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Lite Forex Reviews

I like this broker. I withdraw my profit each month wihout any problemsSamuel16.10.18
Normal company, spred low, a conclusion of money the fast.Stazher19.09.18
The excellent broker for an investment of the investments in PAMM accountsDefakto07.09.18
The good broker, with the solid experience in 8 years. The terminal works trouble-free, a server the fast. Support adequate.Leon03.09.18
Average broker with average trading conditions and offshore registration. I didn’t get a lot of problems with them, but still I had some big negative slippages and requotes, especially during volatility periods. So i changes it for ECN broker and now using all benefits of trading at real market. If you don’t know how to choose the best broker for you, add me in skype, vovkfx, i am ready to share my experience.Vovk12.07.18
SCAMliteforex is a scam they hold on to your money and don't pay you they lie that they are in the US and Canada while they are in Russia they are best at taking your money and when you make money and want to withdraw they won't release it
ecn acc 245885
durotoye isaac23.06.18
LiteForex it is a broker with fast withdrawal and good trading conditions. My trading with this broker is very profitableJessica23.06.18
i just have a bad expirience with them...im unable to close my position when i on big profit..already complaint to manager..they agree about the problem n want to refund back my lost...if they do so i will salute them...but till now no answer from them my complaint is on 28/05/2014..,3 days already...i will let you knows if nothing happen next week...i recommend many people before...Saiful Azham31.05.18
Liteforex trading account is quite safe to use and trader’s personal information is confidential for others. The Forex group is quite serious about its clients and I like the eagerness they show for resolving the problems allied with the trading. I find Lite Forex broker very cooperative.Anna Williams25.03.18
The liteforex website helped me out to start and understand the forex world. When one enters in the official website's home page, the optimized website structure allows novice traders the well organized system to understand the basics of forex trading. The page titled with learn forex” is really impressive and systematic for beginners. Liteforex is now a big group, they can't be scammer.Ethan03.03.18
I'm Joie and currently I am trading with lite forex. I have a great experience of trading with liteforex and people from the trading company are obliging. I am enjoying trading because they allow scalping and don't interfere to trade fast. The support team is great. Once I have issues with the liteforex, but resolved quickly.
SCAMCharts are buggy, delayed and inconsistent. System freezes often. Oh totes USELESS BROKERshelby20.02.18
The platform of lite forex is quite easy for the beginners to start trading. I don’t have great experience of trading, but this is excellent site to start trading.Viki17.02.18
Shocking dealing desk activity, no good for scalpers of profitable traders. I am working now with yadix, brilliant execution rulesJimmyfx04.12.17
SCAMWaiting from one month to have my money back, still waiting.....Maciek13.10.17
Hi, I live in Malaysia, and all I can say is that LiteForex is one of the best forex brokers in my country. I like to trade there because they allow scalping and don't interfere to trade fast. The tech support is very good too which is surprising considering my experiences with other forex brokers. Don't get me wrong, I've had problems too but all my issues were resolved by in very quick fashion. I love the company.AlexP05.08.17
I've been trading with LiteForex for almost a year now and I can say that they are great. I've made almost 10 withdrawals and every time got my money very soon. Spreads don't widen while trading except Christmas and the spreads are ok, they let you deposit/withdraw both with e-curriencies and wire and their support service seems to work well. They let you withdraw every time. They accept every type of trading, even scalping and hedging. Will23.07.17
I've been working with LiteForex for 4 years. It's my first broker and some kin of a first love to me. Usually the service is of high quality. If something happens< the tech support helps. Maybe support's guy rather slow, but finally they help. Overall I do love the broker!Scalp16.07.17
SCAMmake withdrawals via the LR failed by the system and has been on cutting fees. I contact the admin, the command re withdrawal via LR, and exposed to the withdrawal fee again, I've cut a lot of funds for withdrawal.Dedde10.06.17
I use LR too, and it's ok, they charge no fee for withdrawal. LiteForex is pretty good.Withdrawal is Ok10.06.17
This is one of the best companies in Malaysia. Support is very good and helpful. Withdrawal takes 2 days. Very convenient.Roboin Lockley06.06.17
SCAMThis broker has been very SCAM today and can not be traded. When I was joint 2 years ago..it is ok, now it has been SCAM all , event you want to put a limit order can not be done...do not trade with this broker ever. When you want to put a limit order. It is always failed%u2026I do not know what kind of setting it is? Always.so like we are not allow to trade.harakiri02.05.17
Hello dvthanh,

I'm Sergei Shuvalov, a representative of LiteForex. As far as forexfactory is concerned, we simply have no opportunity to give our answers at that forum. To be able to reply at forexfactory our company must be licensed by a reputable American or European financial authority. LiteForex doesn’t have such a license, which is why we are not represented at forexfacory.

However I can guess whose comments you’ve read. There was a group of scammers in August/September 2011 who tried to steal our company’s money. We didn’t allow them to do it and they tried to blackmail us by posting negative comments across major forex forums. You can’t read our replies at forexfactory because, as I already said, we were unable to work with forexfactory. But you can find them in many other reputable forums, for example at forexpeacearmy. Moreover, you can find out that those scammers filed a case against us at RAFMM (regulatory authority for LiteForex) and lost it. The group of independent traders recognized them to be scammers.
Sergei Shuvalov05.03.17
Excellent service, fast withdraw process. Recommended for beginner!Brokencode26.02.17
LiteForex is an excellent broker and they are doing a fantastic job and provide great service. They have lots of bonuses; you can take part in a new promotion practically every month. Very userfriendly website with a number of tools such as economic calendar and so on. The company offers trading indicators from its own "trading laboratory" which is absolutely free for the clients of LiteForex.She Doc23.02.17
Lite forex,dont know much about them now i deposiyted money in other formy account to be funded but up till now theyhave npt fiunded my account over a week now dont know hwta this people are up to i think the are scammers.Cause al i get form them its al kind of funny excuses from.Them they are full time scammers i meet people using lite forex they have all lost money too with lite forex01.12.16
I\'ve worked with them for 11 months now.. Look, to be honest their terms and work operation is very fair and satisfying.. If only their withdrawals were a little faster.. My withdrawal came after 5 days :(
But still, i\'m happy :)
Nice work - slow withdrawals12.11.16
Liteforex is the worst forex broker on Earth They are defrauding Traders and nobody is doing anything about it. You place a stop loss prices have not got there they take your stop loss I have proof of a screen capture of what happened Please save us we are lossing alot of money to lite forexAkin Dale A29.07.16
i was starting with 66 USD in liteforex.. within 2 and half month.. my balance now 4K USD.. and i requested 1.5K for withdrawal. within 24 hours i got my money! recommended to all!suhaimi03.07.16
Good broker. They have their agent in Malaysia. Deposit very fast just take 10 minutes. Withdrawal within 24 hours deposited into your account. Good meta trader 4 platform. Mohd Aub Harun07.06.16
It's the best broker...deposit my fund ok, but too late for withdwawal 1-2 days. But is OK. Repair yourservice !forex_fausta23.05.16
I just left this broker because of bad customer support and long withdrawal process.Gito, Indonesia09.04.16
Not happy with these guys, when you need help no one ever answers my calls or emails.
Service is decent, but I am too scared to stay in a position without support. Plus I hear their regulatory status is in jeopardy
well my proble with lite forex is that they hardly reply your email an thier charting is the worst i have ever seenkenedy05.02.16