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Ivy Bot sophisticated

In the world of Forex traders, all they want is the strategy to earn more and more money. This can only be achieved by experience and updated knowledge of the market. In a market like Forex which is as dynamic as a rollercoaster, one can never be sure of one's decision. Human paucities like fear of loosing, hunger for more that the maximum profits, discrepancy in moods and thinking, not having enough confidence etc. can prove to be perilous when you have your hard earned money at stake. Now it is top forex robot.

Considering this situation, Ivy League coders, who are well known as some of the most intellect brains of the world, came up with a magnificent and very sophisticated automatic robotic system known as Ivy Bot. It was launched on 28 of July 2009 and contains 4 robots each devoted to four different currency matches namely, US dollar/ Euros, US dollar/ Japanese Yen, Euros/ Japanese, US dollar/Swiss Franc individually. This ensures better dealing and productivity. Ivybot favors short rather than lengthy trades and works on 1 hour timeframe. Thus only allows 3 to 10 trades per week. This implies that it is slow but it guarantees the success rate up to 94 percent. However, its trading rate can be adjusted from high to low and vice versa depending upon the required success rate and precision.


  • Cost effective - one may get an expert consultant in only around $ 150.
  • Money back Warranty - if you find IvyBot unproductive then you may ask for all your money back within 60 days of your purchase as per the money back guarantee of Ivybot which is safeguarded by Citibank reimbursement rule.
  • Updates - it comes with lifetime supply of free updates.
  • Standard aim - its standard profit earning target varies from 15 pips - 110 pips.
  • Normal stoploss goal - 60+ Pips.
  • It has a system that protects the traders from high spreads.

What's in the package?

  • Four trading robots, each for a different pair of currency.
  • An installation manual having all the details of the product and tell how does it work, which makes Ivybot easy to utilize even by new and inexperienced traders. All you need is a computer with internet facility.
  • Three videos which demonstrate the procedure of installing Ivybot.
  • Complimentary scalper setting of the Forex software.
  • Free lifetime supply of updates.

So you can call Ivy Bot your forex trader's comrade and get it right now.