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Facets of Forex Ripper

Forex Ripper is one of the recent mechanized Forex robots, launched in the market on 2nd march'2010. It is procreated by Nick Lombardi and contains two robots. One for short term deals and one for long term trades having more accuracy. Forex Ripper has been designed to operate as a scalping day dealing android.

The technology used in the robot is extremely intricate, which helps the traders in getting the finest deals by examining the price trends, indicators and manifold time frameworks.

Facets of Forex Ripper:

  • The software evaluates the market behavior and the price trends on weekly and monthly basis.
  • In general, the short term deal making robot, which is also referred as the main EA can make two to three deals daily.
  • Conversely, on the other side, the long term deal making robot which is also known as the advanced EA, makes only three to four trades per week. But, has high winning rate and accuracy.
  • The short term deal making robot has been customized to run on reasonably high targets having rational default stop loss that is around 95 pips. Whereas, other robots with low target per trade and high stop loss aim, can only fetch money for a trader for not more than some weeks or may be few months. But, ultimately, they end up incurring huge losses, as soon as the high stop loss is stroked. This is the unique quality which makes it different than other Forex robots in the Forex market. On the other hand, this feature also makes Forex Ripper favorable not only for the short term trades but also for the long term deals.

Advantages of Forex Ripper:

  • As mentioned above, all the other EAs available in the market have very high stop loss targets, which indicates towards huge risk which the traders have to take while dealing. Because of this many brokers, do not allow the traders with such EAs to deal and may even shut down their accounts. However, this is not the case with Forex Ripper, as it also consists of and highly developed EA, which only make deals for long periods and is concerned of the small gains.
  • For best results, traders can use both the robots simultaneously.