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How Did I earn on Forex and Spend Money to my own Transport Company

There are novice forex traders who are profitable within a day, but no one is a successful forex trader in a few weeks. In other words, beginners luck can happen to anyone, but for real success you need to do your best. Compare it to learn cycling. It takes time to teach you propel by stairs. And if you have learned propel, then you suddenly get the training wheels from and you go for the first time on your face. How to prevent that? Can you learn to ride without ever going on your face? Ever make a mistake? No. But if you put and keep trying to become better.

For forex success you need to have good ambition. You need to see the path, that it is not easy but not impossible, that you probably need to invest some money itself but again, not so much, and that it is possible there are lots and lots of money earn. And you go for it. Practice, practice, practice, forex books, article and other learning materials.

The only thing I can promise you is that if you stick to the above points, your chances of success in the forex market improved significantly (especially with a few thousand percent, compared with those who muddle).

So, you learned Forex, start trading, become successful and what now? Where will you spend money earned on Forex? You can start realize your dreams. I do not kidding. My dream was to open my own transport company and I realized it successfully. No I will tell you about it.

My company specializes in transporting steel and building materials. We also take care of complete packages of 1 kg to 25000 kg. All our vehicles are equipped with a separate ADR equipment and drivers have an ADR certificate for hazardous substances to be carried. It is a family business with 30 transport units and 40 employees. The company was founded in 2010. The drivers perform well and are aware of their responsibilities in relation to the customers, the environment and other road users. They are the business card of our company.

Our aim is to maintain and strengthen our position in the transport of sand, gravel etc. The transport of road construction and agricultural machinery, both at home and abroad. The planning and logistical support are essential for the efficient transport of cargo. We work according to the current standard ISO standards and all our cars are equipped with onboard computers with tracking, tracing and GPS navigation. Ride assignments received from the Transport Management System which runs directly sent to the boordcomputers.

I am proud to have such a useful offline business. It is a big happyness to have an opportunity to spend your Online Forex trading money to your real business.