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Forex glossary - E

Economic Indicator - it is a statistic measure issued by government that indicates current economic growth and stability.

Elliot Wave Theory - Ralph Elliot's theory, who contended that the stock market tends to move in and predictable patterns reflecting the basic harmony of nature; also this theory is used in technical analysis to define charting method based on the belief that all prices act as wavers, rising and falling rhythmically.

EURO - now it is the currency of the European Monetary Union (EMU) instead of the European Currency Unit (ECU).

European Central Bank (ECB) - The Central Bank of the European Monetary Union.

Exchange Rate - it is the price of one currency evaluated in units of another currency.

The money (currency) exchange rate's table includes the currency rates with the historical, the current and the forecast of monetary rates. The currency levels are indicated in the successive manner to help a person verify the exchange rate level in an easy manner. You can easily get an updated exchange rate table from online foreign currency web sites.

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