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IamFX Reviews

SCAMScam, Scam, Scam. They refuse to sell shares and still want more.Lance23.11.18
Very bad experience with them, they not honest on pips and cheating, to much commissions, their server is very slow and too much more, I was working with them for 2 years and finally change to better broker.farhad05.09.18
Trading with them since 2011, very good broker in terms of execution, trading costs as well as customer service.Tomas21.07.18
I'v been with Iamfx since 3yrs noting wrong with there trading,deposit and withdraw is good and there support
is fast.
Taofeek Lateef21.05.18
SCAMbad bad bad bad!!!!!!

i request the amount of 300 dollars for the withdrawal and i received only 118 dollars on my credit card.
i ask to the customer service (with about 10 emails and 6 tickets) but none answer
scan iam fx02.04.18
gryf - what hidden fees, everything is clear on their site. Its not their fault you can't be bothered to read, but instead waste your time positing rubbish!jimmyfx04.12.17
I have been with IamFX for a few months now and I have no problem with them ,they provide great trading experience and good customer servicePatick Dominic27.10.17
SCAMScam, dishonest broker, on a live account they run a hidden fees, open or closed position varies of the quoted price up to 4 pips always on your loss . Beware of this broker.gryf06.08.17