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Forex Yard Reviews and Ratings

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Average Rating: 2.9231 (15 reviews)

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Forex Yard Reviews

Rating: SCAM Name: Remode Ramachandran

They are scam. when I opened account they offerred me Bonus with my initial deposit and after 6 months, I have earned 13% profit & when I withdraw money they didn't paid me any profit amount and also they have deducted 30% of my deposited amount. Whenever I have requested for the reason they told me to check with my bank and they have ignored my further mails.
For any querries regarding this can contact me ; [email protected]

Posted on: 2011-07-22 21:52:03
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Rating: 5 Stars Name: avinash kumar

respected and valuable members of forex factory, i am only sharing the facts which i had came across, and on that basis i won't hesistage to say forexyard is really very good platform and their customer support is excellent and the forex analysis is the best than any other provider.

i had started here from march'10 and from this time i had no problem with withdrawal. below is the list of withdrawal:

by bank wire:

19th may'10 ----- $1200
17th june'10------ $384
12 th july'10 ----- $592

by moneybookers

18th may'10 ----- $200

by credit card

10 th june'10---- $180
3rd aug'10------- $200

total: 1200+384+592+200+180+200= $2756 already received and having all proofs.

already requested payment of 700 usd on friday and expecting by coming week.

friends this is what i got and not find any kind of problem, we should share the truth we having so the other people shouldn't confused with the good things too.

Posted on: 2010-10-03 18:14:00
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Rating: 5 Stars Name: Manikandan G

It is really good trader. Fast response for all the questions. I received My 100% bonus for My first deposit of 300%. I received My first withdraw amount also. So totally it is very good.

Posted on: 2010-07-11 16:30:00
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Rating: 4 Stars Name: Steve

I really don't understand how you guys have treble with this broker... I have been using forexyard and also leaderforex for a few months. Both have the same reliable trading platform and good support. You may move on after learning the ropes to get better spreads, but they have a great matching initial deposit bonus. Deposit the full $300 to get the most matching bonus. Withdrawal process takes 4 days, pretty good though.

Posted on: 2010-06-29 21:20:00
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Rating: 5 Stars Name: Emad Atia

Forexyard not scam. I have account and no problem deposit. No problem witdrau. They get me my money to credit card in 1 week no problem.

I don't like when many talk bad about them

Posted on: 2010-01-28 03:40:00
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Rating: 5 Stars Name: alayoua belkasam

I work with Forexyard.com for 7 months now. No problem.

I see many bad reviews only after I opened the account there and I got scare.

So I try withdraw like others.

I deposit 400$ and made profit so have 640$ in supermini conto then

Posted on: 2010-01-27 23:21:00
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Rating: 5 Stars Name: Dimitris Anagos

I have 2 accounts with Forexyard.com and I definitely believe these guys are legit. I lived in London for 4 years and had an account with FSA regulated brokers, and I see no real difference to be honest. Withdrawals, so long as you send in all your documents

Posted on: 2010-01-27 22:56:00
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Rating: not rated Name: SCAM

I had a chat with FORXYARD rep and this what happened so please read and make your own decision.

Ashley: How can I help you today?

Mary: Hello I wanted to open an account with your firm but i just read about your firm that you are into scam and you read this here https://forexrealm.com/brokers-reviews/#FOREXYARD

Mary: i am confused now about brokers

Ashley: we are not a scam

Mary: https://forexrealm.com/brokers-reviews/#FOREXYARD

Mary: read from this website and you will see what i am talking about madam

Ashley: ok, but again we are not a scam. i'm not sure what you want me to tell you specifically about the website

Mary: your firm is not the only broker there anyways

Mary: its kinda scary

Mary: not to lose my hard working money just like that

Ashley: well not everything you read on line is true

Ashley: i understand

Mary: but did you open the site i just gave you

Mary: https://forexrealm.com/brokers-reviews/

Ashley: yes

Mary: open that and you will see all the list

Ashley: and fxcm is definitely not a scam

Ashley: so basically it's not the most reliable source

Mary: what?

Mary: then why would alot of people post this on the page if is not

Mary: i read when one makes money and they asked your firm to send money to them it never comes

Ashley: i don't know, but it's not a scam and neither are we

Mary: i need to be convinced that you are not a scam company and the review also says the 1-212-796-6939 you are using shows u are in the USA but honestly you are not but its rather a forwarded line to you guys in Cyprus

Mary: Are you guys regulated anyways?

Ashley: yes we have lines for several country so that they can have a domestic number, we never claimed we are in the US

Ashley: would you like an account manager call you later today? he will be able to answer all your questions

Mary: ----------EMAIL COPY OF MY WITHDRAWAL ATTEMPT--------------------------- Date Mon, 29 Dec 2008 8:01 AM ( 4 months ago ) From "FOREXYARD Withdraw Request" To "Myname" Subject FOREXYARD Withdraw Request (TRID: 314446) Dear "xxx", Your withdrawal request of 324.99 USD from SuperMini Account #1573 has been registered. The transaction will be applied within 96 hours. Until then you still have the opportunity to cancel your withdrawal and return the sum to your FOREXYARD account. Your Transaction ID is 314446. FOREXYARD Customer Support TEL: 1-212-796-6939 [email protected] https://www.forexyard.com/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ i will really want to do business with your firm but i want to be sure someone is not just sitting there taking my money

Mary: in this mail someone requested a redrawal but never get his money

Ashley: i'm sorry bu this letter is completely ridiculous and doesn't even sound reliable

Ashley: plus we don't accept paypal so i doubt she was ever a real costumer

Mary: no i am not the one writing this to you and i have even given you the website

Ashley: i know

Ashley: i'm talking about her

Mary: are you guys regulated you never answer me that question? if so i need a proof

Mary: like where i can see that on your website

Ashley: we are not currently regulated

Mary: aha

Mary: why not and what guarantee can you give your clients for them to be convinced?

Mary: you the right brokjer

Mary: borker

Mary: and do you really have offices in all the countries with their #s

Mary: ?

Mary: Fax: +1-646-514-2310 Austria Local Number: +43-720880606 Bahrain Local Number: +973-16199071 Finland Local Number: +358-942597801 France Local Number: +33-975180151 Germany Toll Free: 0800-187-3671 Germany Toll Free Mobile: 0800-1844822 Italy Local Number: +39-662207175 Netherlands Local Number: +31-858880242 Spain Local Number: +34-911881619 Sweden Local Number: +46-8-52500644 Switzerland Local Number: +41-225331279 UK Toll Free: 0-808-234-6341 USA Toll Free: 1-888-266-9696 USA Local: 1-212-796-6939 Departments: Support [email protected] VIP [email protected] Compliance [email protected] Marketing [email protected] Affiliates [email protected] Sales [email protected]

Ashley: we never said we have offices in these countries, just phone numbers

Mary: so far you have not said anything convincing to that you the right broker for one to deal with?

Ashley: like i said would you like an account manager to call later? he will be able to answer these question better

Mary: let me talk to him one here

Mary: i want to know i am dealing with the right folks b4 i give out my numbers

Ashley: i understand, if i can have your number someone will call in in about a few hours

Mary: you are located in Cyprus but i did nit even see Cyprus number in the list of numbers you have listed

Ashley: we do not have costumers from cyprus

Mary: why is that you located in cyprus but do not have your country # listed?

Mary: what?

Mary: this is strange

Mary: how come madam?

Mary: does this sound well to you?

Ashley: we have the right to chose who to accept as costumers

Ashley: not all countries are able to trade with any brokerage firm

Ashley: this is our private matter

Mary: then there is something wrong here meaning those clients out of Cyprus who can not travel there when anything happens and those there in Cyprus can take action against you guys that why you not accept them right?

Mary: i now understand

Mary: and i think the review site is WARNING foriengers

Mary: i have never heard a company which does not even have a client from their own country then how trust worthy are you?

Mary: if you telling me that is your private matter then dont you think there is something wrong?

Ashley: no i don't, because every company can make these decisions for herself. we don't accept costumers from other countries as well, based on our own personal calculations

Ashley: we are not hiding any information, as you can see from this chat

Mary: what chat?

Ashley: but we do reserve the right to make decision on how to run the company privately

Ashley: you're talking to me on chat

Mary: so what countries do you accept

Ashley: i'm very forthcoming with any information you require

Mary: you better do

Ashley: we accept most countries

Mary: do you have any securities for your clients interest?

Ashley: what do you mean?

Mary: any protections

Mary: should incase anything happens

Mary: i cant even find your address on the website

Mary: i will like to deal with your firm but i want to know i am doing the right firm

Ashley: Diagorou, 4, Kermia Building, 1st floor, Flat Office 103, Nicosia P.C. 1097, Cyprus

Mary: and are you a licensed firm?

Ashley: what do you mean licensed?

Mary: i mean in your country is your company a licensed firm?

Ashley: yes

Mary: do you have that on ur website?

Mary: posted

Ashley: no

Mary: i think i better advice my self rather so father you have not been convecing

Mary: not talking?

Mary: ah

Mary: i think i have to report your firm to the interpole

Ashley: there really isn't much more i can add if you are so set in your mind

Ashley: ok

Mary: and i think all the reviews on that website is true

Ashley: ok

Mary: if youreally wanted me to become one of your customers these would not be how your responses would be

Posted on: 2009-12-01 16:11:00
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Rating: 5 Stars Name: Charlie Emmet

I don't quite understand the bad reviews about those guys.
Been trading with them for 8 months now, and i truly feel like they are one of the best brokers around.
Fast execution, and great service.. Very recommended.

Posted on: 2009-06-19 00:39:00
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Rating: SCAM Name: emmanuel wugate

i really want to know how to get my money from this broker, they are th*eves, they caused me pains, they will not pay your money so trading with them is just wasting time and giving your money to robbers, they ignore your mails and keep posting you and saying "we have a delay in processing you withdraws" if any one can help me get my money from them if willvappreciate. [email protected]

Posted on: 2009-05-14 21:38:00
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Rating: not rated Name: bhavesh

forexyard is 100% scam

i have deposit 300$ i earn 1000 $ on it

i ask them withdraal they told mee that we only take loss we donot pay the profit

the compnay account manager told that we are here for taking fool people money

i will complain this to visa or paypal
so that this company must be banned

Posted on: 2009-05-07 21:45:00
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Rating: SCAM Name: Faith

Tuesday,21 of August 2008 , I opened up a forex traders account(SuperMini) with a company by the name FOREXYARD.COM.
Something I today certainly regret ...After some suspicious readings I
started to "clock" them and ran 3 traders accounts simultaneously while trading as I have earlier been pretty puzzled over a few things regarding the occasional timing versus movements of the chart indicators and the "data-feed" FOREXYARD provide for their clients.Cant say I was surprised to find that the feedings & readings simply didnt "match" and the synchronicity was a joke...There
is no question in my mind that these folks is simply making a living on
stealing other peoples money by introducing the necessary oscillations
in your quotes to help you lose so they can pocket your balance...

Today I have gained more experience and knowledge and do realize that
virtually all forex brokers are bucketshops.They don't really buy or
sell the currencies for you when you place orders.
They just keep your money, and simulate trades (bucketing), since most
traders lose money, they make every dollar their clients lose.

I showed my "readings" to some of my friends that also enjoy the world
of trading whom suggested that I send my
screenshot-chart-signature-material in its entirety to the
NFA or another larger investigating body for a comment but I thought I
would first post my experience on the Forexrealm wich seems to be a good place to start with.

I was thinking , couldnt a forex chart signature from that very day and
minutes perhaps be seen as a "historic fingerprint and evidence" when compared with true market activity?

18th of April 2008 I lost 600 dollars on their methods and decided
after a large number of letters to them without any results or refunds
of any kind to withdraw my remaining 324.99 USD wich I did on 29th of
December 2008(see copy below).
Until this very day I have still neither heard from them or received my
I have read at other forums about other peoples unability to get their
own money back after withdrawals from FOREXYARD.COM so ,again, Im not

----------EMAIL COPY OF MY WITHDRAWAL ATTEMPT---------------------------

Date Mon, 29 Dec 2008 8:01 AM ( 4 months ago )
From "FOREXYARD Withdraw Request"
To "Myname"
Subject FOREXYARD Withdraw Request (TRID: 314446)

Dear "xxx",
Your withdrawal request of 324.99 USD from SuperMini Account #1573 has
been registered. The transaction will be applied within 96 hours. Until
then you still have the opportunity to cancel your withdrawal and return
the sum to your FOREXYARD account. Your Transaction ID is 314446.

FOREXYARD Customer Support
TEL: 1-212-796-6939
[email protected]

Despite many things , I do enjoy forex trading and the "gambling
factor" thats involved in it.
Nevertheless I have worked hard for my money and it doesnt exactly make
you happy to see your hard earned money get stolen by these unscrupulous
figures.A loss is a loss and its something I would certainly accept as
long as it happens in a fair and natural trading enviroment.
This was the way I felt as a beginner anyway..Today I know considerably

So what should I do? I certainly would like to get my money
back,preferably the whole sum of 1000 USD...Shouldnt I be able to sue
them ?

I wonder how these folks sleep at night? Perhaps thinking just before sleep , "Another good days work "...Sad group of people...

Thank you for your time...


Posted on: 2009-04-13 03:32:00
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Rating: 3 Stars Name: JorgeH

I do not believe it is a scam at all, personally I have not had any problem at all with them only that the supermini account is real fast but when upgraded to standard account is real slow, the dealing desk for the standard account is too damn slow that it may take minutes to close a position when is high volatility and lose a lot for that, just don\'t upgrade your account.

Service is great, platform is very limited, you can not customize your indicators too much and they do not have any support on that, they only tell you that they working on it and that a new release is near and it will be fixed by then, but the fact is that they don\'t know sh*t about it.

Posted on: 2008-12-13 15:59:00
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Rating: SCAM Name: Newbie

I am a very new trader with no experinece, and told them this fact.
The problems that I had with The Forexyard
1)It did not explain to me that they are Market Maker company which makes big different.
2)It does not have an honest advice for newbies in that they did not advice the new trader of the mistaken movement in the market
3)If I had known that they were the other side of my execution orders then i would and never and never trade with them..........they did not tell me this fact

Basically I did not like their attitude at all of trading against the traders not in their favorite, but it is a way to make money if we can say it is making money in legitimate way of fooling newbies and take their money without a trustful direct advice for a non experienced trader.

Yes this happened to me and lost money, but it reflects the fact of this Forexyard company and how they deal with newbies and how they drive your thought at the start without being an honest business firm.

I would say it is very SCAM

Posted on: 2008-09-21 22:10:00
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Rating: 5 Stars Name: Etim Onuji

Good executions and very fair company. Let me withdraw money that I profited and seems to not care if I lose or gain.

Posted on: 2008-06-17 04:54:00
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