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Go Markets Reviews

SCAMStay away from them, especially during the news releases. They may open your order on a faked price and you may lose ALL YOUR deposit!!! I lose 800 pips, because they opened my order on the FAKED price.

They told me blah-blah-blah, our liquid provider confirmed the price, but i'm not an idiot! I have 3y+ experience in news trading, and always trade on 4-5 different brokers at the same time. So on the 4 brokers price was the ok and only in their system price was in 800 pips different! This broker is scam don't trust them your money, better to spent your money in Vegas!=))
After using 9 overseas brokers in about 7 years, I finally used a broker here in Australia. Go markets. It's a good idea to have your currency the Base currency on your account.
The spreads are low. There has never been any requotes, which overseas brokers did, some a lot.
When I had a problem, they logged in through a software and remote viewed my platform and fixed it.
And another time when it wouldn't connect to the server and I was frustrated, the online chat function was used, and I was given another server number to type in, and my Real account was back up and functioning.
I think they were awarded broker of the year a couple of years back. they have added a few new pairs like chf/cad in tha past year or so, too
robert rawson23.06.18
SCAMHy. I trading two monthly 8 lots Vantage (Go Markets) account 202738. Account vericify Louis Blackwood and account manager Cristina Chentouf. I send withdraw 360$ and waiting 15 day more...Gintaras14.04.18
SCAMI have been a client of this company for several years. However got an email today stating the following:

"Following a request from our liquidity provider, we have today suspended your account pending a further investigation into suspicious trading and in particular usage of internet and connectivity delays in order to take advantage of arbitrage on the Trading Systems."
They never honor trailing stop losses, many trades I had with them hit TP levels and never clicked out ! They are a joke and and a very bad broker ! DO NOT let them steal your money !ANGRY !08.12.17
Been trading with GO for 2 yersr and rated them highly. Im a news trader and scalper. However the last 2 weeks they have changed providers, firstly spreads started to blow out 20-25 pips during news release, and also the exotic pairs spreas widen for scalping also. They then fixed issue but AMAZINGLY I started experiencing 10-12 slippage on my orders plus 6-7 pip spread, no chance for profits.Pipslut19.11.17
SCAMThey changed from a CFD provider to a Forex Trader wanting clients to change over.They were informed that the shares they were holding in my CFD Account were to be transferred back to me.they needed the commission so they sold them [at a loss]and took 6 months to return my money??
Very bad to deal with.No public relations whatsoever.
Rob T25.10.17
Dude, I am about to open a live account with them, they have no minimum deposit and you can check it out with 10 USD, if anything happens you just go elsewhere.

They are 5 decimals digits, that must be why Stephen saw what he saw. Their spreads are kinda good too. I tried the demo, only complain is they let you use it for only 30 days and if you lose it you can't make another one (at least not easily like the others).

People have been talking good about them. Their support guys are very nice people too.

Cheers, good luck you guys,
SCAMI was trading a live account with Go Markets. They created a spike of over 200 pips on the NZDUSD and interestingly this spike did not appear on FXCM charts at the same minute.
I had positions open over the weekend and they hit me with a spread of more than 100 pips and closed my positions which were hedged. They closed the winning positions and allowed the losing positions to run until the margin call was activated.
When I threatened to start an investigation they immediately reinstated all my positions to the status before the spike occurred.
I will never trade with this broker again.
Graeme Little19.10.17
Stephen that really sounds scary !!! Are you sure that was 150 pips , mabe was 15 pip as they are a 5 decimals broker ? I'm planing to open an account with them but your review kinda stops me . Would be awesome if you could get back and confirm that . They claim to be STP broker , but read the terms and conditions carefully , you'll find under clause " 2.5 How we provide services " that they are Market Maker broker , so no chances for us retail traders to win !! Cheers John15.10.17
SCAMVery high spread manipulation, spreads can jump from anywhere from 50 to 150 pips!!!! Be very aware, have open 2 forex broker platforms at once with Go markets being 1 of them and then compare spread jumps....it is clear as day and daylight robbery!Stephen27.08.17
I 've been live trading with them for more than a year. Generally speaking they are good in entries/exit without stop hunts/slippages unlike Dukas (suffering many times due to stop hunts and slippages in around 4 months live trading with Dukas) which casued me to switch to GoMT. The negative stuff of Go is that sometimes my PC was frozen (the prices of other trading platform was moving) for a few minutes which turned my winning trades into lossers and be stopped out. Is such kind of act a SCAM?Robgold14.08.17
i am new to gpmarketsaus i read all reviews and i guess this site pretty good to earn easy, i am working with demo account for last two weeks, i can see the ease and technique how earn gently.... its not be a scam site,maheswaran04.07.17
Traded at Gomarkets for more than 3 months , all processing were great as usual , 24/7 support live chat , instantly deposit ( contact support live chat ) , NO FEES on credit card deposit and I received my wire transfer within 1 day , the fastest broker that I used. Haven't got 150 spike yet , but if it do , so it just can close 1 trade of my account 1% .
REMEMBER , it's not broker's problem , it's your problem . Every broker have disadvantage and advantage
I think the reviews above are from newbies who have no idea about trading. I have been trading with GO Markets for about a year now and have had no bad instances to report. A couple of times I have had enquiries about my account and the response has been good. I have only been stopped out once by a large spread spike just before a news release and you will find this to be the norm amongst the brokers. all in all not bad, there are probably better brokers out there but this broker is safe in my book which equals security.... and no I am not affiliated with the company, just peeved when people who kno sh*t about anything who put up stupid comments.Matt08.03.17
SCAMJust been using their demo account, absolutely terrible. Stop losses that get hit 30 pips too soon, TPs that the price just goes right through without the position closing! Just made a trade that was about 25 pips up on the charts, but the position data quoted entirely the wrong price and showed that the trade was about 10 pips in loss! Safe to say I've never seen anything quite like it. Feel sorry for anyone who has a live account with these idiots! Go Markets? Go &*%$ yourself!!Michael04.03.17