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Traits of Forex Knight Rider

Forex Knight Rider is an entirely automatic Forex market robot introduced by a company named Next Generation FX Trading. This is the same company which also produced another Forex market robot known as Forex Godfather achieved huge appreciation among the professional Forex traders. Forex Knight Rider was launched on 11th December 2009. It is designed to make several deals in a day with gain of 6 pips each.

Traits of Forex Knight Rider:

  • It works implicitly on a fifteen minutes timeframe.
  • It is an accurate scalper on every given condition.
  • Works only on the basis US Dollar/ Euro currency pair.
  • The technology used in Forex Knight Rider, the FKR scalping technology, is capable of turning $5000 into as much as $177,833 in time period of just 18 months only.
  • The software boasts about its potential of 96.67 percent success rate.
  • As it works only for as short period as 15 minutes, it makes its deals very swiftly and is preferable to the traders who want quick money.
  • It also consists of a mechanism who knows how to manage your money without any human supervision. It is customized to not take huge risks on just one deal.
  • It has been repeatedly tested on real accounts has a very promising image of successful trades one after another.

Benefits of Forex Knight Rider:

  • It is super easy and quick to install and within no time it makes you ready to trade.
  • It is compatible with all types of Forex brokers
  • Price - $ 97
  • Warranty - 60 days, complete refund.
  • It provide lifelong all round the clock customer aid through emails.
  • One more advantage is that the makers of Forex Knight Rider are continuously working on revising its mechanisms of the software in order to keep it up to date with the recent currency exchange changes. So it is a next generation product
  • During its production, it was revised as much as 37 times and was tested several times in order to ensure an advantageous trading experience to all its customers.


  • One of the biggest drawbacks of the Forex Knight Rider is that it is restricted only around five hundred Forex traders.
  • Its stop loss target is very high which makes it unsuccessful for long term trades.