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All about Charles River Management Trading System

The Charles River Management Trading System is one of the top notch and acknowledged softwares suited for innumerable security types that differentiates, automates, streamlines and improves the management operations included in terms of investment.

Utility of Charles River Management Trading System

It basically includes very comprehensive and trading of foreign exchange and currency management through functional aspects, which includes the trading to increase the amount of settlement cash for respective foreign investments, covering the overall international markets and at the same time, management of the currency mandates.

Process of Charles River Management Trading System

In the first step, the Block Orders for Foreign exchanges are generates. After this, the Block orders are consecutively placed through FIX. Later, these block orders, with respect to liquidity threshold are filled based. Then, the calculation and analysis of the quotation details takes place. According to the information received, the FX orders are filled, which are then allocated and confirmed in accordance to the respective allocations. Once again the FX orders are filled and then respective settlement negotiations are forwarded to the custodians and the banks.

Management of currency exposure

The Charles River Manager does the evaluation and management of the forex market through the usage of currency. It also employs the advanced functionality of modeling.

  • Generation of the contracts based on cost currency forwards or pairing them with the other account currency at base levels.
  • Automatic generation of the FX requirements for the respective foreign exchange settlements which also includes the FX swaps.
  • Systematic roll and consolidation of the forwarding, entirely based on the respective preferences.
  • Day cash settlement of the forecasts.
  • Application of the active currency hedge ratios or mandates across innumerable portfolios.
  • The calculation of the unrealized gains and losses.

Risk Evaluation

Compliance monitors of Charles River Trading system analyze and evaluate the risk by counterparty, currency and other different attributes through pre-trade, portfolio workflows and post execution. It also aids in the receiving of the alerts and thereby consecutively reviewing the market exposure through the available detailed reports.

Direct connection with the different FX Banks

The Charles River Management Trader confers the electronic connectivity to some of the top notch FX Banks through the means of Financial Information exchange. These different FX banks which are connected to the Charles River Management Trader are one of the important practices in the quickly transforming regulatory environment.

The other functions which are followed are as follows

  • Reduction of errors by application of the consistency of access price and reduction of the other discrepancies which arise due to the manual correction.
  • Mitigation of risk by controlling the overall process. At the same time, it also calculates the timely processing and accurate conductions. Moreover, the comprehensive and thorough audit trail is also conducted.
  • Reduction of the keystrokes through the means of the stream ling of the workflow. It also includes the configuration of the order routing through automatic routing of orders.
  • Enhancements of the operational efficiencies through the minimizing of the transaction costs and prices. It also establishes direct connection with the top notch FX banks. Apart from the settlement workflows it also provides the leveraging of the various automatic acknowledgements.

The Direct analysis and evaluation of the FX orders by the Charles River Management Trader is done through section of the ready FX orders and then the dragging of these orders to the Entry Window.

Thus, the Charles River trading system is user friendly, functionally rich, customizable, scalable, comprehensive, open, connected and deals with multiple currencies.