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HY Markets Reviews

SCAMWarning / Cloned firms

Individuals are using the details of this firm to suggest they work for the genuine firm. We call this a ‘cloned firm’ and it is typically part of a scam.
To contact the genuine firm you should call the switchboard number listed on the Register – and contact us if this is not provided. Find out more about the clone firm(s):
H.Y. Markets,
Today HY is definetely a number 1 broker, very good conditionsWeti21.10.18
Started trading on Eur/Usd but now moved to USD/JPY. Thinkin to try out some stocksJason22.08.18
it's not good at all why you are not letting me use my rights i have an account trading with hy markets this broker is not letting me use buy stop or sell stop i contacted them they said they fixed it & it's not fixed at all & it's my right to use them.gabriel08.08.18
successfully earned and withdrawed 650 bucks in 1 trade via HY markets, nice week, nice broker, nice trade!Koin01.08.18
dont trust this robot ads, there is not free money in this market, u should try hard and improve urself to earn somthing.Markus28.07.18
As i can see nothing actually changed after the rebranding for old clients (i work since 2010), but still the new version of the website looks much better)Chris26.07.18
I have to say that this is one of the best brokers. The only dissapointment is their delay with withdrawal which is about 5 days.Louson16.07.18
tried out many small firms before opening account with Hy markets, now i understand all benefits of big old companiesNanny22.06.18
What was the situation with clone firms? Was it some1 who make the clone site and scummed HY clients? Is the situation solved?Torwald15.06.18
Withdrawed a huge piece of cake on this week)) Not trading for a few days to chill a bit!!!! Love Hy Markets and EurUSd)))Johnson17.05.18
All services are working quite good, have to complains to express to be honestBenito14.04.18
Dont see any difference between MiFiD regulated broker, all of them are pretty much about the same. Dont see any reasons why not to trade with HY marketsNordrasil14.04.18
I dont think professional traders should use any kinds of analytics, i hope Hy markets will not reduce the quality of execution and withdrawalByje30.03.18
Cant understand how to email subscribe on daily stock analysis, used to visit site each timeHenry28.03.18
Just opened an account recently. All winning trades except for one.. then suddenly the system won't close my trades because "invalid price", whatever that means! I have to log off, log on again to place the order (by which time prices have all changed).

If the trading platform is not reliable, and you're placing highly leveraged orders, that's a sure recipe to wipe out your entire account sooner or later.

I just requested a withdrawal. We'll see how that goes!
i appreciate how hy markets do the analytics of their website. Very nice format, dont need to click 999 times to see all reviews, good job!Brogleer01.02.18
I found there website very user friendly. I have not made a withdrawal as yet, as I need to sumbitt my verification, but they seem great.New to trading08.12.16
hi, i started before 5 months first transfer delay 3 days, but then very fast and good rading now tarde with capital 17300 dollarsnaraseem arawa - india18.09.16
so good since u can deposit and withdraw ur profits and can close ur deal, but sometimes the web trader is laged, am trading since 1 year so far i say its goodwie ling02.09.16
Some people or alot get delay in withdrawl but i foudn out that because theye didnt send the verification documnts, other thign ARE GOOD in it.Romond19.06.16
HY Markets is my new broker, it was very simple i found them on a forex website. anyways i signed up and started my $50 account in like 5 minutes or something very simple. anyways i only joined because i currently have accounts on 3 different platforms just to be able to trade forex, indices, oil, commodities, stocks, etc. well HY markets actually lets you trade everything as well as lets you use 2 different trading platforums. anyways i am please the customer service has been very helpful as well.

I give it 10 gold stars out of 5.
Its Good Broker! But not so as good as they claim! theye recently reduced some spreads! but not as we wish! i am using it since 4 month, good executions slow withdrawal soem tiems takes 1 weekMa`mon14.05.16