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Vantage FX Reviews

SCAMVantagefx is PURE SCAM!!! STAY AWAY FROM THOSE GUYS! They cancelled ALL profits since account opening on my account. Read Donnaforex.com, read Forexpeaceacademy, read myfxbook.com .. the net is FULL of negative comments from affected customers claiming the same things.Peter06.04.18
Platform & Brokerage perform very well in both communication and execution. Spreads are very low. Everything is very tight. Im happy with it!Vanhoore27.12.17
to those who say its a scam....Do yourself a favour... Check out every other broker on here before you look at VANTAGE FX. Why? Because if you check VANTAGE FX out first, you wont have a chance to see how poorly put together the other companies are! VANTAGE FX has great customer service, education, spreads, and neat add-ons for Metatrader.
The size of thier daily trades speaks for itself. Honestly, these guys are excellent, and with anonomous market execution, it means you are not dealing against your broker...
What more could you want?

I was using demo for a month this seem to be a new broker. When i copy the server and paste it to another mt4 the name change to ROYAL FOREX broker and this broker is a fruadmmk17.12.17
ETORO not regulated = SCAM

CITIFX PRO & Deutsche Bank FX = NOT SCAM

check independent study
SCAMtotal scam!!!! they say they are a straight through broker. i checked all my trades and found that every one of them always went against me even when i came out and changed from buy to sell, it still went against me. you would think this kind of thing could happen 50% of but 100% takes the piss. always getting stopped out and then the
trade goes my way. lost too much money
Great Broker. Have tried their strategy trader and it really helpsJohnson03.09.17
Been trading with Vantage FX for some time now. Nothing but good things to say. Staff are very helpful, the platform is easy to use and the spreads are better than most brokers I've seen online! The EA Test Lab is definitely something worth checking out, and their blog is also very informative.Arvika17.08.17
The strategy builder is a great free tool. Havent had any problems with very friendly sales staff. Have recommended them to a few of my mates.Emil24.06.17
SCAM: they give you a hundred ways to make deposit but only one tough way to make withdrawls plus i was going ok then out of the blue one day i got a call saying we must lower your leverage immediately and they ruined my strategies and lots of time. BUCKETSHOP bets against you!borga15.06.17
SCAMThe sample fact:
1. They lower my leverage after 3 month because I make profit.
2. They widen the spread 30+ pips once a while to stop out orders.
3. The staff are nice, but that doesn't help.
Very happy with these guys. Regulated and can easily deposit and withdraw funds Vantage FX - honest broker12.03.17
SCAMWas with them for about 3 months. Looking good, nice spreads, everything as expected. I was doing well & making money.

Then suddenly, one day, a phone call, "we need to cut your leverage effective immediately". Left immediately. I suspect the fact I was making money had something to do with this. What if I'd been in a bunch of trades & needed the high leverage I had? Where would I be then?

This is just a slightly more sophisticated bucket shop on a longer leash. When you've made too much money they'll find a way to even the score or get you to leave.