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Trading examples

Example # What is it about?
Example 1 Leverage concept.
Example 2 "How much money can I make?" depends on how much you are willing to risk.
Example 3 50:1 Leverage: what does it mean?
Example 4 The AUD/USD rate.
Example 5 GBP as the transaction currency.
Example 6 USD as the transaction currency.
Example 7 British Pound against the US Dollar.
Example 8 FOREX quotes.
Example 9 OCO Transaction.
Example 10 The bid/ask price for US dollars and Canadian dollars.
Example 11 The 'base' currency for Forex quotes.
Example 12 The initial margin.
Example 13 Trading on margin.
Example 14 A forex pip.
Example 15 Positive Risk/Reward ratio.
Example 16 Negative Risk/Reward ratio.
Example 17 Winning trade and losing trade.
Example 18 Example of a reasonably profitable month for a successful trader.
Example 19 Margin deposit.
Example 20 Cross forex rate between the Euro and the Japanese yen.
Example 21 The investor believes the Canadian dollar will strengthen against the US dollar.
Example 22 Foreign currency exchange rates.
Example 23 Calculating your profits and losses.
Example 24 Calculating the security deposit.
Example 25 Long and short positions, margin trading and the workings of the margin account.
Example 26 Short positions.