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SCAMThey are just like Nigerian scammers with a different method which is trading. As soon as they receive your deposit a different person start contacting you to open a trade platform which is definitely FAKE! You can't withdraw a CENT despite how much profits you make. BE WARE AND AVOID THEIR CALLS SINCE THE BEGINNING!Ahmed Ali02.10.18
SCAMI have traded with this broker several times during a few years' period. The "account manager" is not really helping but wants you to put more money in your loosing account. You will eventually loose everything no matter what you do. Their platform accelerates all loosing and I have seen this happening a few times. Do not invest with this company unless you want no help, no recovery. All the "bonuses" will make you loose even more. I made much better monet with a real licensed broker. Watch out! Do not invest with iforex.Jus Finland04.09.18
my experience with iforex was not good at the beginning, the first person that contacted me was a woman Monica and she only cares about money, never told me about that I needed documents to withdraw my money after deposit never called me! Another two persons call after, one to continue training Vera but not in demo account, and the other for documents Jessika, but only the person for documents was very honest and genuinely helpful, she explained patiently what the other persons didn't care. i wanted this girl for account manager but she was only for documents, she persuaded me in spite of my bad experience to give it a try, she explained that all legal companies in forex must verify the clients and need the documents, I trusted her and I was able to withdraw half of my money because later I decided to use account and she connected me very fast to another manager luis that was excellent, I made some profit but I was greedy and lost it after, however it was my fault and i can see that the the company even with some problems is still ok, not a fraud, I recommend to a few friends and some of them are still using very happy.Jose c24.08.18
IFOREX trading platform is friendly user, genuine support n helpfully for me, thk iFOREXBi07.06.18
SCAMI joined iForex with initial deposit of $ 100, out in 2 weeks. I think I made a mistake. I tried to deposit $ 1,000, out in 3 weeks. The problems that I felt, at the time got a big profit, the platform becomes slow. Computer Time and server Time much different. I try to iForex confirmation, he said there was no problem with the platform. Then I think the internet network, I contact the Telkom Speedy, no problems with the internet. I think my computer is problematic, I serve and reinstall. Still the same problem. At one point, I experienced loss .... very fast. When in cap fails to hold, so that all the accumulated profits vanish. Capital even begin to erode until they run out. I tried to contact iFOREX, he said not a problem with the system and platform. I began to doubt this platform, while for the current movement is very slow but very fast and tough loss in cutlost. Maybe them bookie. I try another broker with MT4 platform, no problem so far. My conclusion, the error due to the wrong broker.Alexa05.06.18
SCAMI was contacted by an Indian agent Leon.S based in Cypress. He pursued me each day with promises of prompt service.He convinced me to deposit 100 dollars which i eventually did.I was supposed to get a relationship manager and also necessary training. Today after 3 months of having opened an account , i am still waiting. Umpteen mails have yielded no result.I feel all they are interested is in opening an account. Customer be dammned. Be cautious while dealing with them and dont be taken in with their agent's sweet words.Anil.K05.06.18
IFOREX is a genuine platform , my account manager Kenny t. Is help full of my trading n all my doubt.Choy29.05.18
I joined last month. Till date I have no problem. I earned near about 60 USD and withdraw the same.
This is good foreign currency broker.
Shiwjee Prasad Singh30.04.18
SCAMThey closed one of my transactions manually before the limit was executed. I fixed the t/p order one day and the next day the order appeared as closed with loss. First, they tried to convince me that i comitted a mistake , as it didn't work they try to justify speaking about gapping and forward pips, Pure shit!
If there's any kind swap , it doesn't explain why the order was closed before the limit was reached. They are thieves.
James Norman04.04.18
SCAMiforex closed all my deals 4 times without my knowledge, when I was having enough margin.My accounts Manager Neela P never came forward to restore, but promised only to arrange trading bonus.Opening equal No. of buy & sell positions will not increase or decrease the available margin.But when you earn profit iforex platform will make vary the margin and will demand to deposit.In 2014 once again all my positions were closed when I was having more than $2000.I shouted at Neela P.My account was restored is a proof that iforex is fraud.On 12/03/2015 all my positionc 3 sell & 2 buy positions were closed when I was having $1200 balance.On that day the pending bonus was only $28 iforex issued bonus $200 and shows y balance as -$2.This is another proof.How it is possible to issue $200 bonus when my pending bnus was only $28? It is advisable to switch over to some brokers of UK or US where they follow strict rules for brokers.Finally Neela P asked me to close my account if you do not trust iforex.iforex will swallow all your hard earned money and will never allow it's customers to take profit.The platform will be altered accordingly.Now I can't see the account statement before 19/03/2015.I have sent mail to Neela P and no reply for the same.Sevaral ties I called and asked to connect to Neela P.But she responded after 4 days.If the accounts manager could not be contacted how can one trust iforex?D.John Thiruthuvadoss,India25.03.18
The platform suks! The demo last 2 week it is very small time to learn such complicatin task like trading.Morris17.03.18
Just started with iForex for one week(2015 Mar 6Th). My initial funding is USD2000 now my balance is USD12k with -4k floating. This week will try to withdraw money and see is it a real company.Ooi Chia Woo14.03.18
hi all,
I am interested to join one of forex sites , I showed my interesting to Iforex and they contacted me within last week like 6 times and they always trying to push me to put 100USD into my account with them,I felt they need only money,they wanted me to put the money first then they will explain to me everything,I fell something not normal with them acting and reactions, anybody can advise me
im trading with iforex last 2 years im making money my account manager praveen always help me bcoz of iforex trading im making good money every month 800 dollars iforex is not fraud they are genuinesingh09.02.18
SCAMDear All,

Kindly support in getting refund which is lying in my account. One refund is approved however not transfered in my account. How should i proceed further.

please help out.
had training with one of the representatives and after 2 weeks i started with my $ 100, in 1 month i have $ 50, and i trade very cautiously, after that i request for withdrawal and then it arrived in my credit card after 6 days.Ronny Indonesia10.01.18
not replying....
just get amount deposited and then just vanish.. i was tring to contact them but no reply.. forcefully i have to withdraw my amount.. with 10% deduction finally i got my amount....
now they trying to contact me, after this exp. how can i trust on them
i started with $ 100 and after 3 weeks i earn $ 600 with iforex, and then request for my withdrawal, got it for aprrox 6 days,
so in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with this broker,
you need to train first with the demo account before you start with live account to maximize your profit.
thank you
start trading after i finished practice in demo account, make profit of $ 70 as of now, i started with $ 100, but i already made withdrawal of $ 50hakan masur11.12.17
SCAMDear Sir/Madam,

I opened an A/C in i forex on June 2012 first week. Immediately after that I was engaged with my new job. So I couldn't do any transactions.

I requested my A/C manager Mr.Mohd Zarudeen to close the A/C. And he assists me to close the A/c and my A/c was closed on September first week. From that day itself I am requesting him for cash withdrawal And I asked him very clearly" whether do i have to submit any documents but he said as i didn't do any transactions I need not to submit anything" additionally he said that it will take one week time for the processing with lots of patients I wait for until the time he told but no response.
Whenever I mailing him there is no response from his side...September last week he called me and told that he will refund the investment in two days but he didn't. After that one day called me and told that he will deposit the amount on the next day but he didn't. Till now there is no response from him

October 3rd week they called me and gave me 3 ARN numbers. They told they transfer the amount (90$) to my A/C.But I check with my bank. There is no such transaction till now. I am calling mailing them continuously…..But there is no response ….. Hasn’t yet I get back my money. Help me to get out from this…
Amutha pannerselvam03.12.17
SCAMi really lost 500 usd and came to know for sure ,that i forex is a scam and total fraud-as they tell to deposit money when margin is less but their system never allow you fast to pay-they will wait for your total loss and then accept payment.
this means they manage fraud and making investors a fool-please beaware of this site and forex trading-or you will loose all
SCAMI have lost about $200 not due to faulty operative skill but fell prey to their manoevering and manipulating the iforex site always to their benefit .
As one can very well see that whenever you click on the favourable trend at say +16% it immediately jumps to -11% to make it in their favour,otherwise the movement going almost always steady + or- .This is not one case but almost invariably in hundreds of times.

At other times,if they see things going in your favour ,the site abruptly closes and you have to re-login and you would get quite different face of the site.

I am of firm opinion that this is great fraudester apart from their dubious identities.
Sakal Deo Sinha27.08.17
I have parted with $100. I'm still to trade but have the gut feeling that all the guys who say this is a SCAM are right. If its not,iforex please speak up and prove it!! Smelt a rat when I got an e-mail asking for a scanned copy of both sides of my credit card, including the cvv. The cvv is confidential and its not legal to ask for it! Now I've written to them for an explanation but don't really have much hope of getting one. I believe its too late as my $100 are gone!! So this is just a caution to others to not fall for this as I did.
In case things turn out to be otherwise I'll get back here and post it..but at this point of time I'm not optimistic!
Ravi Menon11.07.17
SCAM1. Not Regulated.
2. You can not take our payouts.
3. Pretty much evident its a scam , see around whole internet.
SCAMI was surfing and just entered my details to see what was to happen. Lady called, apparently from Greece,as there time zone very similar to SA, email number are Greece code, but she phoned me twice form a local Voadacom and MTN number. Of course when you call back, nobody answers. BIG SCAM...dee17.06.17
SCAMi am also victim of iForex..Please don't join anyone iForex ..They are really fooling people.You will just loose your money..its fake ..I would suggest don't join any forex site or invest money there ..you will loose and whatever they gives offer it has some hidden secret.they don't tell anyone and second thing his senior officer never communicate in case any problem and they never communicate through email always communicate via phone so please beware to invest money in iforex.lucky14.04.17

I don't know whether iforex is scam or genuine. Though I have spended $150 and lost all the money, didn't make any profit.
SCAMnever get my withdrawal all ready 6 month....and i try so many time to contact admin....but there still BIG SCAMloqman18.02.17
They're good you should know how to trade.
Don't blame someone if you're losing cause of your greed. when you are in profit book it and keep on withdrawing your money on time.Keep minimum amount for trading .Be smart.
SCAMiFOREX_India: Welcome to IForex! Allow me to introduce myself as your chat representative..
iFOREX_India: How may I be of assistance?
Paresh: hi
Paresh: please can u tell me how to invest
Paresh: ??
Paresh: r u thr
iFOREX_India: hi how may i help you
Paresh: tell me how can i invest,min amt requires
iFOREX_India: You need to invest a minimum of $100 (Rs. 5000 approx) to activate you're a/c, after you activate your a/c, we provide you a practice a/c, 1-1 training to understand how to trade. After you understand how to trade only then you need to start trading with the $ 100 that you have invested, if you feel its too risky after trading on the practice a/c or if you do not want to trade in forex you have the option of withdrawing the $ 100
Paresh: how can i withdraw
Paresh: coz i came to know from dr.modi
Paresh: who is trading with u all
iFOREX_India: i didnt get you
Paresh: i have been referred by drmodi
Paresh: his maid id starts from drmodiclinic@
Paresh: can u ask sm1 to call me
Paresh: plz r u with me
iFOREX_India: yes sir
Paresh: when
iFOREX_India: who is your account manager
Paresh: can u tell me dr modi's A/c manager
Paresh: name
Paresh: i didnt recieved any call but i have been referred by dr.modi
iFOREX_India: ok
Paresh: his mail id starts from drmodiclinic@
iFOREX_India: wait i ll check
Paresh: ?
Paresh: r u
iFOREX_India: yes sir
iFOREX_India: i ll arrange call for you
Paresh: call me after 7.30 today
Paresh: where is ur office in india
iFOREX_India: in mumbai
Paresh: whr
iFOREX_India: malad
Paresh: can i get add
iFOREX_India: i m really sorry for that
Paresh: y
Paresh: y cant u give ur details
Paresh: plz
Paresh: coz im trading with alpari
Paresh: and they have off in mumbai
Paresh: BKC
Paresh: ??
Paresh: hello
Paresh: is this the way to deal with ur cst
iFOREX_India: sir i ll get call for you for this
Paresh: cant u tell
iFOREX_India: the address we cant give
Paresh: ok
Paresh: r u regulated
iFOREX_India: see more than 30000 customer are trading with us and they have not any problem till now
Paresh: k
Paresh: but regulater
iFOREX_India: for further details i ll get your account manager to call you
Paresh: ok il c
Paresh: who is ur companys ceo
Paresh: im askng all ths coz i need to know with whom all im dealing
iFOREX_India: yes sir do understand
Paresh: so who is ur ceo
Paresh: ???????/
Paresh: ok who owns ur company
Paresh: r u the
Paresh: thr
Paresh: I will b investng arnd
Paresh: $5000
Paresh: today if u gv me satisfactory answrs
Paresh: ok
Paresh: i got the answr that u all are frauds
Paresh: from many websites
Paresh: thr r blogs
iFOREX_India: wait
Paresh: what
iFOREX_India: Sir, the people who lose their money they say us fraud if you see the market has fallen by 800 pips within a month
Paresh: ok
Paresh: then
iFOREX_India: if you trade properly you will make money, if you don't know to trade ,definitely you lose your money in all the market
Paresh: but the blogs i have seen are on the problms with the withdrawals
Paresh: u might no be refunding d money
iFOREX_India: If the documents are proper they receive their funds within 8 to 10 working days
iFOREX_India: And the blogs can be written by any one even by the competitors, this strategies we dont apply.
Paresh: but y cant u provide me details on regulations
Paresh: i understand it happens only when d company is not proper with assets and investments
iFOREX_India: Sir, if you have gone through the regulations of the market it is totally an unregulated and Over the Counter market.
Paresh: i know d market is but d broker must b regulated
iFOREX_India: Sir, it is not an investment company it is a trading company. The company is known as Formula Investment House ltd.
Paresh: ok its the name but it must be having some regulater
iFOREX_India: yes it is registered in british virgin land greece athens.
Paresh: virgin island and greece r two different cntrys
Paresh: so this is not the valid proof
iFOREX_India: Sir, we can send you the trading agreement which contains all the details related to it. If you agree with all terms and conditions we can proceed further.
Paresh: trading agreement will be between u n me
Paresh: but this cant say that the company is registered smwhr
Paresh: can u tell me any membership number what ur company is having
Paresh: r u getting it
Paresh: i understand that u dont have any thing to say as genuine
SCAMiforex is duping people of their money. I have all the reasons to believe that it is certainly a scam, a fraud.
-When you are making huge profits you wont be able to close your deals.
-They can control the platform from their side
-Your password is provided by them which you can not change
-Their office address in the tutorial they sent via mail is different from that mentioned on their website
-They ask you to send scanned copy of both sides of your credit card(most dangerous thing). No one asks both side of credit card.
-They advertise 2 pips and show 3 pips on the demo, but once you open the trade account and deposit your money with them, they change the spread to 5 pip( this is most irritating)
-Even when someone calls from Greece( as they say it), its always the same person talking in local Mumbai accent.( I doubt that they call from mumbai itself and claim it as Greece)
-The Guy who called from Greece(as he told he did) told me that he gets a commission from my deposits. So he told me to tell iforex guys that he persuaded me to add more deposit( ridiculous and fishy)
-They refuse to give their local address in Mumbai
-There is no regulatory body for Iforex.com
- there are lots of bugs on its platform.

Now I have a very strong feeling that its a complete fraud by a few people who have developed this website. And when you deposit your money with them, they do not trade it rather share it among themselves. Now they show you loosing your money on their site by controlling your trades from back end.
I warn all forex traders to beware of this fraudulent so called forex trader.
And yes I lost more than 2000$ to them.
I have been trading with Iforex from last many years its working properly I have not yet got any problem with the payment of the credit card. And the spread is lower in case if you have a premium account or lesser than that and there are account managers who are in touch with us since we were trading with them and the fact is the new vip trading signal and the economic calender is also working good............Nathan23.08.16
I started with this company in Feb 2008. I noticed on many occasions that the price shown on the open (active) deal is differnet from market price shown on a different website. Also, when the market was moving in my faviour, their price on my deal stopped in red (loosing price) that I was not able to close the position.Jack03.06.16
SCAM"They say they offer you :

Tight Spreads 3/5 pips (a must 5 pips spread)

Secure Online Payments ( have heard a lot they keep your details and they may use it)

Guaranteed Stop-Loss ( no guaranteed, many time break the stop lose limit without stop) , ( if your deal getting near to the SL they close the trade before its achieve it and steal of you at least 5 pips)

Commission Free (who said so?)

24/7 Account Access ( on news time its very diffcult to access your account + platform is rubbish always getting errors and s*cks to use based on java)

Negative Balance Protection ( no protection )

Iforex is totally bad nothing good in this company even they steal the daily outlook and recommendation from FXCM daily fx plus!"