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Forex trading Fibmaster

FibMaster - Fibonacci Trading Videos

Here's what you will learn in the video courses:

  • How to calculate probable future turning points.
  • All about retracements: what, where and why.
  • Extensions and expansions for taking profits.
  • Entry and exit levels, and stop placement levels.
  • Where buyers are likely to support the market.
  • Where sellers should be taking profits.
  • How to apply Fibonacci trading analysis to the market.
  • How to determine the stronger support/resistance levels.
  • How to determine entry and exit levels for maximum potential.
  • Where the high probability trades are.
  • How to adjust for all time frames and all markets.
  • Stacking the odds in your favor.
  • Which Fibonacci levels are more likely to turn the market.
  • Fibonacci use from intra-day to longer-term trading.
  • Everything you need to make more money in the markets!

The two courses contain 21 video lessons, total running time of almost 3 hours!

"Step-by-step videos show you how to pre-determine the highs and lows just the way the pros do! This video course will teach you the same techniques that professionals use for predicting market turning points." - Neal Hughes

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