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Forex Warlord - lord of all forex robots

As the name Forex Warlord, suggests, this Forex robot claims to be the lord of the all automatic Forex expert advisors available in the biggest market of the world, Forex market. Forex Warlord is based on the ground breaking technology which is made up of three different trading mechanisms. All the three systems work in cooperation with one another in order to cope up with the unpredictable temperament of the Forex market, which results in profit maximization and minimization of losses. This only one of its kind combination of three individual systems is responsible for making Forex Warlord capable of turning $ 3,000 into $ 33,000, which is quite incredible. It was released to common public on 10th November' 2009 and is created incorporating the astonishing strategy for fetching profits in the erratic Forex market, given by a very successful professional Forex trader Paul Liburd. Paul has also designed invincible Forex Accumulator.

Features of Forex Warlord are:

  • It works quite in the same way like Ivybot, which uses four individual robots for four different currency pair. The only difference is Forex Warlord works with three different Forex robot expert advisors for three different currency matches.
  • Only 300 restricted copies of this extraordinary Forex robot expert advisor is available in the market.

Advantages of Forex Warlord are:

  • It is fit to make deals for any trade period, long or short, depending upon the requirement or choice of the trader. It can be used as a scalper long term trader or day trader.
  • It claims to provide successful trade percentage as much as 91 percent.
  • It can operate for all chief currency pairs.
  • Forex warlord has proved its strength by fetching $ 187, 056 of profit in just 12 months.
  • Win Forex warlord, one gets fantastic chance of using three different trading systems which promise to provide high successful ratio and claims to 15 profitable deals one after another without any failure.
  • With the package of Forex Warlord, one not only gets 3 in 1 expert advisors, but also bonuses worth $ 1497 which includes:
    1. Worth $ 297, Elite trader trading mechanism.
    2. Worth $ 497, bonus expert advisor which promises to give profit of $ 300 on daily basis.
    3. Worth $ 500, manual trading system and a catalog of indicators.
  • It is really a lord of all forex robots.