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McClellan Summation

Sherman and Marian McClellan developed the McClellan Summation index (the indicator of a market breadth), based off of the McClellan Oscillator.

The McClellan Summation treatment is close to the treatment of the McClellan Oscillator; however, it works better for general trend reversals and for a prolonged period of time.

There is a list of rules to be followed while using the Summation suggested by The McClellans.

Look for major bottoms, in case the McClellan Summation gets lower than -1,300.

Expect major tops, if the difference with the market turns up over +1,600.

The considerable bull market is about to come, when the McClellan Summation gets the values higher than +1,600 having raised more than 3,600 points higher than its previous low.

The McClellans suggest the following rules to use with the Summation:

McClellan Summation
McClellan Summation

Look for major bottoms when the McClellan Summation drops under -1,300.

Look for major tops to occur when a divergence with the market occurs above a level of +1,600.

The beginning of a significant bull market is indicated when the McClellan Summation crosses above +1,900 after moving upward more than 3,600 points from its prior low.