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Insta Forex Reviews

Frankly speaking, InstaForex is better compared to other brokers. First of all, they have a wide range of bonuses very easy to request. Then, its customer service is great, always ready to solve my concerns. Finally, spreads are tight and fixed, so i can generate earnings very fast.melinda_pip22.12.18
Before Instaforex I had a problem with 3 other brokers, now I have started trading with Instaforex and got a lot of profit. They have very good spreads and leverage which is very helpful to me. Moreover, they provide many good services for their clients, especially fast withdrawal.Shinzou12.10.18
Thank you for the trust you have worked with us InstaForex.
If you have any problems please contact us at the email address support@instaforex.com
InstaForex Rafdi07.10.18
At this particular time, I have experience with several different brokers. InstaForex is by far my broker of choice. They deliver on their promotions, and their customer service is friendly and professional, and their software is easy to manage. They have super low spreads, and also offer a user friendly but advanced trading program as well! They also offer a lovely first deposit bonus and allow the use of EAs and scalping along with aggressive scalping! InstaForex is a great broker!Winfxgold29.09.18
I have been actively trading with them for about 6 months now, I have been making money on a consistent basis, and have even won some money on the site in the monthly forex competitions, they have a good bonus program and the company looks prety solid and secure to me. So far I have had no problem withdrawing any money. I have always got very prompt customer service, they helped me a lot when I needed. I recomend this company to everyone.Pipfx24.09.18
It seems that this broker gives the best conditions for newcomers. In particular, these microaccounts and minimal lot of 100 USD which allows to minimize the risks. I like the contests on demo-accounts - it is very exciting, I can win money for my real account. I hope our cooperation will be fruitful.Fakhrul Arifin08.09.18
Dear TeeQueue

According to the Clause 5.12:
When the price change, connected with a difference between the instrument last price at market close and the instrument first price at market open, or connected with news release, leads to a profit higher than 10% of the initial deposit, the Company reserves the right to use correction of such trade financial result in the size proportionate to the difference of the abovementioned prices in pips, by means of deducting the funds with the comment "Clause 5.12. correction". In certain cases it is at the Company’s discretion to set the minimal profit change below a 10% level (of the initial deposit).

And what operates legally cannot be a scam a priori. You're just contradicting yourself. We do not deny we have this clause in our regulations, this information is available online to any visitor to our official site. If you find this rule unacceptable for your strategy, then we do not recommend to open account with our company. Although let me remind you that more than 1,500,000 traders all over the world have chosen instaforex as their primary broker and are happy with our service.
IFX Yvonne04.09.18
Dear mostafa kamal,

Regarding with your problem about your profits, you may contact the support service by one of these two emails support@instaforex.com or clients@instaforex.com, so they can assist you regarding your problem. Thank you and have a good day!
InstaForex Gertrude03.09.18
I don't think Instaforex can compete with the conditions Yadix offers. Spreads 0.1 pips, no limit or levels, Scalper account with amazing execution.StevieG21.08.18
SCAMWell. Instaforex is a legalized scam with no regulatory bodies. If you make more than 10 % of your account the profit will be canceled and will be labeled clause 5.12. If you trade news and have big dreams on forex this guys will finish you. If you complain too much your account can be terminated. Read the section 5.12 in the terms and agreement and read through the section 3. Be carefulTeeQueue12.08.18
My experience with this broker has been more than expected. For the past two years execution is smooth and not a single trade has been lost; feed and prices are as I like them. No requotes, excellent entries on news/when volatility, very nice support, no problems with withdrawal, adequate commissions, many pairs available to trade.Liege26.07.18
I knew about Instaforex with a friend that trades for a long time, their leverage is very flexible, minimum deposit is totally affordable and their customer support is very supportive, we can chosse a variety of services they offer, is a complete broker, if improves will be perfect.Marcos Vinicius15.07.18
InstaForex has a very fast execution and they gave a lot of bonuses. I love their promos and contests. It's good for a broker to provide some fun for its clients, at the same time a chance of earning for additional capital. Beside that, InstaForex's representatives are really courteous and patient. I had a trouble with them once and was given a very professional assistance by one of their representatives.Dhannar Setiawan14.07.18
I like to trade with InstaForex as their platform is stable and reliable and suitable for automatic and unsupervised trading. Spreads are just okay. Withdrawal takes maximum of 2 days. They also offer vairous of excellent system: low spreads, fast executions, nice trading platofrm and nice custoemr support. I highly recomment this broker to you!Yuri08.07.18
A friend introduced me to Instaforex, and I made couples of hundrads dollors. I do the long term trade, and just withrawed part of profits. Everything is good.BenJam30.06.18
It is very easy to open an account with Instaforex. I opened my account for less than an hour (including verification). This company gives me a lot of money. The demo trading contests are profitable. Last week, I won from their Real Scalping contest and the prize was credited to my account after 4 hours. I also noticed, they have a new trading interface.maeve28.06.18
I trrade in InstaForex the speed execution is very good. i am satisfied with this. i also never get requote even on news. scapling system suitable for this broker. I recomend you to try this broker,there is no difference betwen demo and live account. all same and has a good speed execution.Emily28.06.18
I have had a very good experience with this broker. I am pretty new to FX trading and find that their staff is very helpful and i really like the Mt4 Platfrom. I have not seen execution even close to this good at any other MT4 broker.Edel27.06.18
Good Broker with a good spread and platform. Easy to make deposit and withdrawals. I'm very happy trading with them.Forex Trader19.06.18
InstaForex is really a good Asia broker! I waited for years to find a forex broker I could deal with in Asia. I’m happy to have found InstaForex. I got into Forex trading when I was abroad and other investors were trading currencies. I’m not an Asian citizen and no broker would deal with me. When I found InstaForex I started earning. Now it’s smooth sailing.Hogan15.06.18
With their nicest trading conditions, InstaForex is my best broker I have ever chosen in forex world. I am really satisfied with their system and servicer. I do like their ForexCopy the most because when I was a newbies in in forex. It helped me get more knowledge in forex business. I followed protraders to how to be survive in forex business. Till now, I have got more than 1000$ profits after 5 months trading.Olaf20131.05.18
I am contest winner in Sniper and RealScalping years back. I trading with their prize money and NO PROBLEM with withdrawal. Transaction between accounts with I-wallet is very cool. - from MalaysiaCasey26.05.18
I like InstaForex. It’s а reliable international company with reputation. Its website provides different packages of services and useful information. There have no requotes, instant execution, no slippages, and always get my profit. I've been trading with InstaForex for three years. My opinion for this broker is cheap and easy. Client service is very good, friendly and supportive. And also the account opening time was amazingDenise09.05.18
I know it’s hard to invest to something without any background on it. I have to find a financial solution to pay for my first investment at the MT5 forum in InstaForex. Moreover, premier customer service and all representatives are very polite. The customer service always helps me whenever I need.Crawford06.04.18
I started trading with InstaForex with a demo, and after got one of their no deposit bonus, as I was a beginner did not have that profit, but got some, and could withdraw it. Now I deposited again via credit card and it was fast. Until now, they have offered me all the assitance I needed and support team is very reachable.Yala24.03.18
SCAMI opened account and I want close it.First,you must have eWallet,from eWallet can you make money transfer to your account,which cost 46 euros,wtf? so many? yes!and backwards it´s this same.from my 100 euros account I have now 8 euros.And problem with widraw.They say,that I have american acredit card,what its not,because I am from Europe and I have european credit card and they send no money to american credit card.From this credit card I have sned money to them and backwards is not working.Never ever trade with instaforex.I dont understand all this messages with 5 star rating.pit23.02.18
SCAMthey delete all my profit and when i ask them and then thay say (The Company keeps the right of reconsidering the results of deals
of the Client in case of detection errors in server work, which leads
to the quotation delay or to giving out non-market quotations)
mostafa kamal13.02.18
I just joined InstaForex a few weeks ago and was very pleased with the online and personal support. This is my first time trading stocks and so far it has been an exciting experience and InstaForex has made it easy. Their knowledge tools are helpful.Schimitt27.01.18
2 years I'm in business with them. Very good support. I even went to visit the office and the team in Kaliningrad last year. They answered at all my questions and doubts. Congratulations Instaforex!Quebecois19.10.17
InstaForex Is the best Broker among other broker in the World as their payment system and bonus ,rebate commission and regular payment. if you want to earn money in a short period you can, if you could analyzed yourself rather than other analysis has giver by InstaForex Technical experts.Khuman12.10.17
I think, that is the world best Nor Asia but in World, quick 24hrs helpline or quick money withdraw.

My opinion Instaforex is the best broker because Instaforex has many relationship like forum,and instaschools ,Instaforex is an inoveative broker. Good always for meSairin13.08.17
They are very fast with suport. I get 30% bonus immidiately after click, I have NO problem with recotation, fast withdrawal with VISA card...

Broker No.1 in Asia and for me as well...

SCAMThis guys are a total scam. If you think you can trade with pending orders with them you are in for disaster even if the market is going in your direction they manipulate it for you to lose before it move. or if the market is against you they takeout your order first you you still lose. SHAME ONTO THEM.Ude26.07.17
requote!!!! requote !!!! requote !!!!
i'm sick of requotes !!!!
demo is happening !!! always getting profit ...
but real one was bad !!! always requote !!! n always making loses...
i wonder somehow they know to reverse the market...
badly requoted guy12.06.17
SCAMI can not beleave peoples who said this broker is not Scam oh my God I never see think like that only he's platfrom doing his own way after that all the other broker platfrom doing the way as the market doing it I am so happy I did not put big money on this platfrom Thank GodDarline08.06.17
i'm very glad nad happy using Instaforex broker since 2009.

Very honest broker. Withdrawal very fast. Customer support very nice.

Alta Lavista Instaforex
Matlan IFX Suppoter18.04.17
i open account from theme deposit 262 dollar on my oamm account after five days i generate profit of 5000$ total and i withdraw 4000 and i recieve it i cannot say this broker is scam because i recive my withdrawn money.philip01.02.17
SCAMWith their ECN they opened each my order 1 min and 12 sends and close each order near 3 minutes. They are PURE RUSSIAN SCAM.Oleh23.01.17
I've opened an account with this broker because I liked the account without spred, cause it's really convenient for me! About the customer service: there were no screw ups, all the questions and operations are done in a short time, that's why suggest to everyone! domino10.10.16
SCAMprice reqoute!!!!!!!!viruo14.05.16
SCAMAfter first deposit made, trading was not possible!!! No money - no trade - I guess scam!!!Mandi29.04.16
im currently using instaforex
Im facing some problem when use scalping technique
Server become too busy
But its good when im using PO and put my TP.
Cs at my place, quite good
Quick response.
SCAMBroker this fraudster promises a bonus 200 after my 800 depots in fact do not provide price .... prize reqoute ..services with less care with costumer ...! This broker Su**Yudi02.01.16