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Variable Moving Average (VMA)

A VMA is an EMA that is able to regulate its smoothing percentage based on market inconstancy automatically. Its sensitivity grows by providing more weight to the ongoing data as it generates a better signal indicator for short and long-term markets.

The majority of ways for measuring Moving Averages cannot compensate for sideways moving prices versus trending markets and often generate a lot of false signals. Longer-term moving averages are slow to react to reversals in trend when prices move up and down over a long period of time. A Variable Moving Average regulates its sensitivity and lets it function better in any market conditions by using automatic regulation of the smoothing constant.

To calculate the Variable Moving Average (VMA):

with VR = Volatility Ratio

VMA = [ { 0.0788 * VR } * Close ] + [ { (1 - 0.078) * VR } * yesterday's VMA ]

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