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Plus500 is NOT a scam, as many of these cry baby's might make you believe.. alot of these people did not read the rules, are new to trading and violated the user agreement.

Alot of these people are complaining about the bonus system, even tho it might be better if it was explained more clear this does not mean it is a scam.

Besides that alot of the negative people and comments are from people opening multiple accounts trying to get the starting bonus multiple times (you idiots!) when it is clearly against the rules and will result in a banned account and or refusal for withdrawel of your funds (quite logical since these people are scamming Plus500 by trying to receive a bonus which is only meant to be ONCE for ANYONE).

I have been trading in a few stocks for over quite a few months now with good results and have had no problem with Plus500 so far whatsoever.

Anyone that is trying to claim it is a SCAM is quite dumb and people that believe it likewise :)

If anyone has any questions about my experience with Plus500 feel free to comment/contact me.

Something I noticed:
in Ariad Pharmaceuticals, as en example, they altered the leverage level of a - for weeks - open position, as a result of a big improvement of the price of the share. I had not much money put in, but I guess some could get really upset from that. Leverage got ffrom 1:10 to 1:5 without waring; I guess they are trying to protect the share from volatility, while at the same time if anyones decide to close his/her position at 1:5, then everyone will be happy, I mean Plus 500 and the market. All in all, a win-win situation for them
"jesus crhist" for sure
pelan kera25.12.18
Jesus Christ guys...
1. I can't help noticing that some of you blame your broker if you loose money. If you over-leverage yourself and get struck, then it's nobody else to blame but yourself.
2. I've been using Plus500 for 2 years now. Just submit your ID and personal info, and withdrawing money is -no problem-.
3. Quit whining that they require your personl info, this is required since they are !!REGULATED!!.
4. Plus500 is free. If you use more software that offers more functionality, you will have to pay for it (I'm not talking about comission whic every broker takes, but Software fees).
5. All of the above.

Have a good day.
I played around with demo account and things were fine but the real money account is tricky.
I've had real money account for 3 weeks lost 50% of it already and they have upgraded my account to GOLD, Gold account will not let you trade small amount, min 1,000.00. Now I can't open trade until I deposit more funds.
They do not accept UK driving licence as ID.
Relay disappointed.
Plus500 is not a scam but they are sure what you will refer to as ROUGE TRADER.

All this guys that are saying that others are complaining because they don't read the rules are mostly Plus500 employees or paid review writers (they do spend a lot on this sort things and advertisement).

I have read all the rules and follow all of them and still my experience with them so far can simply be described at AWFUL. I have lost money and make money from the platform but they are simply devilish in their behavior.

I have traded with other companies and I can honestly say that their tactics are the worst I have ever seen.
Wow, i didn't know people could be so dumb..
first of all, you need to read the terms and conditions..obviously, you cannot trade if you're a minor - it's clearly illegal!
About the withraws, yu need to do all the steps required so they can ID you. So, if you follow those steps, you will be able to withdraw your money without any problem.
About the bonus - seriously - no one gives you money free otherwise it would be like Christmas everyday: let's see here: " well i have 1000 euros and hypothetically,if I deposit it on Plus 500 i will receive a bonus of 300 euros. So I will deposit 1000, get 300 free and withdraw it right away - what an easey way to make money! Of COURSE IT IS NOT THAT WAY! GET A CLUE!
Obviously you'll have to do something to earn that money and the way to get it is by accomplish the goal they propose you, which is NEGOTIATION POINTS.. So how do I get them? you need to invest and make profit to get some negotiation points..and of course you have time to achieve all the points!

About the margin calls, that's a topic i'm not 100 % on board..but they do that so you don't loose all your money in one investment. That way, you can try and bounce back from a bad investment without having to deposit money.
Regarding the withdraws, i never had trouble with it.. and I trade at Plus 500 for five years now!

So if you want to open an account at Plus 500 don't be an idiot and listen to all the dumb 2 year old complainers. Seriously guys i'm surprised you can even write!
There is no scan being run by plus500.

For a start they are one of the few who are actually regulated.

Read their user agreement, it's very clear and simple.
Yes you have to be over 18 -- idiotic under-age complaints...
Yes you need to submit ID, the regulator demands it!
The ID can be submitted by taking a picture on your phone and sending that via email. In fact they even suggest that.
They are relatively quick (48hours max, unless stated otherwise [bankers draft])

If you trust them and treat them with respect, i.e. when you open the account, verify yourself with id. Then you will find you have no problems.

**** You can't lose more than your initial investment with plus500, i don't see many others offering that.

Happy trading :-)
mike wood14.09.18
SCAMIt is a real scam.

I had 1000 euro's invested in ALPHA and they felt down hard. They emailt me for a Margincall and 2 minutes later i go online for a new deposit of 200 euro's
I did the deposit in 2 minutes en there website said, we couldt process your deposit, try again later.

Sow my money was lsot from my bankaccount and they ended my investment of 1000 euro's . Now i lost 1200 euro's.

I have called my lawyer en my dad's company eb they both said the same. DONT INVEST WITH PLUS500.

It is a BIG SCAM.
I try this system, and for me it worked very well, i taked registration bonus, after that i added 100$, after some time i added 100$, i have a normal profit and withdraw 400$, withdraw normaly takes 4 days, this system is easy too use, if you need online help for this software you are dumb, and you should not use forex at all.....nssooo07.05.18
SCAMIt's f*cking pathetic. The platform is abysmal for starters and terrible compared to things such as MetaTrader. They barely offer any stocks only really standard ones, 99% you can't find to buy. Aside from that you gotta upload all your personal details to them before they will give you the money, which they won't give to you.Jack07.05.18
First i tried to test it by uploading a 100$ and withdrawing it. It worked fine. so i thought that i should put some real money and start trading and make some money. I deposited 3000$ and made a 1000$ profit. now it has been a full week since i withdrawn the amount and until now nothing has been credited back. Can someone tell me how i could get my money back. I started to feel that the whole thing is a scam.Rashad24.03.18
SCAMThese guys are a pure scam and fraud, firstly, your money will disappear over night for the reason of so called margin call which you will never be able to calculate, on top, I am still waiting for the refund of my real money that is left in my account for so long now, It hasn't happened yet.
Go and invite your friends to dine and wine rather. DO NOT waste money with these guys.
Aamir Saeed12.03.18
I use Plus500 since a half year now.
The system itself is not too much easy to handle, the overview isnt the best. But i use it just for my orders, for planing the trade and the overview i use the metatrader.

For all the people complaining about the margin-call, thats a nice thing for your own protection. When your account gets near zero, them close your trades automatic, so that you no lost more money as you have in your account in the moment.

Usually you shouldnt see the margin-call if you have a good money management, like dont trade big positions, if you just have a small account. Use a stop-loss, for get stopped out when the minus isnt to much terrible instead of kill the account.

For the "gold-membership", you can simply send an email to their support and them downgrade your account back to "standart"
I hv tried PLUS500 and after sometime they upgrade me to GOLD Plus500. And the problem started, I cannot trade in small amount anymore. They have fixed my trading amount high. So I withdraw all my balance and waiting for the transfer to my accounts.Mr Audri31.01.18
SCAMwell looks like no money maker no money trader
No profit on that need to move huge points to get anywhere..and keeps taking profit and money when not closed trade as interest
SCAM"They changed the guarantees from one day to another, i tried them to explain me, no answer, etc, keep away!!! -------- Today 14:32, after a lot of mails, the 24 hour attention company Max, answer me the reason to make me impossible to trade because they change the guarantees in my account without my knowlegde or prior information ten times higher, well, don t like you, what about tomorrow? You can tell me, or do what you want without saying?, this is a confidence question if not it doesn t work, i ll try other trader, I can t recomend you to others. The reason tha gave me is that is better for me. Aren t they pretty? -------- To Dan, Why you don t return my money from Paypal, 60%u20AC I just loooked my account, I payed you by Paypal, you changed me the guarantees, so I cant go, every position changed from 12%u20AC to 120%u20AC minimum so i need to increase my account in 1000%u20AC in order to keep trading, i think you re a bad company, instead or keep bla, bla bla, give my money back, and in my opini -------- I read the rewiews, they stole low, they do wrong and bad, i don t going to take them to court, they stole 100, of course i blame and tell, it s not about win or loss, plus 500 are simply a low scale robbery machine, not talkin about win or loss in the game, is t clear?"Miguel30.12.17
I started with the demo account and did well ($5k profit). It gave me the confidence to go live. I deposited $1K and traded small, but almost immediately I noticed the slippage(unlike demo account). To prevent a loss I decided to deposit an additional $1K, And changed my strategy. I began hedging, scalping and Putting up stop losses to protect my funds, and returned approx $1K profit. The next day is when everything everything changed again. Not only was there so much slippage' but every stop loss I had was hunted. It's as if they recognized my strategy and began sabotaging. To protect my balance from a loss in lack of funds. I deposited another $1K. That was it' I was so upset and had enough! I withdrew my $1200 dollar balance, and had it received 4 weeks later via post.

I found their downloded platform compared to their web based' easier to use, BUT DO NOT TRADE WITH REAL MONEY, UNLESS' YOUR HAPPY TO LOOSE IT?
I've tried to withdraw money that i made with Plus500 and they have requested ID.
I submitted my drivers licence and they came back saying they don't accept it and that i need to submit either a passport or a form of government ID.

Correct me if I'm wrong but a drivers licence IS a government form of ID.

They take AGES to respond so i'm not sure where everyone is getting it from when they say they're replies are speedy.

I've opened up TWO brokerage accounts both in the US and they've been perfectly fine accepting my drivers licence yet a UK based broker won't accept a UK drivers licence?

they're dodgy as fuck and as soon as I get my money (if i ever do) I'm leaving and never going back.

It's not worth the hassle guys. If you want to trade Forex, sign up with FXCM, for OTC ChoiceTrade for NASDAQ etc just about anyone else.
Hello there,
I don't know why peoples are writing negative blogs for plus500, may be those looser wants to put their own stupidities on the shoulders of plus500, (that they had made during trading). I am using this broker since 27/08/2010 & I had open my account with AED2800.00, plus500 transfer AED 100.00 bonus as they promised, then I earned good money in oil & gold trading, I request them the withdrawal of AED2000.00, within 3 days plus500 send my money through Moneybookers, after few days I send request again withdrawal of AED 3000.00 I have got that one also. I had lost around AED 6000.00 also during trading because of my own stupidity so how I can blame the plus500. So peoples please keep in mind I am not employ of plus500 or not any paid agent,, ha ha ha ha ha plus500 keep it up.
Sohail Akbar Dubai U.A.E23.10.17
If every one is complaining that it is a scam . And if it is really a scam why is the website still running and why has the government never done anything about it . But if it is true they are asking ID before withdrawal of funds that is really sick . Well i will try it my self and confirm if they are really scammersMelford22.09.17
After testing myself plus500 and cleared the deposit bonus and cashed out after 4 weeks I got my funds in 48 hours. It was quick from Plus500 and I will continue to trade there.Espen21.08.17
i used to be able to buy 50 contracts of natural gas and after about a month or so the minimum was 500 contracts. this is crazy considering two of the reasons i chose this platform was for its low deposit and reasonable prices. im fairly new at trading, so i was wondering anyone else had this problem and do other platforms do the samething?ali27.07.17
I don't think they are fake. If you lose due to bad positioning, it's not their fault, you would have lost with any broker. they make thei money from the spread. I started with a demo account for a couple of weeks, and all closures are predictable and according to the rates i chose.

I now have a live account, started with the first bonus you get by confirming your phone number, then i added around 150$. so far i'm winning all the way but very small margins.

surely you can not withdraw your money from day 1, since you can register, get all the bonuses and they lose! they have a trader point system, which i think makes sense:

you need to complete a certain number of positions and gather an amount of TPs, clearly stated in your fund management page. This means that their spead income would then have covered the bonus, which you then can withdraw.

furthermore, there are many services on the internet which are not forex related, like voice services such as long distance calling cards, with affiliate programs. So you would have to only design your page, and link to their database, and then you get a % of the profit... where's the scam in that?

So i suggest you start with the bonus account, just confirm your phone number, make some trades, gather 60 TPs, then withdraw some money. once this works for you, you can decide yourself on your next step.

i'm giving them 4 stars because they don't have all the fancy designs and colours :-) but i like the sms notification feature upon closure of your position.

I hope this helps.
SCAMThey have a problem with their platform. I bought EUR/USD at 1.4408 and the quote was shoing 1.4420 and I was minus instead of plus!
When I contacted them they said they win from the spread and some bullshit.
Dont risk your money there!

Stop being kids.
If you follow all the instructions ( Copy of ID , adress ) , you will really have no problem.
I already made a deposit and won around 120€ ~ ( in 2 weeks ).
SCAMattention, can not be completely illegal but it is very strange way of working PLUS500 ...
I signed up when I was 25 euros offered by Plus500, and until we did a 1st deposit, appeared in a footer offer several values​​, the higher the greater the deposit ... I made a deposit of 369 euros, because it appeared in a footnote offer of 150 euros to whoever made a deposit that was the best value ... then ... first refused to award me the dr after I complain about it twice appeared on the prize looked up my account ... who found ourselves to deliver the goods ... pure deception! the value of EUR 150 appeared on my account, but conditioning, I do 150 points of negotiation, based on a table that they do not advertise it very well, and better, had a period of one month to make these points, and this point I not found either in small print ... besides, when doing the advertising this detail is not mentioned, so they are deceiving people!
But I already took the offer of 150 euros ... so I made a deposit with an expectation and I was fooled by these guys!
may even be a good platform, but who are not honest, are not!
rogerio torrado25.05.17
plus500 is very easy trade software and all scam are falls i invest only 105 $ and i earned 700 $ in one week i try for 100 $ withdraw and i get it but i don't have now thats why i cancel my withdrawal process its very good and easy software for forex trading thnx plus500kanani prasannvadan p15.05.17
My definition of good bkoerr is;Quick response from the Customer Service people.We can contact them almost instantly each working day.They are ECN.They charge small trading fee.They offer great programsThey are regulated by as many regulation body as they can get.But you can always find reviews of bkoerrs at forex peace armyElda23.04.17
Hello readers
I'm trying plus500 for about 6 weeks now
I've no complaints so far, I didn't try cashing out so cant say nothing about it. Don't think it's a scam though, I've seen that they are not registered with NFA, but they are in FSA (Financial Services Authority) go to their website and search for id 509909 in financial services firm search, you will see. Their max leverage is 1:50, no other promises there, you just have to read out. It's ridiculous to think they would give 1:133 or 1:200, that's just astronomical. I give it a 3 stars because I use it for few weeks, already tried support and they are slow indeed. You have a lot of indicators witch are fine, It would be a cool feature to have option to change candle colors and background. They collect bonus during night, I think it's normal, they have to earn something, don't know how it works with demo account cause I've never tried. The prices are correct, you can check with whatever on-line financial showing sites, they have links to yahoo and all prices match... Come on people, is Yahoo and FSA supporting this so called scam?? Think again.
Joao Domingos11.04.17
dear comrades , ive now been trading with plus 500 for over two months and i almost did a 400 % profit (i started with 700 euro) , however , as i uploaded my passport to withdraw the money they blocked all my accounts because they discovered i was only 17 and from this point thay blocked me evrything , can they actually take back all my profit because of that , in addition , since they blocked my account , my positions rose by almost 20 % , what should i do ???tom cohen10.04.17
i wonder if they are the SCAMMER! I withdraw a total of MYR3500 to my local bank account. Just after 1 week the payment is cleared.

I found a lot of negative comment about this broker on the net but i still cannot prove if they are really scammed. I don't want to loose my money too!

I will post here again if i m being scammed by them some day... i hope NOT
SCAMIt is a scam, I didn't invest any money, just the bonus they give you at the start, in my case 50 lei (RON), after 2 months of trading I had 101 RON. One day I checked the account and I just seen I was only 51 RON!! 50 ron disappeared like magic, without having any opened position.dani16.01.17
SCAMAn excellent platform and program to spend your free time only for recreation purposes.


While you lose your hard earned money everything is ok, up until you make any profit or decide to withdraw your earnings.

They lock your account with the excuse that you have violated the user agreement.

KEEP AWAY FROM plus500 at all cost.
absolute con artists, tried in vain to get my 500 back and got the complete run around, launched an official compliant with CC company/bank and they made good on the 500 as I explained it was fraudulant online activity....None the less dont go anywhere near these guys...IG index is good.www04.01.17
SCAMPlus500 is a SCAM. If ur account is small they won't bother to steal your money. When they grow big, They will attack it. No matter what you do to protect ur investment you can't do nothing about it. They will surely liquidate it up to the last penny or you will be put on margin call. You'll notice some mysterious disappearance of your funds.We traded with other broker on the same currency pair and we noted the diffference. Theirs, our account was loosing while in the other broker, our account was gaining profits. WATCH OUT they have lots of tactics out there to steal your money. I warn you gusys so you won't be their next victim. If you see good comments about Plus500, it's their bloggers and part of their group. Appleby25.12.16
SCAMDont trade for real money with them. |They are bare faced cheats...and literally steal your money. They are based in Israel, and miisused my credit card after i made payment to my account.PLUS 50003.06.16