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Forex account: how it wipes out the risks and gives heavy profit

Forex trading accounts are beneficial for innumerable forex traders as they aid in monitoring the twists and turns of the forex market. With these accounts, the traders can get ample time to indulge into different activities and still earn in trades and investments. With the features, conferred by the forex accounts, the risk tolerances involved in the sale and purchase of currency quotes is minimized. At the same time, for the rookie foreign exchange traders can again enormous amount of insight through the accounts.

The automatic forex software accordingly sends positive and negative trade signals, thereby eliminating the occurrence of bad decisions which might crop up due to the ignorance in forex trading. These managed accounts assure that the innumerable hassles of the forex trading are wiped out. Some of the important examples belonging to this system through which the managed accounts are conferred are the Forex Brotherhood and Forex Tracer.

Types of forex accounts

There are mainly two types of forex trading accounts, firstly the regular account and secondly the online trading account. Even in the Forex trading accounts, there are two further diversifications like the normal account and the mini forex. But with the advancement in time, the emergence of online trading accounts have increased on a very high level, after all it does not include the tedious calculations of the forex trade. In these accounts, everything is specified, right from the forex charts to the fresh researches.

Forex Trading platforms

It depends on the forex trader that which particular platform he wants to choose. The selection is based on the expediency and the resources, the forex windows, trader java, trader web and trader wireless. The first platform is on the windows base, the second in the java, the third platform and the fourth one are trading online types.

Other instrumental tools like the run deals and signals are also incorporated with the trading platforms to better them up. With these features, the trading skills of the forex trader are further solidified to face the challenging environment of forex trade.

Forex mini account

For those who are new to forex trading or crave to mark their advent with lower investments, the forex mini account is the most decent choice. It only takes 250 dollars to start up a mini account. Thus, for those business organizations who want to deal with lesser capital investments, the forex mini account is the best possible option. Most of the traders feel that having the mini account might pose problems, but then they also avail the same features like the smaller spreads and the free platforms.

Forex margin account

Just like the other forex accounts, even the forex margin account needs prior investment, which is settled by the client and the broker. It is 1 or 2% of the currency deposits if the trading is considerably of more than 100, 000 units. For example, if a trader wants to trade for around 100,000 dollars, he has to invest one percent of it, i.e., 1000 dollars in advance. This money is used for the security of the account. The remaining amount is provided by the broker. Until and unless the trader ends his position, before the designated date, the broker is not liable to charge interest on the amount.

Because Forex is not an aided trading where traders can get forecast and opinions from all kinds sources as comparison, anyone who want to jump in the Forex bandwagon must first learn to use the trading softwares and reading trends on their own. Unfortunately, many people either dive in blindly or trade paper trading in Forex demo account for real transactions before its time.

According to Jay Norris, head of Brewerfx.com and Forex expert, in forexfactory.com, "Two things I hear a lot in this business:

#1) I wish I would have started out demo trading.

#2) I wish I would have stayed in my demo account longer."

Obviously, someone in the first scenario can avoid paying the hefty 'tuition fee' if one choose to learn the ropes in a Forex demo account. On the other hand, the second situation prove that even when one is well-versed in Forex, it always pays to test out trading theories and strategies for errors using a Forex demo account before graduating to trading live.

Now that a Forex guru has forewarned you on these two common Forex mistakes, which ultimately only point to one thing really, you really ought to do the right thing and sign up for a Forex demo account. Virtually every established broker extends a free Forex software to prospective clients for a typical 30 days trial period before they are given the option to upgrade to a live trading account. Along with the free software is the demo credit that enable you to trade following live analysis as in any real trading and learn without risking your money.

A Forex demo account is the only way one get real, 'in the trench' battle experience without getting burned. You start by getting familiarized with the features and interface on the forex platform, and this can vary from one software utility to another. Next, you'll be asking for quotes and selling based on market fluctuation and trends with information that is updated as it happens. In quoting from inecobank.am, "It's a good idea to place at least 20 demo trades on each platform before trading actual money, just so you can master the specifics of order entry on each platform."

However, another authority on Forex trading, John Callingham observed on www.tradelikethepros.com that "...many have criticized the lack of realism with the use of paper credits...", implying demo traders to be treating their paper trades like a game or even gambling, instead of placing them after careful study of data such as in an actual trade. This inevitably happen in a Forex demo account as they can never feel the loss, even when big amounts are involved since it's not real, and it's not theirs. To overcome this, one must treat a demo account like a live account and bid amounts like they would likely bid in reality.

The fact that forex is a lucrative channel of investment that's active 24 hours a day for 365 days in a year has attracted many investors, yet more often than not, losses can happen to those who rush in. While there are no guarantee, perfecting your skills and generating constant profit from a Forex demo account before entering the live arena is crucial to one's Forex success. Although one may not warrant another, the latter is never possible without the former.

Forex is simple and yet complicated at the same time. Very ironical one must add. Once you are able to grasp the basics you can easily start trading and making big money. But at the same time, forex is a very vast subject requiring hours of reading and market analysis to bring out the best results possible.

It's just like any other game or discipline. For example, before you start playing golf you practice around a bit. Learn how to handle some important game plays and tactics. This builds up your confidence and then you can enter the main golf course to start playing with the pros and semi-pros.

Similarly, if you are just starting out on the forex market, it's always prudent to start off with a practice account. We will see what exactly are the features of a good practice account, its essentialities and how best to make the use of it.

Opening a Practice account:

There are many brokerage firms who will readily help you in opening a practice account. Almost every newbie has the option of starting a practice account along with his main account. Try to avoid the firms who don't give you a practice account.


A practice account has almost all the features of a regular forex account. The firm gives an imaginary deposit in your account varying from 25000$ to 50000$. The practice account is just like your main account. You can choose your pip, spreads, leverages and other tactics just like how you do it in your main account. You can observe the real time market changes as it happens and accordingly make changes in your portfolio.


The most important advantage is that the money that you are playing with is imaginary. In case of any actual loss in the forex market, you won't be losing anything because the money is not there in the first place! You can get a first hand feel of the market, devise and revise your strategies and much more with the help of a practice account.


A forex practice account has got its own limitations. Most importantly, many of the firms put a time limit for the practice account varying for 15 days to one month. In addition to that, once your imaginary money gets over in the practice account, then it's done. No more additional practice amount will be added to it! In addition to this, there are other forex risks and pitfalls to which a practice account is generally not exposed. So although a practice account gives a good picture of the forex market, it does not give the complete picture for most!

Practice makes perfect goes an old adage. And it rightly applies to the forex market also. You must learn the ropes and learn to crawl before you walk. You sure are not going to lose anything from a practice account for sure. So, call up the best brokerage firm around and open your practice account before starting off.

Benefits of Forex accounts in trading

The forex account provides the benefits ion both the cases, whether the trader employs a local broker or online forex trading, the accounts aids by leveraging the deposits. It also wipes out the risks, as much as possible and gives heavy profits.

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