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Dinar Exchange rate

The regular value updating of the Iraqi Dinar exchange rate is done through the Central Bank of Iraq. Presently, Dinar is turning to be one of the most invested currencies of the world. Though, this assumption has been affecting the exchange rate of the dinar, but no one knows whether its a mere hoax or a breakthrough in currency trading.

Investment in Dinar

For example, if a forex broker purchased the dinar for say, forty dollars, which includes the payment of thirty dollars in the mark up and ten dollars in the shipment. But in the same case, say, the value of dinar increased to around twenty dollars, which in the exchange rate means a value of twenty six thousand dinars. But at the same time, the cost of inflation proved to be around eleven dollars. Due to which the end figure which was given to the broker accounted to minus of twenty nine dollars.

On the other hand, if the same forex broker has purchased at the four percent CD price, he would have earned around nine dollars margin in the investment.

Growth of Dinar

When the exchange rate of dinar has been compared with the US dollar, the inflation recorded during the time of 2004-2008, amount to 0.13%. Currently, the value of one USD accounts to 1200 IQD while in 2004, it used to account to 1460 IQD. But looking it from the other angle reveals that if the same broker invested around one dollar in IQD during the year 2004, he would have then faced a loss of 0.32 cents.

At the same time, its very essential to make the purchase of dinar from reliable sites because currently, there has been rampant mushrooming of the shady sites which sell dinars at rates which are quite less than the market price, but then most of them tend to be fake.

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