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Forex Supernatural

Forex Supernatural is a glorious creation of Steven Lee Jones and was introduced to public on 1st September'2009. This software works on all chief currency pairs, but produces most excellent with the US Dollar/ Euro currency pair mainly because of it steady and trendy temperament. It is fine tuned to run as an intraday dealing device and can strike deals every day on condition that it has non stop supply of the signals.

Features of Forex Supernatural:

  • However, it operates in both one hour and four hours time frameworks, but is more efficient when trading for one hour.
  • Unlike many other Forex robots, Forex Supernatural does not raises the lot size of the traders on its own as one's account boosts up.
  • This automatic robot is compatible with all kinds of 5 digit brokers.
  • It is ideal for the traders who want their robot expert advisors to run every single day.
  • Forex Supernatural is strictly hands off and the dealers do not have look after their robot when any deal is stroked.

Advantages of Forex Supernatural:

  • In the development stage, Forex Supernatural has demonstrated its capability of turning $ 10,000 to $ 100,771 in just one year.
  • As the technology on which Forex Supernatural is based i.e. Scalping methodology, it is suitable for both types of market situations which follow certain trend as well as the market situations which do not follow and trend.
  • Forex Supernatural expert advisor robot offers great risk: return quotient, 1: 1.2.
  • Under its standard settings, its average stop loss target is 250 pips and on the other hand, its average gain target is 300 pips.
  • There is no need to start investing with huge capital investment as the minimum principal amount required can be $ 50 - $ 100.
  • Traders can adjust the default stop loss and profit target with the new Forex Supernatural as it also runs on trailing technique.

What do you get in the package?

  • You will get a completely mechanized Forex Supernatural robot expert advisor.
  • Instructions guide in PDF format.
  • Lifelong supply of free of cost updates.