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Costa rica currency (Costa Rican Colon, CRC)

Note 1 - The unit of currency in Costa Rica is called the costa rican colon (CRC), which trades somewhere around 518 to the U.S. Dollar and about 675 to the Euro. A new currency exchange system was introduced on October 16, 2006 which permitted the value of the Colon to float between two bands similar to the system previously employed by Chile. By using this strategy, the Central Bank will be better equipped to tackle inflation and discourage the use of US dollars. Since then, the value of the colon against the U.S dollar has stabilized.

Note 2 - Money can be exchanged in banks in Fortuna, Jaco, or San Jose, or also at your hotel in San Jose. The airport currency exchange booths usually offer poor exchange rates, and street vendors occasionally trade counterfeit bills. Any hotel cashier in San Jose is usually a good option as it offers a safe alternative to street vendors and a better exchange rate than at an airport booth.

Note 3 - For tourists: Money exchange offices known as, "Casas de Cambio," are generally open from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday. Banks are open as well from 9am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday. All money exchange offices and banks are closed on Sundays thus money can only be obtained on Sundays via ATMs. Note; Small towns may not have ATMs, so be sure to inquire as to when and where the best place is in order to obtain money.