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Features of Forex Nuke

Forex Nuke is an imminent, fully automatic robot Forex. It is intended to be launched in the year 2010. However, few copies of this software were sold in the market in 2009 for testing and updating purposes.

During this one year of testing and development, Forex Nuke has established itself as a very promising autonomous Forex robot by giving return of 4500 percent on the test capital investment. It turned the original $10,000 amount into $ 45,000 in just one year of time. It seems that the strategy incorporated in this coming software has tremendous potential as it claims that the robot can deliver as much as 40 wins one after another and highest loosing rate is as low as three defeats in a row. It is really future Forex robot.

According to the results, Forex nuke makes sure to provide 160 wins out of 185 trades with only loosing 25 times. In this way, the software assures 85 percent of success rate.

Features of Forex nuke:

  • Forex Nuke operates on the currency pair Euro/US dollar only.
  • Preferable timeframe for Forex Nuke is around fifteen minutes i.e. it is profitable for short term deals.
  • Like all other Forex robots, Forex Nuke also works without any human help.
  • Provides excellent assistance to the new trades who are not familiar with the tips and the tricks of Forex market.
  • The cost price of the software is also very reasonable, $ 97.
  • 100 percent refund policy is applicable, in case one does not find it productive enough.
  • It is best suited to the traders who do not want invest much but are ready to risk small capital for large profits.

Advantages of Forex Nuke - Is it good or excellent?:

  • Forex Nuke gives the facility for practicing on demo accounts to the new traders.
  • The average winning rate is two times the average loss rate.
  • Recommended amount which should be invested when dealing through Forex nuke robot is $100.
  • Even if one is investing less, one can expect huge profit as Forex Nuke guarantees 45 times return.
  • If a trader deals through a Forex Nuke broker, he also gets bonus that can vary from $500 to $1000.
  • On purchase of Forex Nuke robot, one also get complimentary trading displayers worth of $ 350.