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Stoller Average Range Channels (STARC) Bands

STARC Bands comprise a channel surrounding a Simple Moving Average. Their creator is Manning Stoller. STARC (Stoller Average Range Channels) make a channel, which surrounds an ordinary moving average. The width of the created channel differs depending on a period of the average range; thus the name ("ST" for Stoller, plus "ARC" for Average Range Channel.)

STARC Bands, in the same fashion as Bollinger Bands, will tighten volatile markets and relax in unsteady markets. Still the STARC Bands are based on the average true range instead of being based on closes, and providing a more in-depth picture of Forex market unsteadiness. The Bollinger Band penetration sometimes indicates a continuation of a price change, and the STARC Bands determine lower and upper borders for ordinary price action.