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Forex Black Panther algorithm

The Forex Black Panther Expert Advisor, created by Henry Owen, and released on the market on 2nd March, 2010, is the first of its kind. It was developed for use by major-league forex traders and brokers, rather than as a guidance tool for first-timers, or even for those trading minor sums of money on the foreign exchange market. The Black Panther means business.

It was created to run on a million-dollar hedge-fund, and initially did so. It was professionally developed for over two years, and consistently showed a profit - it showed major profits for the entire two years during which it was back and forward tested, and then was finally made available to major-league players.

The Black Panther Expert Advisor, which has only recently been converted to run on regular computers, is based on the P.E.T.E (Price Event Trend Extractor) strategy, and the M.D.P.A (Multi Dimensional Price Analysis) strategy. These strategies, and the advanced algorithms that they employ, allow the Forex Black Panther to adjust to various situations and trade under varying - often greatly varying - market conditions, from ranging to trending markets, while continuously showing a large margin of profit. In fact, the Forex Black Panther can come very close to tripling your investment-their website offers proof of having transformed a $2500 investment into $6750, which, really, is little short of miraculous. Of course, it must be kept in mind that this claim is as yet untested.

The Forex Black Panther works on four separate currencies - USD, CHF, EUR, and GBP, as also their pairs, of course. The robot uses a strategy the author has used to trade successfully for 6 years - it performs a multi-dimensional analysis across these currencies. The Black Panther uses the Smart Money Management algorithm to do so-this, as already stated, was created by Henry Owen himself.

The Black Panther employs a total of three separate algorithms, on which the work of the three modes of the Panther is based. In addition, and unlike several other forex robots, the Forex Black Panther provides advanced broker protection, and allows advanced users full control of the various settings, which they can modify to suit themselves-meanwhile there is also the fully automated setting for beginners and inexperienced users.

While it looks as though the Forex Black Panther Expert Advisor has all the add-ons and advantages any trader and/or broker could possibly want, in the end it's the profit that one must judge a forex robot by. The Black Panther promises high profits, but when loss is incurred, that is also higher than for similar robots. Of course, the product is still relatively new, and might soon pick up the pace.