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List of Forex Demo Software

You are interested in looking at forex as an alternative mode of investment and would like to acquire knowledge about the various concepts and tools that has made this one of the biggest trading market all over the world. But before you start investing you would also be happy to practice you skills that you have acquired by gathering information about forex trade by having a demo session which feels real but where no real money is involved.

There are a number of websites where free forex demo software tools can be used to acquire in depth hands on trading knowledge and which will help you make good investment decisions.

FXCMFXCM is considered among the big players in the area of forex trading and they have free demo software where investors willing to test their knowledge in real life scenarios can do so. The biggest advantage of this is that it is live buying and selling prices that one is dealing in and you can make use of the software during any part of the day or night. You also have a provision where $50,000.00 practice money is allotted for a free practice account and it looks as if you are playing around with real hard currency.
FX Street.comFX Street.com has an excellent demo facility available that investors can make the maximum use of by way of simulated trading in the forex market. You can open a demo account for various durations and there a number of different features available based on the period one chooses. There are very good analytical tools that one can use to get acquainted with the various concepts of forex trading.
IBFXIBFX also provides the investor the option of opening a free demo account for a specified period of time. You can understand the various lots that forex is usually traded in and the leverage used for this purpose. There are a number of charts and analytical tools that one can use in a demo account to get the real feel of online forex trading.
GFT ForexGFT Forex has an award winning trading platform that has helped investors all over the world make their first tentative steps in the world of forex trading. Risk free trading is the most important feature of demo software where situations are stimulated to give one the real feel of trading online.

After you have used the various free demo software on offer the customer can decide on the platform that best suits his style of investing.