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Forex FAQ

What exactly is forex?
Why is forex so popular?
How fair is the forex market?
Where is the central location of the forex market?
Can I really trade at any time?
Can I trade from home?
How much can I win?
Is there any risk?
I trade stocks, what is the difference?
Can I try first for FREE?
Is it too difficult?
When does forex trading occur?
What are the primary currencies traded in forex?
How often does a person have to trade?
How much money does it take to open a real money trading account?
Who participates in the FX market?
When is the FX market open for trading?
What are foreign currency exchange rates?
How can I trade foreign currency exchange rates?
How does the off-exchange currency market work?
What transaction costs will I pay?
Why is the Spot Currency Market Attractive to Investors?
How do I close out a trade?
How do I calculate profits and losses?
Is trading at night as good as day, or week ends?
How much money do I need to trade forex?
Does it matter where I am located when I trade the Forex?
Can I trade options on foreign currency transactions?
What is Margin?
Why would I trade the FOREX?
What are "short" and "long" positions?
What is the difference between an "intraday" and "overnight position"?
What are the five major currencies that you can trade?
How do I withdraw money from a trading account?
What happens if the rate changes at the very moment your order was entered?
What do the terms "bid/ask" and "spread," mean?
How is pricing determined for certain currencies?
How can I manage risk?
What trading strategy should I use?
How often can trades be made?
How long a position should be maintained?
What's the difference between a demo and live trading account?
How do margin calls work?
What is the difference of Forex from Futures?
How do I fund my account?
What happens to my open positions at the end of the trading day?
How much money do I need to open an account?
Can I place profit limit and stop loss orders?
How much am I willing to risk?
What is the spot market and on what exchange is it traded?
What is the difference between futures and spot trading?
What is a "margin call?"
Why a bull trend in chart is a bear trend in value?
What should I do if prices on my screen do not update?
Can I deal over the phone?
What is a trading session?
What is a profit/loss point value?
Why is Swiss Franc called "CHF" on the Forex market?
What is the difference between Demo and Live Trading?
Do all of the units I'm trading of a particular currency get closed when I only want to close one unit at a time?
Will a Stop-Loss order be filled at the exact exchange rate, which the order is placed?