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Forex glossary - S

SPAN - abbreviation for The Standard Portfolio Analysis of Risk Performance (SPAN).

SRO - abbreviation for Self-Regulatory Organization.

Scalper - The market trader earning profit on minimal changes of the Forex rate.

Short - A market position where the client has sold a currency he does not already own. Usually expressed in base currency terms. Or One who has sold futures contracts or plans to purchase a cash commodity. (verb) Selling futures contracts or initiating a cash forward contract sale without offsetting a particular market position.

Short Position - this type of market position benefits from a decline in market price.

Slippage - A situation when Stop-order is carried out at more worst Forex rate, than it has been reserved at its exhibiting to the broker.

SOFFEX - abbreviation for Swiss Options and Financial Futures Exchange.

Speculator - This person risks their capital for the sake of reception of profit.

Spot - it is the buying and selling of the currency where the settlement date is two business days forward.

Spread - generally it is the difference between the bid and ask price of a currency.

Sterling - Slang for British Pound.

Stock Index - An indicator used to measure and report value changes in a selected group of stocks.

Stock market - stock market is the market, where buyer and seller of any company assemble stocks from the market and they trade their stocks in the premises of company. It means, exchanging the securities among the seller or buyer. AMEX (American Stock Exchange) is the place where sellers or buyers do stock trading.

Stop Limit Order - this type of order goes into force as soon as there is a trade at the specified price.

Stop Loss Order - at this order type an open position is automatically liquidated at a specific price.

Support - it is a spot on a chart where the buying of currency is sufficient to halt a price decline.

Support Levels - this indicator is used in technical analysis and indicates a specific price ceiling and floor at which a given exchange Forex rate will automatically correct itself. Opposite of resistance.

Swissy - slang for Swiss Franc.

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