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Forex glossary - C

Cable - Sterling/US Dollar exchange rate (slang)

CACE - abbreviation for Citrus Associates of the Cotton Exchange.

Calendar Spread - the same as Horizontal Spread.

Call Option - it is the right but not the obligation giving to the buyer of a call option to purchase a particular futures contract at a stated price on or before a particular date.

Canceling Order - this order deletes a customer's previous order.

Candlestick Chart - type of price chart that indicates the trading range for the day as well as the opening and closing price.

CBOE - abbreviation for Chicago Board Options Exchange.

CBOT - abbreviation for Chicago Board of Trade.

CD - abbreviation for Certificate of Deposit.

CEI - abbreviation for Commodity Exchange, Inc. (also known as COMEX).

Central Bank - A government organization that manages a monetary policy of the particular country.

CFFE - abbreviation for Cantor Financial Futures Exchange.

CFTC - abbreviation for Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

CHAPS - abbreviation for Clearing House Automated Payment System.

Chart - it is the graphic representation of price movements.

Charting - The use of charts in the technical analysis to plot price movements, volume, open interest or other statistical indicators of price movement.

CHIPS - abbreviation for the New York clearing house clearing system.

Close - during this period all transactions at the end of trading session are considered made "at the close."

CME - abbreviation for Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Coincident Indicator - this economic indicator generally moves in line with the general business cycle.

COMEX - abbreviation for Commodity Exchange.

Commission - broker's fee for the transaction.

Commission House -the same as Futures Commission Merchant.

Commitments - the same as Open Interest.

Commodity - The goods.

Consumer Price Index (CPI) - one of the most important USA economic indicators that measures the change in prices of a fixed market basket of some 385 goods and services in the previous month.

Contract - the unit of trading.

Country Risk - type of risk associated with a cross-border transaction, including legal and political conditions.

CPI - abbreviation for Consumer Price Index.

CPO - abbreviation for Commodity Pool Operator.

CPSS - abbreviation for Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems.

Cross rate - The exchange rate between any two currencies that are considered non-standard in the country where the currency pair is quoted.

CSCE - abbreviation for Coffee, Sugar & Cocoa Exchange, Inc.

CTA - abbreviation for Commodity Trading Advisor.

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