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Forex Club Reviews

FOREX CLUB this message is for YOU:

Self promoting company, cheating and badly!
FAKE comments, FAKE 5 star review!!!
All frauds in this business and cheating STINKS
These 4,5 stars are wrote to cheat.
Trading is wild beast dangerous and does not have feelings.

Been GREEDY and stupidity work together!!!
I prefer Forex Club as they offer the best service I've ever had. Everything is done to help the beginner: lots of useful information, comfortable platforms, fast and safe withdraws, what else can be desired? I would never change FC for any other broker!Alice29.03.18
They have very good customer service and training system, I was planning on a long run with them.mr. Proper12.09.17
I've been trading with FC for more than 2 years and I believe the company has everything that a trader needs: reasonable spreads and deposits, modern platforms and helpful support team.Vlad07.08.17
I never had problems with this company and I think I'll continue working with them as I consider their service really comfortable and reliable. The site itself is full of useful information and interesting opinions for trading. No issues with getting cash and contacting the support team if necessary.Sabrina16.07.17
Many times, ACTtrader paltform not alow me to place stop loss less than 45 pips away from market price, I have lost alot of money due to that problem. THEY ARE A BIG SCAMMER, ALL OF YOU SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM THEM.
Wallace Stephen16.07.17
I've been trading with this broker for three years. My opinion: cheap and easy. :)
Client service is very good, friendly and supportive. And also the account opening time was amazing - it took less than half an hour! This is cool!
Miss Profit27.06.17
I have been using this broker for 6 months now, and I have never had a problem with my trades as of yet. The only issue is the server sometimes will not allow me to log in, but I have never had an issue with withdrawing my cash.David22.03.17
Hahaha i wonder how many employees wrote the positive posts below. Sounds like a load of sh*t to me. Another joke!!!! Ive traded with them for 4 months and had to leave. The order freeze, withdrawing funds took me 2 weeks, and their support is a bunch of cowboys who dont know what theyre doing. my advice is dont waste your time!!! There are WAYYY better brokers out there.bonjo8814.03.17
I was with this forex company for three months. Did well to start with and got my money back but it did take a little while. I think they've got into financial difficulty. They owe me $7000.00 and I have lodged a complaint with the NFA.

It's my belief that this company isn't a scam but are simply trying to survive doing dubious tactics.

I never had any problems with this company until the last month. One time when I had a software issue they ensured that it went in my favor.

SCAMForexClub is definately a scammer. I didnt get my money back through Paypal. I withdraw my winnings of USD$400.00 and never got it. It has been 6 months now. So watch out for this forex broker.ForexClub03.06.16