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FxGlory Reviews

Me muslim and happy they have muslim acount. I trade with frglory they have arabic help.Ahmed28.12.18
They have a great base for forex knowledge. you can find any answer to any question.Miro09.12.18
SCAMaccount number 21323
Ebrahim Hassan

i will tell you about my big problem with the scammer fxglory
on the fourth of august 2014 i decide to deposit my account with (1216$) they put (608$) as bonus 50% also they put (220$) as first deposit promotion
i traded on GBP/USD buying an i lost all of them
i deposit 1500$ and take 750$ as 50% bonus
i traded on GBP/USD selling full margin
i host them all
i deposit 2000$ and take 1000$ as 50% bonus
i traded on GBP/USD BUYING by 6 standard lot
i make profit in this trade (2229.90$)
the balance become 4169.90
i withdraw 2229$
and traded on EUR/UsD ALSO BY 6 STANDARD LOT
and also the trades makes the profit and my balance without bonus became
(4154.11$) i made a withdrawal request here is the problem they reject the request and sent an e mail to me (Dear client,According to our bonus rules, your profit has been removed and your account has been disabled.You can withdraw the initial deposit. Please, note: the deposit and withdrawal methods must be same.Thank you.)they change all rules to be in their benefit they 're scammers-
Ebrahim Hassan02.12.18
SCAMThere are bad broker! I noticed that In heavy trading hours they had a delayed in trades execution. no trading tools, terrible execution and Support feedback is too bad.Kiren24.11.18
SCAMi open an account and deposit 4k in 3 turns every time i loss in the 4th deposit i doubled my account 2 times and requested a withdrawal they take my initial deposit with profits and blocked my accountMagdy12.11.18
I started trading with fxglory thinking it was a professional trading site. Initially I deposited $100 as I started trading I made about $184 within two weeks taking the balance up to $284.
I woke up the next morning & there was a balance of $8 left I've told them to investigate & still waiting for a response, don't know if anybody else has had the same problem
Harun Hussain17.08.18
I like fxglory because of useful trading conditions.Kira callan11.05.18
I like that I can deposit by my card and withdraw without any fees. That really makes my winnings more. it is really easy for me to deposit with them and even when I have any issue, they help me with it. Keep the good work up guys!!!Finlay Mason11.05.18
the biggest advantage for me is the leverage with them. there are not many good brokers out there who accept US residents AND provide them with such huge leverage. they accept credit cards also which I use most of the timeJulio05.05.18
I have big experience with another broker but after i choose Fxglory i felt difference how it is helpful when you have leverage 1:3000. no problems :)Harold Walz29.04.18
I like fxglory because i can put only 1$ and have so high margin. i never see this big levarage any other broker.mehdi27.04.18
SCAMWhen the markets bring the profit, then very difficuft to close the order for taking profits.It always appear a notice board for delay purpose when close the order.Baby26.04.18
Guys, I have a big experience with Fxglory, I really like that they have 1 $ for minimum deposit,they provide really good services, when I registered they called me and informed me about everything. Besides, they support clients for 7/24 hours a day.Nikos22.04.18
I am a new member of Fxglory brokerage. I did a lot of research of this broker. The high leverage and fixed spreads helped me to be sure in my decision. The spreads are good but the gold spread is very high. They also have 50% bonus. But one can not get more than 500$. I wanted to deposit 2000$ to get 1000$ bonus but it is not possible. Still a good broker.Hachimoto A.12.04.18
I want to find some reliable company in order to open an account with them. I am not much experienced in forex but i traded a little bit with another company before. I hate them. They took all my profit and did not pay me anything. Now I am very careful in choosing a new company. I searched in internert and as I see fxglory has lots of positive reviews.Let me check...Franc10.04.18
hi.... i trad fxglory. it best becose my profit 562$ I very glad!!!!! I deposit agin money fxglory! Thanks u.fxshark10.04.18
Some companies write on their websites that their support is available 24 h. but when you want to chat with them they are offline. I am from the usa and it is important to me to be in contact with them . This company was online any time I wanted chat. It is awesome that they are ready to help you when you need help!Adrew02.04.18
i just was surveying on net for some broker and i decided to know what people says about fxglory cause i have an account with them. generaly i am so careful with my tradings in any brokers. I start depositng less and withdraw and then increase it. most concerns of the clients are with their withdrawal. during the time that i am working with them everything was done according to what they have mentiond on their website. nothing opposite. I was satisfied with their support, reachable anytime on skype, their executions are good demo and real account the same, My deposits and withdrawal were done without any problems. till now nothing bothered me and i think i will keep trading with them, i never used the 1:3000 before and i can use it now that works for me nice really.andrew Lejnieks01.04.18
I am from Mexico and trading with my husband. He found Fxglory on the internet and tried it first. Then I opened an account with them. They are a good broker and explain all necessary information good on their website. It is very useful for me. Also they offer MT4 and trading with it is easy. Withdrawal time is acceptable.Angela A.28.03.18
i start trading with them around 2 month actually i am so new . i read good and bad reviews that is normal for all companies and brokers. but till now it is normal as other brokers because I have account with several other brokers. the most encouragement is leverage because it is not in any other broker I am using that leverage and as far as I can trade with less money I am more happy. Their exectution and platform and spreads are good and ok. I verified my account and took a little time because they rejected my documents as it was internet bill I needed to scan my docuemtn and I did not know till my personal supporter called me and explained. Actually I was angry but it is really perfect that I can contact with my personal supporter and she helps me always . they are precise and they are real ones.salma25.03.18
When I first wanted to withdaw I could not. I was very angry because of it. I thought that they were scammers and did not want to give my money. But their support explained that I needed to verify my account and then withdraw. So I did. Thanks to their support help I could withdraw my 3170$. :)Tamer Mahmoud24.03.18
awesome guys, they processed my withdrawal in an hour when the estimated time of precessing it from their side is said to be 24 hours. maybe I was in luck but such cases can not happen 2-3 times in a row, good job you guys.Cameron Thorpe14.03.18
I have been with fxglory for 2 months now. They offer AWESOME leverage, and my withdrawals are painless and the fastest I've experienced.Lawrence14.03.18
I have joined this company a month ago and found out that they have affiliate program, so for now I have 9 clients that I introduced to this company and getting commissions from their trades. Great opportunity to earn some good amount of extra money.John12.03.18
really good broker but i wish they to have Swedish supporte :) cause my english is not goodBernt09.03.18
I had good experience with demo account and now i'm trading with real and there is no differece EA's works perfect as for demo acc as for real. demo and real accounts have the same conditions so this is the best advatage for me.Shakir alzubi27.02.18
Ho grande esperienza con questo broker, deposito e immediato e il ritiro si fa massimo in un'ora. inoltre, il loro supporto e sempre molto utile.Marta17.02.18
this is a best broker. you can start your trading there with minimum 1 $ and with highest leverage 3000:1Leung16.02.18
they have fixed spread and Leverage 1:3000. trading with them is more comfortable and safe than everDaniele11.02.18
I have been trading for years and I have tried multiple brokers during this time. I think most of the reviews here might be posted by traders who are frustrated by their own mistakes.Their customer support is super. I click the live chat button and seconds after, there is a chat representative ready to help and they have always been very friendly. I had an issue once I deposited by mistake from my credit card much more that I wanted to, I asked for refund and it was done within 1 day, I haven't experienced this kind of action from other brokers, lets say the truth no broker does so. Of course there are some minuses but as long as they provide quick reaction what concerns deposit and withdrawal the rest is ok.
I normally do not post reviews unless they are well deserved but in this case I chose to. Would highly recommend this great broker. Euxaristo Fxglory :)
SCAMFxGlory is really SCAM because if you make profit, they invent excuses for not pay. For example Fxglory stole me 25000$ because they disabled my account with the excuse I made the deposit with Liberty Reserve that now not exist more. The truth is that I made the deposit with Liberty Reserve on the 06/13/2012 and on 06/20/2012 so they have taken my money and put it in their bank more then 1 year ago, when Liberty Reserve was good!!! I gained my balance with the trades with deals in the market!!! I have the screen shot of the deposit with Liberty Reserve, and all their mails for the Daily Confirmation of all my Closed Transactions and Open Trades’!!!Alessandro17.01.18
SCAMI hold my trade more than 13 hours but they cancel my 1712USD profit from my account.

Told me that I breach client agreement 6-11 which I trade before a important news release, when ask them what news where the sources they can't even answer it.

Beware to who want to join this broker or existing clients. Now they won't return your profit even you have proof that you didn't breach the rules. Even worst if you are foreign trader because you can't do anything to them.

I trade gold and the price rises up slowly in 13 hours still my profit squeeze by them.

They mentioned that I trade before important news release. I ask them the BEFORE they mentioned is before 2 minutes? 2 hours? 2 days? 2 weeks? They can't answer it. Helo!!! I hold trade for 13 hours and I had already set my tp point since I open the trade.

But they don't even investige even I give them the evidence that I didn't breach the rules. They just mentioned you open trade before important news release, take profit in volatile market is prohibited. What a lame excuses to squeeze their client money.

I also lose 6000USD in volatile market, can Fxglory cancel my loss??? Answer is No and they just keep quiet counting your money. When I just earn profit 1712USD, they immediately cancel my profit with their so called client agreement which can't be found on their website.

Fxglory seen like helping trader with the 50% bonus, in fact they are planning at behind to suck all our money.

For all trader, don't be greedy for the 50% bonus, when your withdrawal request pending more than 24 hours, they are thinking bring out which rules to cancel your profit even you didn't breach the rules. Then important economic news mentioned by them not even found in internet, meta trader news, forex calender, Google....

May be the news was released by Fxglory internally.. LOL..which they used to cancel client profit. Then reason they give is so abstract.

Dear Sir/Madam

We are appreciating your long term working with us and if you judge this cooperation period fairly, You will find that we tried our best to do our best service for clients. Honestly we think that dismissing any of our rules will be not fair to other clients. As you mentioned in rule 6.11, trading with leverage more than 1:100 is not allowed before major economic rules which market is so volatile. You open your trade before two major USA Economic rules and we can not accept that trade unfortunately. We show our good job and good spirit before and accept all your trades before this, but please understand that non of our providers do not expect such a position and we had to remove it according to our rules.

The truth of Fxglory can determine BEFORE this word as they like. 2 days 2 hours 2 yearss..before THE MAJORS ECONOMIC NEWS release.

The truth is you can't close your trade with gaiNing profit in volatile market but you can close your trade with losing position as they most welcome.

The truth is you mUST email Fxglory accounting department ask whether you can trade or not during specific time (AFRAID YOU OPEN TRADE BEFORE SOME MAJORS ECONOMIC NEWS RELEASE) to avoid your happiness gone when you receive WITHDRAWAL FAILED EMAIL... and remember to check with accounting department whether that time you close your trade consider VOLATILE MARKET or not to protect your profit from being cancelled by them.

I already give advise to who wish to gain rich via Forex.

You want earn a lot? Stay away from Fxglory. You want enjoy the happines of trading Forex? Stay away from Fxglory. You are market analyser and want make money according to your analyses? Stay away from Fxglory!