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GCI Reviews

I've had a great experience with this broker up to today. Great staff and great tips from their sales team.Matt27.12.17
Not sure if the whole site/comments are fake or if I'm just lucky but I've been using GCI live for a month now and haven't experienced any of the issues expressed above.Henry08.10.17
SCAMi opened account as mt4 with deposite 3600$
when i make profit 5000$gci debit my account
due to off market trading adjustment i face
two time that issue i still cant get my money all is fraud
Qaisar Abbas28.08.17
Execution speed is great so my EA is working perfectly. I tried quite a few others before GCI but this one was the best. Their staff has been helping me with the EA setup and every time I had a question. Thumbs up GCI, thank you!LeoBrooks17.08.17
SCAMWow have I lost money,could not even execute a stop when the market turned one day in Feb this year,try what I may but it just refused to allow me to close out and I lost 10000 usd in 20 minutesPhilip De Vries10.06.17
SCAMthis company had told me that i have not earned ib rebats,even though my clients had done 200 lots trade.this company is cheaterhari15.04.17
SCAMI can't believe these guys are still in business! I used them for a few months in 2003 and they cheated me $4,500 USD. I had put a stop order in and they had closed my position when the market never even traded at the said price. I used to work as an equity trader and I know when the trades don't look right but it doesn't take an expert to see that a stop should not have gone off if the market never trades at the stop price!! They were literally stealing my money and I couldn't believe it. I called to complain but they already had my money and weren't going to give it back. So, I immediately closed my account.fool me once...25.01.17
SCAMGCI is a big scam, If you make profit, All they do is adjust your account and simple say ..Off market Traders. They will stop replying to your emails and would not talk to you on live chat. when ever you call them, They admins are busy in meetings. They 20000USD from my account.
Stay away from this broker.
Ijaz Hussain23.01.17
SCAMat first glance GCI looks great 400:1 trades, great platform etc i transfered $2100 USD to them after completely mastering the demo went live to recieve a $800 loss first night i was very confused and went over what had happened for many hours i wa speaking with technical support via chat and they told me i hadnt placed my orders right and advised me how to do so i then tried the second night just as they had advised ended up with a $450 loss so i mean as a new trader i was thinking as much as you are here to make money im at least not losing as much ill chat again and ask what happened durring both nights i was having EXTREAM difficulties closing open trades as well as placing they prommised to have the delay removed for the next night this night showed promising i was in a profit of $500 on the amount of lots i had posted i decided to sell it took 1 minute for it to close out i was up 10 whole candles from the purchase everybody knows the first one covers brokerage so 9 candle of profit when i looked back at the report it closed me out at -420 and the market never went down for the remainder of the night it was simply not possible they will not explain they bounce me from text support to text support and i have gotten no where i have requested my remaining money be sent back to my canadian BMO account and we will see how i make out the platform i would rate 10/10 if there was no funny business in the back end Meta4 works amazing but DO NOT USE GCI they are more than crooked and they back up there decisions by not replying not to mention it is 100% impossible to make money on GCI especially when you are in a profit take situation and they claim the market moved and it didnt CASE CLOSED "SCAM"Jacko20.01.17
Opened a 2000 USD REAL account with GCITrading.com November 21, 2008. I was told the DEMO and REAL account are identical. It turned out to be false. The REAL account prices are manipulated. The videos below caught their price manipulation in the act for all to see. Try to open a SELL Oil position at 54.00, however after a long delay a REJECTED WINDOW pops up telling me the prices moved down to 53.90. But this is not true, because the Platform prices remained at 53.00. So I quickly tried to open a BUY Oil at 15.04 to see what would happen, again the REJECTED WINDOW pops up telling me the price moved up 54.14. EVEN THOUGH the platform price spread remains at 15.00 - 15.04. Please note, THIS IS NOT A ONE TIME OCCURRENCE.
I made a screen recording to prove my case. Go to these links and download the video. [copy and paste link if necessary]
The downloaded video is much [MUCH] sharper then the webpage video, but may take awhile to download.
You also need to set Windows Media Player to full screen to see the details.

Here are 2 more videos showing an attempt to close the same SELL Oil position at 15.00. In one video the price REJECTED PRICE WINDOW pops up with a new price of 14.75. and in the 2nd video a change to 14.85.
That\'s a 15 to 25 pips below the platform SELL price of 15.00 price. A price manipulation of plus 15-25 pips CLEARLY in favor of GCI.
All the while the Platform price remains steadfast at 15.00 - 15.04 even after open and closing both pop up windows. Price manipulation ALWAYS in increments of 5 i.e. 10,15,25 etc
The next video is to show the DEMO vs. REAL price update. The REAL is deliberate faster to justify that your market order supposedly jumped against you right when your order went trough. It\'s ironic that the price ALWAYS jumps against you but never for you. 7_GCI_DEMO_vs_REAL_Price_Update_Difference.html

Kenneth Paulina09.12.16
SCAMThe steal me 4900$ off my account. This is true. They give me swaps, and then tell me that was an error. -4900$. I hope the spend this money in hospitals.
SCAMGCI very bad in order execution.It almost always need re-confirm at the price which against you. Limit order not executed well,if it was executed the current price much much better already.Strongly don't recommend this broker to anyone.Your gain can become loss just because of their slow execution.Freddy26.09.16
SCAMGCI is a scam broker. They offer attractive rollover/cost of carry rates for some Forex pairs, then claim there was a technical error and make an adjustment to your account.
They also ignore your e-mails/message when you question the charges.
John Williams25.08.16
SCAMGCI Financial is a scam, fraud. You will be happy with them until you start actually earning money. For THREE months www.gci.ru http://www.gcitrading.com) do not want to pay $1200 I earned strictly in accordance with my agreement with them. IFSC to which GCI refers as to regulator does not do anything. Just think twice before you open account with GCI.Tan03.08.16
SCAMGCI trading scam....
if market again you and you wanna closing position with market price always pending order!!...so you will loss more..
SCAMterrible slippage. wrong quotesgcifinancial03.06.16
SCAMBeen with GCI Financial for five months.Trading platform initially was fantastic.Excellent executions and fills.I have been making slow but consistent profits to date which have been getting better.

I have now noticed (coincidentally) that almost all my executions get filled at poor prices now.The platform never opens at current price.I have to constantly wait for an accept or decline price offer.One recent open trade took 10min to execute a close instruction by me in which case I was locked into and closed out at the price 5min earlier,which was poor.

I have also noticed that the spot forex price is being offered at prices up to 10pips out of the range of my s/ware live charts,whereas before they were within 2-3 pips of the s/ware.

I agree with the earlier submissions, these guys are market makers and don't like you wining constantly so they manipulate the platform accordingly = GREEDY SCAMMERS
Mike 23.05.16
SCAMThis is the worst company that i have ever traded with. Orders are filled wrong, place order hoping to get the low spread, but you have a problem. Constantly receive counter offer, even market is stand still. limit order on platform are always not executing on time......

I hope someone get them out of business soon
SCAMAfter trading very sucsessful for a while they start to slow down the execution of orders. Sometimes for up to 4 minutes at a much worst price. If you speak to them they say that is because of human intervention.I had stops in at Zero and they close you out at -1 pip.
If you loose money they are very fast and your friend.They start to trade against you if you keep on wining.It is a highly frustrating platform if they make it impossable to trade for you.So be aware. If you place an order and it just sits there and you want to cancel the order because the do not accept it they lock it in so you can not cancel it. There is nobody to talk to, to sort the problem out.Everybody at GCI is in on the SCAM.
SCAMGCI has huge slips, stops don't mean nothing, also they manage to take money off your account by using rollover dates. GCI is the worst of all forex brokers.aroma19.01.16
Been using them for 6 months. Fantastic trading platform, only one problem though. You can't put an order with your profit limit and stop loss at the same time, you have to do it in 3 steps. Minimal slippage on entries and exits if you make use of entry limits and entry stops. Support has been good too! People comlaining about slippage are not trading correctly. No, I am not paid by them !Leon12.01.16