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List of Forex Charting Software

There are several forex charting software that is available for investors to make the correct investment decisions. Some of these are also free for a specified period of time. The software provides an in depth analysis by following the prices of various currencies and the various factors influencing their movement.

Let us start looking at the list of the good forex charting software that helps the investors make the right choice while investing in forex instruments.

Xtick ProfessionalIt helps the investor do technical analysis of forex, commodities and stocks. The software is designed in such a way that it will help both the experienced trader and an investor who is totally new to the concept of trading in forex instruments. There are about 50 different tools and charts that a trader can use. Real time data which supports Equis Metastock, Ami Broker, Fibonacci Trader, Elliotte Wave Analyser, Omega Tradestation software is incorporated as part of the system. A number of leading forex trading companies across the world use the expertise of this software to analyze vast amounts of data which will enable them to make the correct decisions. FXCM company which is considered as one of the biggest brokers also uses this software.
MG ForexThere are some sites which allow you to use the software for free and it is usually for a fixed period of time and if satisfied the investor goes ahead and makes the purchase. MG Forex is one such site and the investor who is new to the world of forex would love to make use of such free software sites and get acquainted with the various modalities related to forex and commodities trading. You can log in to http://www.mgforex.com/ for a free trail.
FXCMFXCM which is one of the biggest forex brokers in the world also has a free analytical tool which helps investors analyze the various data including historical data. The software has provisions where the investors can test their forex trading skills in real time scenarios. After the free trail most investors usually make the decision to buy this software as it is quite easy to use.
Daily FXThe next forex charting software that one can easily use to understand the various concepts of forex trading is Daily FX. There are a number of charts which are specifically designed for the beginner, intermediate and expert investors. The charts are further classified into free charts and premium charts and the investors pay for using the premium charts.The other website where the charts can be accessed in a free manner is Chart Book. There are a number of charts expanding the various analytical conditions prevalent while trading in a forex market.

You can visit each one of these websites and analyze the various features on offer and then decide on the software that suits your needs.