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FX Open Reviews

SCAMThey say you can not request for a withdrawal on weekends. Why don't they work 24hours on weekdays? They accept deposits at any time on weekdays but you can not withdraw at anytime on weekdays. I withdrew $10 but they sent $5. At what time do they wake up?fXMe18.11.18
I deal with this broker since 2012 and so far I did not face only one problem with them - as well it provides many of the electronic payment methods, a feature not found in many other brokerage firmsmannon14.10.18
I have been trading with fxopen since 2012

I am having the STP with FxOpen.

With the lowest Spreads in the markets i can do my trades and earn income without any worries.

I will say that they are very good in terms of the Trade order completion.

This is why i am doing my trades with Fxopen.
Dilip kapoor14.10.18
SCAMIt's been a long time since I left FxOpen, but now I feel like giving a review. They have so many problems such as:-
1. Always requote.
2. False spike.
3. Price quote manipulation.

I have tried many brokerage service and FxOpen is the worst broker in my opnion.
SCAMi think fxopen is scam .cause they make requoet better for false or error.stay away for this broker.srabisolo21.09.17
SCAMThis is totally scam why? i deposit $5 LR for testing real transaction . but false function. i request to support they says you are deposit is not enough $10 so you deposit again. where is my $5 ? My Account Balance: 0.00 they did not work real timegeetaranjan04.08.17
I have been with FXOpen for 2 years and this is my story:

Depositing money was easy, I was up and running in a few seconds. When I tried withdrawing money out for the first time, it was a bit difficult, why? Because I was suppose to trade at least 100 mini pip\lots if I remember correctly. So if there's anyone out there how's having a problem withdrawing cash, then that is why. It does make sense because drug dealers would use brokers to hide money, LOL.

The problem I had was, they verified my account and after a while it was unverified. They said that I must send my statement in English and I'm Xhosa. My documents were in English and in South Africa, all documents are in English, from ID to everything else. I had a live chat with one of the support people and it was sorted out, though I wasn't happy with the service.

Another problem was, they closed an account without any notification. I found out that if your account is not active after some days, they close it. With deposit, withdrawal, trading statement etc, notices are always on time.

FXOpen is ok, and my advice would be:

Always start with a micro account first, trade a little and withdraw some cash. It mite take some time at first because they need your bank account details and once that is sorted, everything will be ok.

Download two other charting software that are the some as the one you are using being MT4 from other 2 different brokers. All those prices should be moving in the some direction. In that way you'll know if your broker is trying to stop you out. And you'll know if your strategy is crappy... Because there is no ways that price will move in your direction all the time. We all suffer from draw backs.

DJ LP25.07.17
Ladies and gentlemen on 6 June , BROKEN FXOPEN SITE. NO CONNECTION. EVEN THEIR WEBSITE IS NOT ACCESSIBLE ... 404 Not Found ECN terminal not works, all fxopen support method not works - is everything you read about them. I am open to short profitably for about 1.900 USD and I can not close. Complain and you can write where I want to call can not do anything because nothing works! We are constantly falling out with the server connections - permanently! This is not just today. About a month ago did not work about 12 hours connection at a time.. As soon as I can, so I choose all my money and deleting from there. the fact that the site still outside, strange enough, they lead to approximately 200,000 accounts .. It is totally unacceptable behavior forex broker. Sorry my englishSebastian13.06.17
let's be honest, i found them on internet nearly 1 month ago , i deposited sum of 15k$ with them, when i did make profits and make the money 30k$ , i got pessimist with them, i searched google for review of them , i all have read was that they are scams , i really scared , i chatted with bodies they said it too, and they said that i most withdraw all of my money from them but if they pay you, so i requested the withdraw of 450$ , first time they rejected the request, i got scared more, i mailed them they said that you most provide the webmoney number that you have deposited from, i did correct the number, oh yes they paid me, i did request another 2210.48 $ , they paid me again, i did request another two 5000$ , oh come on they paid me again, oh my god , only after 1 month i did double my money and all of my deposits in my bank accounts , they are really nice, fast deposit, but slower withdraw, don't scare, you are safe with them , trade with honest and you will get your money more honestly.

thank you fxopen, and thanks to all the guys that works for fxopen.

if you want i can upload my statement and my screen shot of my withdraws in any where.

i will post this review on other sites too , so if you seen this review elsewhere I'm not a bot , I'm a real person from Iran.
SCAMi made a loss few months ago. After few months stop trading at real account, they just cancel my account without any notice, all my balance in my account had gone. Be ware of this brokerSyabr22.04.17
Satisfied with my broker.I use MB trading and FXopen for ECN , MB has bit lower fees but FXOpen has better spreads and execution.Anthony14.04.17
Dear Traders,

FXOpen is a pure scam which I have realized after spending 6 months with them. They trick you when you start to make money.
They sometimes show network problem to lose you money.

First time I thought they are good as you can withdraw money very quickly. Over the time I deposited and built my balance.
After 5 months learning I started making money quickly.

Now they showed me their real face.

Last Feb 09, 2011 they shutdown one of their servers and made the clients lose money.
After one day the said it was Force Majuere and deleted my profitable trades and kept the ones with loss.

They restored trading position which is older than 2 days.

In this process they took away $600+ from two of my accounts.

I mailed them but they didn't bother to answer any of my e-mails. When I went to live chat, they told me to contact with dealer1 & gave me lame excuses.
You can't call them because they don't have any phone no.

Next 2 days they took $100 more saying that they are adjusting my balance.When I checked all my transaction history & manually calculated my balance in Excel, I found another scam about their calculations.There should have been $400 more in my account which was missing. Again I mailed, again no answer.

Now, after 6 months with them I have $169 and all profits gone.
My total deposit was $350.

So if you don't want to lose money dont go with them.

I have learned it in the hard way.

I can show you all my transactions with them.

Today 21feb-2011, They took $20 from my a/c again so I took out all my remianing from them.

* FXOpen doesn't have any license . All their licenses are cancelled now. Now they are trying to get AUS license.

I had 10+ account at FxOpen, which I am able to generate easily in Trader's cabinet. All accounts made great profit, and funds are easily transferred out as request is responded within 24 hours. I opened my first FxOpen account at FxFrench and Jafar was great and responsive. I now canceled all my other 7 broker accounts and stay at FxOpen!. Daniel12.01.17
SCAMI had one of their ECN accounts. They actually DELETED winning trades. I called them up to enquirer and they flatly denied ever doing it. I attempted to show them my records from MT. They claimed I had faked them. They advertise no dealer intervention. This is true, they don't intervene when you are trading, only when you are finished trading! Similarly, I went to close the account and they would only give me back my initial deposit (10,000 USD) since they claimed I was "cheating" yet wouldn't even define what "cheating" was. Be warned, do not open ANY type of account with these criminals. ripped by FXOPEN03.01.17
The withdrawal fast n on time. Since i using this brokers from Mac 2007 till now, I dont have any problem with this brokers. The spread also great, e/u n u/j spread are 2 pip .... FXOPEN have micro account, this is good opportunity for newbies like me to start trading in forex to learn n feel to trade on live account before jumped into standard account.
Leverage offer also from 1:1 to 1:500 ... so many leverage to choose ...

najib 27.11.16
SCAMBe carefull with this broker, I hve been deposits at fx open but I can not withdrawal, so I think fxopen is the specialist of deposit broker only, and fxopen can make their web with a few explanations "DEPOSITS BROKER ONLY, CAN NOT WITHDRAWAL" Indonesia traders21.11.16
to be fair i didn't face any problem wiyh FXopen

great support ,easy Deposit and withdraw ,all limited orders and stop working good , spread is fixed even @ News Time

to be honest i didn't testing them in withdrawing a big amount over 500$ but they fine with me

many ppl complain cuz they it's their fault no thing else , but may be there'r many ppl faces al ot of probs with them

i hope some one test them and withdraw over 5K by bank
PS / they suppoer LR , ALertPay and many E-banks
SCAMClosed my position from 4k negative!
Making reset my account1
July Adrew.26.09.16
I've been with them for 6 months. No problems to report. Support is responsive, spread is low and fixed, and I've only had one instance where the platform disconnected for any length of time.
The best thing though is that I can trade rare currency pairs like gbp/nzd and gbp/cad which you cant find on at many brokers.
They also have a bunch of bonuses from a $25 forum bonus, to $100 rebate after trading 10 lots volume. All in all a good broker. I've definitely traded at much worse places.
Cyrus Greenback21.09.16
Good broker. Good spreads. Great profits! :) And what is the best - there are no problems with withdrawal of the orifit!Trader509.09.16
FXOpen has the best execution speed of all the MT4 brokers which is important for me as I run a commercial EA. They pay my withdrawals by bank wire on time always. I use the fxfrench.com IB because the manager goes out of his way to help. I emailed him to get my account ID verified for a withdrawal and he had it done within an hour including my withdrawal!
I think the scam claims here are from FXOpen\'s competitors as neither me or any of my friends who also trade with them have ever had the problems described here. FXOpen is the best!
Harun Ibraheem10.08.16
I want to say warm thanks to Fxopen team which helped me to solve my wire transfer problem. The whole problem was in my bank that\'s why delay happened.
I have no doubts in trading as well as withdrawal is very fast comparing with US based brokers which might take whole working week.
I like to use Metatrader terminal as well.
Christian L04.08.16
I already with fxopen since march 2007, till now i still stay with them. I love their spread, no widen spread and more important Islamic account. Since i trade with them i make many time profit :).
Now their main paged,trader cabinet and forum a new look, its very great and i'm happy they grow days by days even many client said they not good.
Now fxopen add more service, offering ECN/STP account. FXOPEN always moving forward to give the best service to their client and many option for client choose to trade with them
As client from Malaysia i'm happy with their service when they offer local bank deposited and withdraw handle by fxmalay (Representative Broker in malaysia) team. With contest and dinner (run by fxmalay team) run by them its so happening to open account with fxopen/fxmalay.
i've trading more than 1 years like lots of trader which trade using FXOpen service.

i am also have many online friends who trade with FXOpen and just got little problem which solved quickly, we can contact their variant support, like at live chat, forum , and email.

i don't know why few people said FXOpen is scam without give any proof and if they said not registered company, maybe they need to read again.
Ali Zainal Abidin04.08.16
I am using them for 5 months already.Nice spreads and very fast positions opening.I have direct support from malaysian representatives incase of any problems which is very difficult to get from other brokers.I withdrawal 2 times and both times it was during 3 hours which is very fast.Zuahil02.08.16
SCAMI opened a real account on 8/10 wired the funds the same day. Three unanswered e-mails and my account is still uncredited. It appears that they are more interested in getting your money and then forgetting about you. I am so furious this is just the beginning of my ire. Stay away from these cheats if you value your money. They are unregulated and outside of the domain of the USA. I will be contacting a federal regulatory agency Monday 8/20/07.fxopen03.06.16
I am using fxopen since past 2 years and faced no problem withdrawls always on time even faster and support is also good...i want them to add STP and Sp but they are fast and instant in deposits...

Ubaid Ahsan12.05.16
Woo-hoo, so many bad posts about company, and I think that most of posters do not even have accounts with the company. If you want me to show my withdrawals history no problems just ask, but this broker withdrawal fine. By the way it is one of the few which withdrawal without any problems like most of meta brokers have. If you like I can post so many stories how brokers cheat, use slippage, wrong prices but not about this broker. P.S. received my 18000 withdrawal without any problems.Gintaras02.05.16
SCAMI asked for the payment and not sent me and disappeared from my account!Jan Yang17.04.16
I am client of FXOPEN IB FXind and like allservices and support I get. I can say that withdraw is made fast comparing to other brokers I used. Gito, Indonesia09.04.16
I got my withdrawal from the bonus it really work fine and fast!!! I scalped much and made some money and get some money from my referals with the referal programe. I love forex and thank you Fxopen.Vitaliy09.04.16
Pretty interesting to read reviews on the bottom but from my experience I can say that there is nothing to be afraid with FXOPEN. The best and easy to use trader's cabinet, easy to depo and withdrawal, and withdrawals are paid during the working day. I satisfied with their metatrader which works fine. I like their support which is even in russian language which is easy for me. Trade at fxopen.Gori08.04.16
SCAMI had use fxopen as broker, yes they are scam, avoid them!!!!Fapturbo can profit from Forex.com but not from Fxopen, coz they cheat. Their 15m chart is different from other broker, when fapturbo buy, the chart is down so fast, no like other broker.Or you can try it.Nathasia17.03.16
SCAMThese are scamming specialists!! I saw the price of my entry orders manipulated before my very eyes just after a news event - TWICE! - to stay just ahead of the price until the trade was turned into a loss! They also cancelled a buy entry order that would have fetched me fifty pips!! Thank God I was just trading a little amount of live money with them. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE PROFITS PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS BROKER.Tunde 14.03.16
SCAMBe careful guys. Fxopen cancelled all my winning trades. I lost my money over $ 600 in that case. Fxopen is not a fair broker. Fxopen will do anything to make you lose. Steve13.03.16