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Attributes of Forex Slasher

Forex Slasher is a Forex robot created by Ian Ross and entered in the Forex world on 22nd august'2009. For the meantime, it is the test phase wherein it is being tested for both long and short trade durations. The slogan of Forex Slasher - slashing the Forex market arena by its revolting exactness in predicting the market behavior- is itself enough to explain it's functioning and potential. The technology used in this robot has the ability to make use of price fluctuation trends and then determine the time at when a trader should start or close a particular deal in the market precisely in order to make maximum profits and incur minimum loss. In the testing and improvising phase, the software claims to turn $ 10,000 into $ 1,50,000 in a just seven months of duration, thus generating 1500 percent return on the original investment.

Attributes of Forex Slasher:

  • The quality which makes Forex Slasher outstanding in the crowd of countless Forex robots is it does not just adhere to figures, computation of data and indicators like others. But, also bring into play the importance of the price patterns.
  • It only deals in one currency pair Euro/ US Dollar.
  • Forex Slasher does not support short term trades and can only hold up deals which at least last for 1 hour.
  • It can smoothly run for more than one day, just for one trade fetching higher returns.
  • Standard profit aim of the Forex Slasher varies from 132 - 450 pips.
  • Normal stop loss target can swing from 55 - 162 pips.
  • Ideal timeframes for making deals in Forex Slasher are one hour and four hours.
  • Limited permits are availavle for Forex Slasher.
  • Its one time payment is $ 97.
  • It comes with money back warranty in 60 days.
  • Forex Slasher is really powerful technology.

Advantages of Forex Slasher:

  • It is advisable to the admirers of the four hour timeframe deals and do not like investing in short term trades.
  • It claims to turn 165 winning spots with only 14 loss spots out of 179 trades.
  • In the experimental period, it has proved itself by making as much as ten times profit on the actual amount.