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Review of Caliber FX Pro

Caliber FX Pro is a fully computerized Forex robot designed by a squad of Forex market and IT experts. It was launched in the market on 23rd Februray' 2010. It also gives choice to first try a sample fake account to get the hang of the market before investing any real funds in the market.

The idea behind the creation of the software Caliber FX Pro is sad truth that majority of newbie traders incur enormous losses and the gigantic whales of the Forex business make more than 90 percent of the profits. This software has been introduced by the professional and expert traders to help the beginner trade like proficient masters of the market.

It is one of a kind Forex robot which claims to make $180,718.20 from an investment of $10,000 in a year. It also states that the software is capable to earn profit of $30,000 within one month of time without any loss at all. According to the creators of this outstanding software, it is works on the basis of mathematics and statistics. The professional trading tactics which are employed by the software have been examined and verified to earn profits of several hundreds of pips repeatedly without any losses.

Review of Caliber FX Pro:

  • Easily installed within no time with a simple exe file.
  • Compatible with all the four and five metatrader 4 dealers.
  • In order to start investing with the help of caliber FX Pro, one needs the principle capital as low as $50.
  • It supports three pairs of currencies namely US dollar/ Japanese Yen, Euros/US Dollar and Great Britain Pound/ US Dollar.

Advantages - Is it good?:

  • It is fully automated forex robot
  • It is very newbie friendly
  • It helps the traders track down the top deals.
  • It's functioning is far from human emotions which often result in huge losses.
  • It is specially made and customized for the distinctive market situations of 2010-2011.
  • After purchasing the software, complete technical assistance is provided by a out-and-out team authorized by top notch financial institutions available 24 hours a day. This facility is introduced for the first time in Caliber FX Pro which makes it unique and better than the rest of the Forex trading robots.
  • The trader's guide which comes with the software is indeed a great help to the new traders specially providing them with the secrets and loop holes of dealing in the Forex market.

Download: You can now own this fantastic software from the link given below and start reaping huge profits - http://caliberfxpro.zoombe.com/

Status: It is not available now on official site.