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Forex glossary - F

False Breakout - Short-term movement of a rate through some conditional border, and then return and movement to the opposite party.

FCM - abbreviation for Futures Commission Merchant.

FEDAI - abbreviation for Foreign Exchange Dealers Association of India)

Federal Reserve (Fed) - The USA Central Bank.

Fibonacci Extensions - Fibonacci extensions are furthered developments in Fibonacci fundamentals. These have been extensively tapped by traders and investors in deducing out future support and resistance levels of a particular trend. These levels are plied beyond the standardized 100% level, offering traders to seek areas that yield optimum profits and benefits. 161.8%, 261.8% and 423.6% are perhaps the most well known extension levels in this context.

Fibonacci functions - Fibonacci functions are represented as Fn = Fn-1 + Fn-2; where F denotes a function followed by a subscripted symbolization of its iteration. They can be alternately elucidated as 'a generalized form of Fibonacci numbers'. However, for reporting the magnitude for the nth term, adding the numbers iteratively may produce an uphill task (especially in cases where n is very large). Therefore, a special function has been devised to resolve this impediment, given by: an = [ Phin - (phi)n]/Sqrt[5]; where Phi = (1+Sqrt[5])/2.

Fibonacci trader - Fibonacci Trader is a work book for providing new strategies and essential timings of up and down market. It is an innovative book for saving yourself from bad market consequences. Fibonacci trader work book teach you market real consequences, also an individual and company use Fibonacci Trader for saving themselves from mismatch market or loosing capital.

Fibonacci Sequence - The sequence of numbers that are widely used in a technical analysis for definition of price levels (support and resistance) in the market.

Fibonacci software - The Fibonacci software is a computational instrument used exclusively by people that apply Fibonacci ratios for predicting price and time. It cannot be obtained or availed otherwise. The software is most compatible with ASCII data files of the format DATE TIME OPEN HIGH LOW CLOSE VOLUME, or Metastock ASCII files in the format TICKER, PER, YYYYMMDD, TIME, OPEN, HIGH, LOW, CLOSE. .prn extensions are majorly employed for this software's functioning.

Fibonacci stocks - Fibonacci stocks help the stocks marketer to retrace the latest information about the stock market. Hence the Fibonacci stocks are the Stocks by which a stock marketer can predict and retrace the stocks is called the Fibonacci stocks. In this stock Fibonacci series is used for tracing the stock market information. Now in the other word Fibonacci stocks are the stocks are the stocks in which Fibonacci numbers are used for retracing the latest information of the stock market.

Fiscal Policy - The monetary and financial-budgetary politics of certain country.

Fixed Exchange Rate - it is the government-established rate for one or more currencies.

FOMC - abbreviation for Federal Open Market Committee.

Foreign Exchange - buying or selling of one currency against selling or buying of another.

Foreign Exchange (Forex market, FX) - The simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of another.

Forex - abbreviation for foreign exchange.

Forex market trading is a difficult task and therefore, the beginners need proper advice and helps for reliable sources. The Forex advice and the advisory services are the basic advice providers who help the beginners in the forex field. The forex advisory services are also referred as the signal providers as they offer valuable data to the trader consumers.

Forex calculator - A calculator, which is used for finding out of the financial prediction and trades is called Forex calculator. Pivot Point Calculations are used for forex predict resistance and support. Forex calculator is also used by Foreign exchange for calculating support and resistance level of market. It is an exclusive calculator for predicting Securities and Exchange Commission.

Forex Expo is a mega event that takes place at national as well as international levels. The main objective of this event is to bring forth the forex professionals from different part of the country and world. National Forex Expos are quite common but a World Forex Expo is a larger platform. Market players from various countries come to participate in this event. This is a platform to get exposure of the diversities of forex market. This is an unparallel opportunity where the forex professionals can showcase their strong points to the whole world and endorse their saleable commodities and services to a larger market. Thus a forex expo can be a turning point in the career of any forex personnel. The trend setters of the industry use forex expo as their platform to introduce the latest -technology state-of-the-art equipment, newly acquired knowledge and freshly gathered experience. This not only gives them larger number of viewers and audiences, it also gives them maximum level of attention and exposure. People who are always working to improvise the industry and thus, researching on the avenues to introduce fool-proof equipment and formulae for successful trades find forex expo as the apt opportunity to share and exchange their knowledge. Forex Expo is a learning experience too. Different events enlighten the attendees about the latest developments taking place in the forex industry all over the world. It also tries to fulfill each requirement of these attendees regarding knowledge and solutions on vast topics like role of Internet trading in the Forex sector, various forex software that deal with analysis of program, risk management etc, tools used in forex market and many more. It also focuses on the strategies and tactics to deal with the scammers and scamming software which are disturbing the reputation of forex trading in market. Different sessions are organized in forex expo where the attendees can participate and discuss about the current trends of the market and listen to the experts' views on the burning issues. The discussion on newly introduced commodities and requirements are also discussed and learnt in these sessions. The workshops, seminars, shows of the professional traders and their presentations give the attendees an enriching experience. This is the reason every trader, amateur and expert, look forward to attend as well as participate in different forex expos. The demonstration of the latest launches is the prime attraction of any forex expo, national or international. Special events are organized to showcase the software and other tools of trading meant for analysis and execution. Thus the traders get an opportunity to have rendezvous with the business experts, tycoons and leaders of the industry. This meeting can give them an insight that is required to boost their business, increase networking, strengthen business relationship and eventually enhance profitability. So, next time when you come to know about any forex expo taking place, don't miss it because you can never know what difference it can bring to your life.

FOREX MADE EASY- is a simple trading mechanism that anyone can implement. Available in the form of books and software, it is a trend recognition method for the (spot) Forex market helping everyone from seasoned traders to amateurs in spotting the everyday buying and selling pressure. The software uses the red light/green light trend to analyze the market drifts and helps in finding the entry and exit points for the currency pairs.

Forex Robot World Cup formally commenced in the Forex market on 16th February'2010. It was organized with the purpose of discovering the preeminent specialist Forex market advisor and is not intended for any sort of profit making. There are numerous Forex robots available in the Forex market and every robot is nothing but automated software which helps the traders to spot profitable trades and predict the nature of the Forex market. One can google all the robots present and find reviews in which each one them claim to be better than the rest. Forex Robot World Cup is a platform where the performance and authenticity of these robots is tested. All the companies who are involved in making such expert advisor robots are not concerned with real Forex trading, the winning rate and actual profits, but are only interested in profit made on sales of these robots in the market. Every time a professional trader realizes that he has come up with a brilliant strategy of winning trades in the Forex market as a result of several years of his expertise and knowledge, he hires an IT programmer or software engineer. Then that engineer incorporates the strategy into a robot as per the instructions of the specialized trader and eventually we get another new and improved Forex robot boasting about its technology and winning stratagems. Forex Robot World Cup is a means by which you can actually watch such robots operating opposite each other and prove their legitimacy. According the facts, around 329 expert advisor robots took part in this championship and only 24 Forex robots were able to get through Live trading stage of the Forex Robot World Cup battleground. The 24 Forex robots which had the caliber to actually cross the threshold having the most successful winning technologies and tactics were made by traders by spending huge amount of money for their private use. They are not accessible to normal traders. With the help of Forex Robot World Cup, regular traders also got a chance to use the greatest Forex robot which was otherwise not available in the market on sale.

Winners of the Forex Robot World Cup

  • First spot was won by LMD Multicurrency with profit of 145.60 %
  • Second spot was taken by HiRider with profit of 88.11 %
  • Third spot was won by SuperVolcano with profit of 36.26 %

Forex trader - participant of Forex market.

Forex valuta - Forex Valuta is a resource of trades and orders of SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Top resources of Forex valuta are forex technical, forex news, forex, managed forex. Many of broker and brokerage are working for forex valuta.

Free Forex - refers to initiating trading with no money, typically with the help of a dummy account. These dummy accounts are available from various Forex brokers on the Internet. As you register for the account, you get $5.00 bonus in real money. Use your pertinent understanding about the trade to make a constant profit with that money. Then you start trading with your real $5.00 money and watch it grow to a sizeable amount.

FT - abbreviation for Floor Trader.

Fundamental Analysis - Analysis of economic and political information of the certain country and all over the world with the objective of determining future price movements in a market.

Fundamentals - The macro economic factors influenced to the value of a currency. Among them inflation, growth, trade balance, government deficit, and interest rates.

FX - abbreviation for Foreign Exchange.

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