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Forex glossary - I

IB - abbreviation for Introducing Broker.

IBRD - abbreviation for The international bank of reconstruction and development.

ICCH - abbreviation for International Commodities Clearing House Limited.

IFEMA - abbreviation for International Foreign Exchange Master Agreement.

IMF - abbreviation for The International Monetary fund.

Indirect Quote - one unit of national currency represents in terms of a foreign currency.

Inflation - rising of the prices for consumer goods, eroding purchasing power.

Initial Deposit - See Intitial Margin.

Initial Margin - The initial deposit of collateral required to enter into a position as a guarantee on future performance.

Interbank forex - Forex is one of the largest markets for trading, where interbank forex is decentralized market. In decentralized market, no records are kept like centralized market. An individual and company keep their privacy with them self. Broker and dealer are the pillars of market; they do their trading like buying and selling securities and currency with privacy.

Interbank Rates - at these rates large international banks quote other large international banks.

Intervention - an effecting to the value of the currency by entering the market. This action is realized by central bank of the certain country.

Inverse Head and Shoulder - Turned "a head and shoulders".

IOM - abbreviation for Index and Options Market part of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

IPI - Industrial Production Index. It is the fundamental indicator measuring physical output of manufacturing, mining and utilities.

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