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Fibonacci and Forex

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Amazingly, Fibonacci is the nickname of Leonardo Pisano, the renowned Italian theorist of numbers. Though he is one of the pioneering mathematicians, his discovery has tremendously boosted the forex trading by letting the forex traders made enormous amount of profit through the assistance of its technique.

He was the prominent member of the Bonacci family in the 13th century and one of the greatest mathematicians of the Middle Ages. At the same time, Bigollo was another most used name by Fibonacci, which literally means good-for-nothing or a traveler. Later, this pioneer played a pivotal role in conferring significant contributions in the field of mathematics and eventually reviving its prominence.

Fibonacci's father Guglielmo Bonacci was a custom officer in Bejai, an Algerian town. Before Fibonacci travelled to Mediterranean coast but his earlier education was mostly North African type. During his interaction with innumerable merchants, he later discovered different arithmetic logics and the benefits of Hindu Arabic system. This system in the course of time proved to be very valuable and replaced the Roman numeral system.

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