as etoro promissed. Are you sure that you send them all necessary documents, SAM? Because they need the copies of your ID and utility bill to proceed the withdrawal.Mondi26.09.17
I just joined eToro. Don't know how to trade, but it looks very simpleAndrew Kacman15.09.17
The best way to know if the broker is good or not is by the withdrawal process. I made this trick with eToro: deposited and withdrew part of the funds. The withdrawal process to Paypal took 5 days and I was asked to send the copies of my documents: ID and utility bill. Seems good. Max Alanda13.09.17
SCAMTried them, Avafx and Plus 500, Etoro are very bad, system tworks slow, positions doesn't close when you ask, they just look nice - don't waste your time and money.NIck13.09.17
Just moved to eToro. Looks good so far. I head many good reviews about eToro. My friend trades here and . Now I decided to try by myselfronald M. Kathani08.09.17
eToro is a nice trading platform, but they don't support working with the automated systemsno automated trading28.08.17
etoro is just the worst! problems are:
Lag in there system! Lose a few pips like upto 20 in closing or opening trades!
System not starting or closing orders! Had a few people complain about this and had one guy like lose $5000 because it did not close the trade at his take profit setting and then it closed it at his strop loss! He spoke to them about it and there responce! we cant help you and thats not our problem!
getting just disconnected from there system when its really getting to the best times to close your trades, like at NY and Londen opening!

To me i get the feeling that they want people to lose there money so that they can make more out of us that is honestly trying to make our life savings more from this bad times that everyone is having at the moment! This is stealing with our eyes right open and watching how they doing it
I read many good reviews on big sites like daily forex about eToro. At the moment I am trading in Demo and it looks very very nice platform. Please tell me about your real trading experience with eToro. I am willing to try it out.Monica23.08.17
It is a good trading platform with all needed instruments that a trader needs. For my trading strategy I am using peding orders, market orders, charts and also I keep an eye on the etoro's openbook feature to see what other traders are trading.Daniel Markoviz17.08.17
"5 stars for support not so many for the software....lately they changed,improved.BRAVO 100 stars for being avangardists.copy traders is amazing,the open book is INCREDIBLE.every new trader should try this site. i signed through intellitraders,amazing guys,contact sam from support,he helped me a lot"michael again17.08.17
I trade with etoro for about a year. sometimes I am losing money, sometimes I make profit. I don't think there is any relialbe broker in the forex world at all as I have many bad experience with others. eToro is good enough for me: the interface looks great and very comfortable for a trader, the platform works good, support fast.
Also i like that etoro is STP broker, not a market maker like many others

trading with eToro03.08.17
SCAMEtoro do instantly executes your trades. However, they make double money (spread) from you by charging you certain amount which they call "spread" whenever you enter a position, and at the same time will not execute the order at the market price for which they have charged the spread but will still include another spread for the postion.
Their platform always freezes every 1st Friday of the month when the US Non Farm payroll report is released,and every time when there is a breakout and many traders are making money from that. In July when the EUR was recovering over the USD and some major currencies they had to stop people from live-trading stating they where on a "scheduled maintenance" which was not true for up to 2hours. They allowed only the demo account to be the only trading running, with the chat services. Don't trust them. If you ever trade with them try and withdraw any profit that you make if possible daily otherwise you will lose everything.
eToro's open book is the coolest feature I ever saw. I am a new trader and frankly speaking don't know exactly when to buy and when to sell, but when I look at the openbook, i can see when the best traders buy and sell and do the same. this way I learn trading and do some profits.openbook23.07.17
SCAMVery bad support and wrong charts. Technical issue without ending and then they give only a bonus which you can't withdraw. Big Scam and Cheat.
Stay away!
SCAMReal face of etoro
1).High spreads (even fixed)

2).no mt4

3).we did not use charts
if we use his charts ,every time make every single indicator

4).always stop trading on news

5).he is does not want scalper

6).only dealing desk stop on that NFA , and all regulatries does not said sclaping is bann or illegal

7).for only 1000$ his minimum size is 1pip=1$
it is too high for new traders. they loss all his money in weeks with system

8).also did not trade in units ,like as oanda

Except that everything is OK

So with all these disadvantages, if u still like etoro then ((handshake))
etoro officials05.06.17
SCAMThis is a good platform for kids. They have no advanced tools and their customer service is absolutely cr*p.Justin Sharp01.06.17
Hi guys thank you for the tips and reviews. I am a beginner and as I see eToro is highly recommended for new traders. Thank you.Danny27.05.17
The public chat of eToro is a cool thing. I didn't see any other brokers with such useful and nice community feature.go eToro17.05.17
i deposited $ 50,000.00 and i tripled it in less then a month. still waiting for my money.rick15.05.17
very nice platform to learn trading. But for the professional traders Metatrader4 is the best platform to trade.eToro is good for beginners09.05.17
I don't understand why people call this broker a SCAM if they lost money with this broker. For example eToro in not a market maker and all your traders are done through eToro with the banks and according to their rates, not against the broker. So all the funds you lost, it is not because of the broker.Ben05.05.17
eToro is my first broker and I am very thankful to the eToro helpful staff and user friendly platform that allows the newbies like me to learn the forex trading.thank you to eToro02.05.17
I know etoro - my brother trades with them. I prefer the metatrader platform, but they say that eToro is very nice trading software.Mali26.04.17
very nice trading platform - it is very unusual for the trader who used to work on metatrader 4. I really like the platformVery nice25.04.17
trading is like a university edticuaon, it requires on the order of 10 to 20 years to become proficient and you have to be ready to accept it as a full time career. With that said, the broker that I use is oanda. I use this broker mainly because it allows smaller lot sizes which allows me to be very flexible with my exposure.My recommendation- do not trade with less than 50k account. Do not trade live until you have risk capital (money that you will not need or regret losing) or minimum few years on paper accounts. research is a huge topic. Do not fall for technical analysis, it works in some situations, but the best bet would be to read the prices correctly via price patterns and timing. Do not trade during non farm payrolls or during tokyo and NY lunch hour. Trade during the overlap of US UK sessions for best liquidity. Watch for inflation levels, what central bankers say (and if what they are saying is just a warning or if they are serious about it).For example you would want to monitor the japanese central bank decisions right now because their is strong enough to make their bank sell it to lower the price to keep exports competitive. For CAD, watch for gold prices (oil is their major export). ect.FINALLY: the only way to make money in safely is with law of large numbers in terms of capitalization. You have to have an account upwards of 50 mil, so this is not a get rich quick thing. The real money lies in market making and dealing.Akshay23.04.17
Got into forex in 2009. Etoro is a good place to learn. Made losses in the beginning but with good advice from my account manager started making profit. It's not been an easy journey but I am now making constant profit. I have no problem with withdrawals. Excellent execution of orders even when market is very volatile. I cannot thank my account manager enough during trying times.Michael, UK17.04.17
There are some traders who blame the broker if they loose. I don't think that is the reason to blackmail the broker for that. First you need to learn trading, in demo may be, and after that trade real money. Kobi25.03.17
Special for Geoffrey Sabach!
I trade with eToro and I know that they SHOW THE SPREAD right before you open the position. It pops up on your screen and you need to press OK in order to confirm the spread before the position opens.
I agree that the bonuses are good and help, but they are tricky. eToro does't let you to withdraw the bonus so easy. You need to trade with it first. When I asked the withdrawal my profit, they sent me all I asked but the bonus has left in the trading account, because I didn't trade with it enough. Barbara18.03.17
eToro is amazing. I am a new trader in eToro and never saw such features as the traders have here! I got $500 bonus when I deposited the first time it helped me a lot to start the trading.Daniel17.03.17
I joined this company and the staff are very friendly they are very supportive,every time I have problem they supported me,I only invest $150 through MasterCard and after 2 weeks i get profit and decided to cash-out, I get my money back just 3 to 4 days,since i withdraw $180 they returned it back to my card the amount of $150 and the $25 to my pay pal account and instant.the Forex tools is friendly user.Just provide proof of residence and valid identity For sure they will support you...gebrea18.02.17
"God dammit - why didn't I go to one of the unregulated brokers - they are seemingly the only ones who aren't a scam !!!"

Are you a complete idiot? etoro is regulated by cysec and complies with MIFID, do you prefer to give your money to some unregulated broker instead who can disappear in a flash?

you are also the one to blame for not checking the spread - it appears loud and clear on the trade screen.

etoro does have its faults, but it's not a scam.
and even the best platform in the world can't help a trader not lose his money with bad trades.

For a beginner like me, looks promising, but for starters the pressure to deposit is unrelenting. It dont like all the silly bells and whistles. Its all hype to con the innocent and foolish. I see other people agree that this is not first or even third rate. I won't be coming down this road. Thanks Indunamike07.02.17
Of all the brokers I have joined, eToro is the best experience i have with forex! there are a lot of way to make more here, through contests, campaigns!trader123.01.17
eToro broker does its work really well. The company constantly upgrades its services and tries to provide the best conditions for traders. Lots of important information together with economical and political news help to make good profit and get some additional income.groovy23.01.17
I trade with a few brokers and cant complain about this one. So far its been nearly 4 months and Im satisfied. Would recomend to others if you're looking for reliable and good service.etoro'er23.01.17
In my experience this broker offers good execution, fast withdrawals and good support.free_dom22.01.17
Most traders are very satisfied with their platform. It is easy to operate and adjust.GREENWITCH22.01.17
Tried a lot of brokers and now have the account with eToro. Everything is greate, comfortable trading conditions. I recommend!Crystal_see21.01.17
I am for indonesia, I think all company scam in here not scam for me
why???? because I just make withdraw daily with small amount , I join with more than 10 broker now like fxpro, etoro, fxcast ,etc
in daily I just make withdraw 100 USD from each broker, when my balance have reaches 5000 USD I am opened account again with another broker
in a month I can make nmore than 20000 USD, it is very much money from me
so my advice, if you want broker forex stole your money , don\'t stole money from them, like make profit 2000 USD in one days and withdraw it
your broker will not get back your money
I just make big deposit for broker from Indonsia like www.mifx.com, because I can make control to this broker
I am new in eToro and so far so good. Great support, cool platform - very innovated and friendly. High bonuses for the first time deposit made me to join this broker and I am fine with my decision.Allan08.12.16
eToro has no proper policy and their system is faulty, Every night when the market is busy traders cannot log in to the system. Specially when the market is good. The end result is the traders loose money as their positions are automatically closed at stop loss point. further more some details in their system are not correct. As example on 6th November 2009 etoro charts show USD/JPY days low as 89.52. if you check any their system the days low is 89.61 (89.618 is the actual)or 89.62. etoro has closed one of my trades at 89.53 for stop loss and I lost 100usd. Actually the market did not go below 89.61. When I pointed out this to etoro custom support, the last reply I gout is that their QA department confirms their system is correct and there for they refused to refund my money. (That means all the other systems in the world are wrong!!!) This is a day light robbery. closing positions at levels the market never reached! Any one can check this wrong lowest level in etoro system on Friday, 6th November 2009 from their charts.observer15.11.16
looks good, slow support to the guy before me dang, i heard from a friend it happen to him too and they explain to him he was scalping and he should make longer trades, he made about 4000$ since and cashed about 1500$ so i don\'t think they are scam, but as i said they have slow supportjackie21.10.16
their platform is easy to use , I made 2000 USD in 2 hours time, however, they called me to warm me that they will close my account cos i have trading too fast and use very high leverage 1:400. they ask me to use 1:100 and close a trade in 15 or more minutes.

and my account balance is still shown 178 USD profit dispite i have been shown as top 3 trader today and made 21xx.xxUSD today on their challenge chart.

I called but my representitive has gone home, I need to get back to them tomorrow.

I will make a review tomorrow depends on how they respond me, as far as I consider, they are legit but don\'t want you to make profit at all. OK, i can tell you they are scam, i can\'t get money back .i will report to paypal and EU internet watch. they think they clear.
deng z14.10.16
SCAMit is a big scam, you only loss not gain!!! yes, I did made 2800usd in one day. so what, they charge me very heavy commission !!! so actually after the heavy commission fee i made 100 usd . yeah!!!!!!! what a day. don\'t even know if they let me withdraw or not!!!!!! these guys are fake as sh*t. stay away from them!musicjustine, deng z14.10.16
Tried eToro for ten minutes after downloading. It looks very basic. Nothing is professional about it. There are plenty superior platforms out there like Oanda or any Mt4. Why one chose eToro? A mistery.Jason24.06.16
Avoid Etoro at all cost.

Real traders will tell you that. Etoro has a highly innovative trading platform, which is by far the only best feature they have. The downfall starts from there.

The trading platorm is really very slow, hangs up during live trades as well as during trade execution, charts are very unreliable, and shows incorrect data, and the list goes on.

Etoro increases the risk factor by about 10 times for forex trading. If you are looking to learn, etoro is good to get the basics right, but Etoro is not at all recommended for serious traders who have value for their money.
SCAMhi everybody for me eToro is a scam,because I trieded to whithdrawal my money few times and they always said there are something wrong and never did itBibi07.05.16
slow support, poor IE based flash software onlyMartin03.03.16