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Forex Glossary - A

Abandon - Situation when an option holder choose not to exercise or offset an option.

Accommodation Trading - Non-competitive trading used to assist one trader by another with illegal trades.

Account Statement - Contains data about all operations of the client bill at the broker for the chosen period.

Accrued Interest - The interest between the most recent interest payment and the present date but not yet paid to the lender.

Action Type - It is a category of rule violation, sales practice violations and trade practice violations.

Actuals - The physical or cash commodity from a commodity futures contract.

Add-on Method - At this method of payment the interest is added onto the principal at maturity or interest payment dates.

Adjudication - Controversy and a pronouncement of a judgment based on evidence presented.

Against Actuals - This transaction is generally used by two hedgers who want to exchange futures for cash positions.

Aggregation - It is the policy when all futures positions owned by one trader or group of traders are combined to determine reporting status and speculative limit.

Agricultural Trade-Option Merchant (ATM) - A person or organization which offers trade options for sale.

Appreciation - This is the name of the currency action when it strengthens in price in response to market demand.

Arbitrage - The synchronous buying and selling of similar commodities in different markets with purpose to take advantage of a price discrepancy.

Arbitration - Disputes between members, or between members and customers.

Ask - indicates a willingness to sell a futures contract at a given price.

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