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Testimonials from our visitors

Your site is very informative and easy to read. I am a new student to the forex market and need a lot of information before choosing a trading platform. The broker reviews are helpful. I have bookmarked 3 or 4 of them. Do you have any changes or updates on brokers at this time? I need to open an account before March 31st. Thanks, Jane
Dear Sirs, I have been impressed by your web-site. It is so useful and objective. I am from Ukraine with population of 48 million. We are under tsunami of FOREX adverts. As Ukrainian FOREX brokers do not need to obtain any license, they grow rapidly and thrust wrong understanding of FOREX on people. They assure everybody that it brings high profits with almost no risk. Almost nobody in Ukraine understands the nature of FOREX business and thats why many people can be cheated in the nearest future. I wish your web-site would be translated into russian language for 300-million audience of all post-soviet countries. Sincerely, Pavlo
I came across your site in a Google search and like the set up, its really easy to find what you are looking for. I looked at the article called Forex frauds and scams and liked the list of the 11 warning signs. I am a full time trader and hate scams anywhere but especially in the Forex market. There are lot of newbies to take advantage of and its frustrating to watch them fall into that trap. I thought your information was great and would love to be connected with your name. Thanks, Jed Norwood
Thanks for the wealth of information made available through your site. I am very keen about Money Management Skills. Could you please provide some information in this aspect? I must confess, this is one of the best site I have come across, in recent times, regarding free forex resource materials! Please do keep up the good work. Best regards, Johnson.
I like your website, it has information that can help one understand the trading deduction process. In my quest to understand the how and why and when to do a trade I was looking at the williams %R and I had a question pertaining to a figure that is displayed on a graph,example: In the upper left hand corner of the Williams %R indicator graph you would have the following: Wm %R (28)-11.03, I wanted to know what does -11.03 represent. Martin
Hello, I stumbled upon your site and really enjoyed the content and especially the funny drawing. Regards, Iman
Hello there. I would like to say that your site gives really valuable information and good insight into forex trading. It is a very good guide. Robert

Written by: Natali Ya