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Mexican Peso exchange rate

Currently, one UD dollar equals to 13.2085 Mexican pesos. Like the US dollar, even the Mexican peso is considered to be one of the important international currencies, which is used in millions of currency trading and conversion purposes. Though, serious research reveals that Mexican currency exchange rate has been credited as one of the most serious ones in the entire history of Latin America.

It has been very much into the news lately that since the dismal conditions in the year 2003, the stability and pace of the country will be disturbed after 5 years by the credit crunch and global recession going on. In spite of it, the Mexican currency stands to be one of the most traded currencies of the world. This is due to the significant decrease reported to the growth related to the gross domestic product, which will definitely have its impact over the exchange rates of Mexico. In accordance with the survey conducted by the Bloomberg, it becomes quite evident that there might be a growth of 1.3% in the last quarter of the year 2008.

The excessive remittances which were earlier voiced by the Mexicans who lived outside the country have decreased currently because the export demands have witnessed a decrease in the current scenario.

It is being calculated that Mexican peso has suffered a 2 percent down when compared with the USD.

No doubt, the economy of Mexico stands to be the second largest after the Brazil in the Latin America. Thus, its exchange rate and economy are carved by the exports it does, as the figure reaches to around 80%.

But since, this currency and exchange rate have been following their back up plans, it's quite evident that they will be resurfacing after the hard hits of economic imperialism.

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